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XR2567CP DIP-16 Dual tondekoder

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Dual Monolithic Tone Decoder

The XR2567 is a dual monolithic tone decoder of the 567-type that is ideally suited for tone or frequency decoding in multiple-tone communication systems. Each decoder of the XR2567 can be used independently or both sections can be interconnected for dual operation.
The matching and temperature tracking characteristics between decoders on this monolithic chip are superior to those available from two seperate tone-decoder packages.


* Replaces two 567-type decoders
* Excellent temperature tracking between decoders
* Bandwidth adjustable from 0 to 14%
* Logic compatible outputs with 100mA sink capability
* Center frequency matching (1% typical)
* Center frequency adjustable from 0.01Hz to 500kHz
* Inherent immunity to false triggering
* Frequency range adjustable over 20:1 range by external resistor


* Touch-Tone(R) Decoding
* Sequential Tone Decoding
* Dual-Tone Decoding/Encoding
* Communications Paging
* Ultrasonic Remote-Control and Monitoring
* Full-Duplex Carrier-Tone Transceiver
* Wireless Intercom
* Dual Precision Oscillator
* FSK Generation and Detection


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