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TBCP2-750 RF Strömprob 10kHz - 750MHz

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The TBCP2-750 is a snap-on RF current monitoring probe. It has a very flat response with a 3dB bandwidth of 750 MHz and is characterized and usable over the frequency range from 10kHz to 750 MHz. The aperture of the RF current monitoring probe is 32 mm. Its transfer impedance is > 15 dB Ohm in the range from 1 MHz to 750 MHz.

Tekbox supplies a calibration fixture corresponding with the TBCP2 series of snap on current probes.


Characterized frequency range: 10 kHz to 750 MHz
Aperture diameter: 32 mm
Outside diameter: 73 mm
Height: 20 mm
Weight: 320 g
Connector type: N female
Transfer impedance: 0 to 22 dB? between 150 kHz and 750 MHz
Max. primary current (DC - 400 Hz): 80 A
Max. primary current (RF): 3 A
Max. core temperature: 125 °C


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