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Minibot - Arduinokompatibel robot

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Minibot is small robot kit with two motors, four photo sensors and that can be programmed to escape labyrinths or follow a line.
You can see it in acton here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1omfYXurb0

The code is available and can be modified, Arduino IDE is used for programming. Notice that there is no USB connector in the kit, additional circuitry and wires are needed for attaching to a personal computer.

Important! The kit comes without a battery, it should be purchased separately. Consider using a smaller battery! Refer to the related product list below for some suggestions.

Two motors
ATtiny85 Programmable with Arduino
Four photo sensors
3 x LEDs
3V Lithium battery connector
3.7V Li-Po battery connector


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