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LM5134BMF SOT-23-6 Low Side Driver 7.5A

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The LM5134 is a high-speed single low-side driver capable of sinking and sourcing 7.6-A and 4.5-A peak currents. The LM5134 has inverting and noninverting inputs that give the user greater flexibility in controlling the FET. The LM5134 features one mainn output, OUT, and an extra gate drive output, PILOT. The PILOT pin logic is complementary to the OUT pin, and can be used to drive a small MOSFET located close to the main power FET. This configuration minimizes the turnoff loop and reduces the consequent parasitic inductance. It is particularly useful for driving high-speed FETs or multiple FETs in parallel.
* 7.6-A and 4.5-A Peak Sink and Source Drive Current for Main Output
* 820-mA and 660-mA Peak Sink and Source Current for PILOT Output
* 4-V to 12.6-V Single-Power Supply
* Matching Delay Time Between Inverting and NonInverting Inputs
* TTL/CMOS Logic Inputs
* Up to 14-V Logic Inputs (Regardless of VDD Voltage)
* -40°C to 125°C Junction Temperature Range

* Motor Drivers
* Solid-State Power Controllers
* Power Factor Correction Converters


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