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AD781JNZ DIP-8 single op-amp sample-hold

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Acquisition Time to 0.01%: 700 ns Maximum
Low Power Dissipation: 95 mW
Low Droop Rate: 0.01 mV/ms
Fully Specified and Tested Hold Mode Distortion
Total Harmonic Distortion: -80 dB Maximum
Aperture Jitter: 75 ps Maximum
Internal Hold Capacitor
Self-Correcting Architecture
8-Pin Mini Cerdip and Plastic Package
MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available

The AD781 is a high speed monolithic sample-and-hold
amplifier (SHA). The AD781 guarantees a maximum
acquisition time of 700 ns to 0.01% over temperature. The
AD781 is specified and tested for hold mode total harmonic
distortion and hold mode signal-to-noise and distortion. The
AD781 is configured as a unity gain amplifier and uses a
self-correcting architecture that minimizes hold mode errors and
insures accuracy over temperature. The AD781 is self-contained
and requires no external components or adjustments.
The low power dissipation, 8-pin mini-DIP package and
completeness make the AD781 ideal for highly compact board
layouts. The AD781 will acquire a full-scale input in less than
700 ns and retain the held value with a droop rate of 0.01 mV/ms.
Excellent linearity and hold mode dc and dynamic performance
make the AD781 ideal for 12- and 14-bit high speed analogto-digital converters.
The AD781 is manufactured on Analog Devices' BiMOS
process which merges high performance, low noise bipolar
circuitry with low power CMOS to provide an accurate, high
speed, low power SHA.
The AD781 is specified for three temperature ranges. The J
grade device is specified for operation from 0°C to +70°C, the A
grade from -40°C to +85°C and the S grade from -55°C to
+125°C. The J and A grades are available in 8-pin plastic DIP
packages. The S grade is available in an 8-pin cerdip package.


Egenskaper/attribut för denna produkt
Attribut Värde
4 MHz
67 dB
3.5 W
75 dB
Matningsspänning (max)
26.4 V
Matningsspänning (min)
21.6 V
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