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Vivid Unit - Enkortsdator med 5.5" touchskärm

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Vivid Unit is a powerful and versatile single-board computer that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Vivid Unit features RK3399 CPU with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. It is a palm-sized device with 5.5″ touch screen, speaker, microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth and various interfaces. It can be powered with DC 5V (via USB-C) or Ethernet cable (DC 48V via PoE).


Vivid Unit can be used for a variety of projects, such as:

  • Smart home automation: Vivid Unit can be used to control lights, temperature, and other home appliances using various sensors and input devices.
  • Robotics: Vivid Unit’s GPIO and camera interface make it ideal for use in robotics projects, such as autonomous cars or robotic arms.
  • Industrial control systems: Vivid Unit is ideal for use in industrial control systems, and it can be mounted like a screen for the whole system, which the users can interact with.
  • Portable computing: Vivid Unit’s compact size and touch screen interface make it perfect for use as a portable computing device, such as a tablet or mini laptop.
  • Retro gaming: Vivid Unit’s high resolution screen, compact size and onboard speaker make it a perfect hardware as retro gaming console.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a student, or a professional, Vivid Unit offers a powerful and flexible platform for your computing needs.


Vivid Unit features:

  • RK3399 CPU + 4GB RAM + 32GB eMMC storage
  • 5.5 inches touchscreen with 1280x720 display resolution
  • Built-in speaker and stereo microphone
  • HDMI and MIPI camera connectors
  • WiFi + Gigabit Ethernet + Bluetooth
  • Two USB 3.1 ports and two USB 2.0 pin headers
  • SPI, I2C, UART, SDIO and ADC interfaces
  • With onboard M.2 connector for SSD
  • Powered via USB-C (DC 5V) or Ethernet cable (PoE / DC 48V)

Technical Specifications:

  • Processor, Memory and Storage
    • ARM CPU: RK3399 (Cortex-A72 Dual-core + Cortex-A53 Quad-core)
    • GPU: Mali-T860MP4
    • RAM: 4GB LPDDR3
    • SPI NOR Flash: 16MB
    • Storage: 32GB eMMC
  • Connectivity
    • Ethernet x1 (RJ45 connector)
    • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
    • Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE)
  • Display and Touchscreen
    • Display: 5.5 inches, 1280×720 resolution
    • Touchscreen: Capacitive multi-touch
  • GPIO
    • 40-pin header with Raspberry Pi compatible pinout
    • SPI x 1
    • I2C x 2
    • UART x 1
    • SDIO x 1
  • USB Ports
    • USB 3.1 Gen1 x 2 (each has 5 Gbps bandwidth)
    • USB 2.0 x 2 (as pin headers)
    • USB type-C x1 (for power and flashing OS)
  • Audio
    • Microphone: Stereo microphone array
    • Speaker: Built-in speaker
    • Headphone jack: 3.5mm
  • Camera Interface
    • MIPI CSI x 1
  • Additional Interfaces
    • NVMe M.2 interface x 1
    • 10-bit ADC channels x 3 (via 4-pin header)
  • Power Supply
    • DC 5V (via USB type-C cable)
    • PoE (DC 48V via RJ45 connector)
  • Power Consumption (5V)
    • Quiescent current (newly powered, or stay for a while after shutdown): < 15mA
    • Idle current (after boot up and display desktop): ~ 0.6A
    • Normal usage (e.g. watching Youtube fullscreen): 0.8 ~ 1.3A
    • Fully loaded (stress test with "s-tui" command): ~ 1.6A
  • Power Consumption (PoE)
    • Quiescent power: ~ 0.7W
    • Idle (after boot up and display desktop): ~ 4.5W
    • Normal usage (e.g. watching Youtube fullscreen): 5.7 ~ 11.9W
    • Fully loaded (stress test with "s-tui" command): ~ 8.2W
  • Buttons
    • Power button x 1
    • Volume button x 2
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Dimensions: 146mm x 78.2mm x 19mm
    • Weight: 175g


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