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Totem RoboCar Chassis

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RoboCar is a DIY programmable robotics platform for advanced builders. Fully customizable and expandable with Totem modules.

Programmable with Arduino;
Smartphone app controlled;
Powered by RoboBoard X4.
Kit includes:

200+ mechanical parts
1 RoboBoard X4
2 DC motors
1 servo Motor
Battery with a charger
Tools for assembly
RoboCar wheel base length: 197 mm, wheel tracking length: 175 mm.

RoboBoard can be remotely controlled using Totem smartphone app with predefined controls or custom ones for your own project. Application allows to create buttons with variable parameters and intercept them in Arduino code.
All this functionality is integrated into Totem software and enabled with a few lines of code: https://docs.totemmaker.net/roboboard/api/tote

Also, ESP32 enables access to the Internet or even interact with wireless gamepad controllers.

RoboBoard is well integrated with Arduino framework. Most of the features are accessible with single line of code without require for external libraries. Even allows to setup drivetrain algorithms or control motor speed and acceleration. See API specifications: https://docs.totemmaker.net/roboboard/api/

Compatible with Arduino IDE and PlatfomIO. Check for setup instructions: https://docs.totemmaker.net/setup/


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