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SparkFun BabyBuck Regulator 5V

Art nr: 41020397 - Sparkfun
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The SparkFun 5V BabyBuck Regulator Breakout features the AP63357 from Diodes Inc., a 3.5A synchronous buck converter with a wide input voltage range of 3.8V to 32V. The fully integrated 74mO high-side power MOSFET/40mO low-side power MOSFET provides a high-efficiency step-down DC/DC conversion.

The BabyBuck regulator is a minimalistic version of our buck regulator boards. This board is configured to provide a regulated 5V output (from a 6 to 32V input voltage range) and features a high-voltage EN (enable) control pin that is rated up to 32V. On the back of the board, a small copper pad is available to dissipate excess heat with a heat sink. With only four PTH pins for connecting input and output power, everything fits on a mere 0.63in. x 0.52in. board layout.

Check out the SparkFun Buck Regulator Breakout - 5V (AP63357), for the larger, full-feature version of this board.

Note: While the AP63357 is rated up to a 3.5A output, users should expect a 3A maximum with our boards due to thermal constraints. The boards can output 3.5A but would require a sufficient amount of active cooling.


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