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Power Profiler Kit 2

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The Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) is an easy-to-use tool for current
measurements and power consumption optimization of embedded solutions.
The PPK2 connectors can be connected to any Nordic DK or custom board
as a standalone unit, i.e. there are no requirements for additional kits or
debuggers. The PPK2 supports both a source mode and an ampere meter
In the source mode, shown as source measure unit (SMU) on the PCB, the
PPK2 both supplies power and measures the current of the external device
under test (DUT). The source mode has an on-board regulator capable of
supplying up to 1A peak currents. Both modes support VCC levels between
0.8V and 5V. In the ampere meter mode, the DUT is powered by a separate
power source.

The PPK2 has an advanced analog measurement unit with a high dynamic
input range. This allows for accurate current consumption measurements for
the entire range typically seen in embedded applications, all the way from
200nA to 1A. This allows measuring everything from Power Off mode of the
DUT to the maximum power consumption of any Nordic DUT or external HW
with headroom to spare for additional circuit draw, e.g. an nRF9160 DK with
external sensors.
The resolution varies between 100nA and 1mA, depending on the current
measurement range. The time resolution is also high enough to detect spikes.
This is achieved by having a 100 ksps sampling rate of the current, 10x the
resolution of the long term view of our previous generation PPK.

The PPK2 includes support for 8 digital inputs that can be used as a low-end
logic analyzer. This makes it possible to instrument the code and make it easy
to link the power consumption to blocks of code being executed.

* 200nA to 1A current measurement range
with a resolution that varies between
100nA and 1mA
* Source mode and ampere meter mode
* Source mode includes built-in
programmable regulator with a 0.8V to 5V
output range and up to 1A current supply
* 100 ksps sampling rate (10 x greater than
previous generation)
* Standalone unit
* 8 digital inputs for low-end logic analyzer
* Measure instantaneous and average
current on all Nordic DKs, in addition to
custom boards
* Supported through nRF Connect for
Desktop's Power Profiler app
* Export measurement data for postprocessing


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