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HT6871 SO-8 class D förstärkare 2.5W

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HT6871 is a low-EMI, Anti-Clipping, filter-less, monaural Class D power amplifier with an output power of 3.4W (WLCSP-9 Packages). It has a high efficiency for various applications with Class AB amplifier performance.
HT6871 features Anti-Clipping Function (ACF) which detects and suppresses output signal clippings due to the over level inputs. ACF function also can adapt the output clippings caused by power supply voltage down in battery applications. It improves acoustical quality considerably, gives great listening enjoyment, and prevents speaker from overload damaging. According to different application requirements, two modes of ACF-1 and ACF-2 could be selected to achieve a maximal THD+N of 3% and 10% respectively.
HT6871 has excellent EMI radiation suppression characteristics. The radiation level is well below FCC Part15 Class B standards without any additive design. It keeps from interference with other EMI sensitive circuits, simplifies system design and lowers system cost. HT6871 has a filter-less modulation circuit which directly drives speakers, realizes highest standard low distortion and low noise characteristics among digital amplifier ICs for mobile use. Thanks to filter-less, circuit design with fewer external parts can be made in portable applications.
HT6871 has shutdown mode, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and low supply voltage malfunction preventing function.


·Anti-Clipping Function (ACF) ·Excellent EMI Suppression Performance
·Filter-less Modulation, Eliminating Output Filter
·Output Power(WLCSP-9)
3.4 W×1ch (VDD=5.0V, RL=4?, THD+N=10%)
·Output Power(SOP-8)
2.5 W×1ch (VDD=5.0V, RL=4?, THD+N=10%)
·High Efficiency
91% (VDD=5.0V, RL=8O, PO=1W, WLCSP-9)
88% (VDD=3.6V, RL=8O, PO=0.6W, WLCSP-9)
89% (VDD=5.0V, RL=8O, PO=1W, SOP-8)
·Excellent Click-Pop Noise Reduction Function
·High SNR, 95dB (VDD=5V, Av=18dB)
·Low Shutdown Current, 0.01µA
·Over-Current Protection Function ·Thermal Protection Function ·Low Voltage Malfunction Prevention Function
·Pb-Free Packages, SOP-8 or WLCSP-9


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