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HM62256LP-8 DIP-28W SRAM 256kbit

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The Hitachi HM62256A is a CMOS static RAM organized 32-kword x 8-bit. It realizes higher performance and low power consumption by employing 0.8 µm Hi-CMOS process technology. The device, packaged in a 8 x 14 mm TSOP with thickness of 1.2 mm, 450-mil SOP (foot print pitch width), 600-mil plastic DIP, or 300-mil plastic DIP,
is available for high density mounting. TSOP package is suitable for cards, and reverse type TSOP is also provided. It offers low power standby power dissipation; therefore, it is suitable for battery back up system.
* High speed: Fast Access time 85/100/120/150 ns (max)
* Low Power Standby: 5 µW (typ) (L/L-SL version) Operation: 40 mW (typ) (f = 1 MHz)
* Single 5 V supply
* Completely static memory. No clock or timing strobe required
* Equal access and cycle times
* Common data input and output: Three state output
* Directly TTL compatible: All inputs and outputs
* Capability of battery back up operation


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