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USB to LoRa dongle 868MHz

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Shop this product, USB to LoRa dongle 868MHz
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Product description


Product description

USB to LoRa Dongle is a powerful and versatile USB to LoRa that lets you connect beyond boundaries. With its exceptional range and easy connectivity, it allows you to seamlessly communicate with devices up to 5 km away. LoRa Dongle is the perfect solution for anyone looking to establish long-range wireless communication in a variety of applications.

Features: * The communication distance tested is up to 5km
* The maximum transmission power of 160mW, software multi-level adjustable
* Support the license-free ISM 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz band
* Support air date rate of 0.3kbps ~ 62.5kbps
* Support new generation LoRa technology based on SX1268
* The power consumption of hardware is reduced by 40%, and the power consumption of software is reduced by 35%
* Low-power battery-supplied battery supplied applications
* Support 2.1V-5.5V/3.3V~5.5V power supply, power supply over 3.3V/5.0V can guarantee the best performance
* Industrial grade standard design, support -40 - 85 °C for working over a long time
* IPEX and stamp hole optional, good for secondary development and integration

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