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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some questions that our customer service often receives:

  1. Do I have to be a nerd to shop with you?

    No, but it helps... ;-)

  2. How long is your delivery time?

    If all items are in stock, the order is usually shipped within one working day. For the payment method "prepayment," the goods are sent when the payment is visible in our account. It generally takes 2-3 days for a payment to be visible to us. Therefore, the delivery time becomes a few days longer with prepayment.

  3. Is your card payment secure?

    We use a system from Worldline (or Paynova AB) that holds the highest security class (PCI certified, 3D secure). All card information is stored and handled by Worldline (or Paynova).

  4. What is required to shop on an invoice?

    You need to be registered in Sweden, have no payment remarks, and intend and be able to pay your invoice on time.

  5. I forgot to order a few things, can I add them to my order?

    Since payment by card, Swish, and direct bank transfer occurs immediately when the order is placed, we cannot change the amount afterward. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to add items to an already paid order. If it concerns an order to be paid by invoice, we can add items if the order has not already been packed. Please contact us as soon as possible.

  6. I am building a time machine. What do I need to buy and how should I connect it?

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide detailed construction assistance. Often, we can suggest a component or module you can start with, but you must construct what you want to build. We deliver the components.

  7. How do I track my package?

    If you have received a tracking number, you can track it on the respective carrier's website. PostNord: www.postnord.se, DHL: www.dhl.se, DHL ServicePoint: www.servicepoint.se, UPS: www.ups.se, TNT: www.tnt.se, DB Schenker: www.schenker.se.

  8. An item was backordered on my order. What does that mean?

    It means that it is temporarily out of stock, and we will send it as soon as we receive it in stock. You will not be charged any extra shipping.

  9. Do you have a physical store where one can shop?

    There is an opportunity to make purchases over the counter in our store at Västkustvägen 7 in Malmö, which is open from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Please place your order on our website before coming here.

  10. Can individuals shop with you?

    Yes, individuals are welcome to shop with us. However, we want to emphasize that our products require some knowledge and competence to use them correctly. Additionally, documentation is normally only available in English.

  11. What should I do if I want to cancel my purchase?

    You should first contact us at info@electrokit.se and inform us that you want to cancel your purchase. This should be done within 14 days of receiving the item. We will normally respond with a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number that you should provide during the return. Then, at your own expense and risk, send the item back to us. When we receive the item and confirm that it is in its original condition, the item's price will be refunded within 30 days. Please note that only consumers (individuals) have a statutory right of withdrawal. However, we, in practice, apply the same rules for businesses and other entities. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for goods that have been specially ordered for you or goods that have been cut to size, such as metered cable.

  12. How quickly do you respond to emails?

    It depends on the nature of the email. We read all emails continuously, and some we can respond to immediately, while others may require some investigation before they can be answered. It also happens that emails are formulated in a way that makes it challenging to determine what is being asked. Therefore, be clear about what you are asking. Generally, we cannot suggest construction solutions for various applications. However, we can usually suggest a product or component that you can start with. But it is always up to you to make the construction?we provide the components. Our email system is equipped with spam filters in two levels. There is a theoretical possibility that your email gets caught in one of these filters, and we, therefore, do not receive it.