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Conditions for Sales to Business Entities


The Electronic Industry Terms SEAL2012 apply in combination with these General Terms and Conditions for selling to Businesses (companies, schools, organizations, etc.). In the event of any conflict, these Terms take precedence. The terms apply to the delivery of products and services. Electrokit reserves the right to update and change these general terms and conditions from time to time without any prior notice. Amended terms and conditions will apply immediately.

Personal data

Electrokit's privacy policy contains information on the handling of personal data.

Prices and price changes

Prices are quoted in SEK and are displayed in real time on the product pages. Product pages can display prices excluding VAT or including VAT. The setting for displaying VAT or not can be found at the top of the web page. Cost of shipping will be added.

Electrokit reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. Price changes are usually due to changes in: suppliers prices, exchange rates, transportation costs, applicable duties, taxes or fees (e.g. environmental fees).

Electrokit also reserves the right for errors in displayed prices. Displayed prices do not constitute an offer on the part of Electrokit, but are an invitation to the customer to make an offer. If an item is ordered with an incorrect price, Electrokit will contact the customer for a discussion on whether the price can be corrected, or whether the purchase should be cancelled.

Payment methods

All sales are made by payment with a credit card, debit card, direct payment through internet banking or by invoice. Invoicing takes place after a customary credit assessment.

Where specifically agreed, and after approved credit assessment, sales can be made against invoice with payment terms 30 days net

A fee is charged upon invoicing. The fee is reported when selecting “Invoice” as the payment method at checkout. The fee is added to the shipping cost.

In the event of non-payment or late payment, Electrokit is entitled to a penalty interest of 2.5% per month, reminder fee 60 SEK, collection fee 180 SEK as well as compensation for costs incurred for collection and recovery.

Delivered products remain Electrokit's property until full payment is made.

If there is doubt about the customer's ability to pay or recurring late payments or for any other reason, Electrokit has the right to terminate the possibility of purchase by invoice.

Cashless warehouse store

Please note that Electrokits warehouse store is cashless. This is to ensure a safe working environment for our employees.

Ordering and Clearance Sale

Orders placed via the website constitute an offer from the customer's side, and a purchase agreement is only concluded after Electrokit has accepted the order through a special notice or by delivering the ordered goods. A confirmation of receipt of the order by Electrokits does not constitute formal acceptance. By making a purchase from Electrokit, you agree to the latest published terms of purchase as well as our most recently updated privacy policy.

We reserve ourselves against final sale and reserve the right to make product changes. If we have replaced a product that does not meet your expectations, you may return the product at our expense. In this case, please contact customer service to obtain a return shipping label. For other types of returns, see “Purchase on Approval” below. Occasionally, published stock balances may not be correct, in which case the item will be removed from the order, or alternatively the entire order will be canceled and you will be notified of the incident.

Minimum orders

We do not apply minimum orders. However, there are minimum order quantities for some items.

Shipping Method and Shipping Costs

Shipping cost is added to all orders regardless of the choice of carrier. The shipping cost for the selected shipping method is stated at checkout. Shipping costs may change from time to time without prior notice. A fee will be charged for unclaimed packages. The risk of delivery passes to the customer after Electrokit hands over the shipment to the carrier. The transportation mode “Pick up in store” is not charged with shipping cost or any other fee.

If you have chosen delivery to a business address, it sometimes happens that the carrier for some reason does not fulfill its mission, in such cases the package normally ends up at the carrier's agent, or at the carrier's terminal. Electrokit is not responsible for costs arising from the carrier's failure. In such a case, the customer must contact and agree with the carrier on a solution. We transport goods with Postnord, DHL and DB Schenker. Electrokit may choose to refuse delivery to geographical destinations or persons where Electrokit for some reason cannot deliver. The reason for this may be export and / or import restrictions, change of regulation or interpretation thereof or for other reasons.

Damage in transportation

If an item is damaged during transport, notification should be made as soon as possible after receipt, and no later than within 8 days. If the outer packaging is damaged, notification should also be made to the carrier (Posten, DHL, Schenker). Electrokit will replace damaged goods as soon as possible and provide instructions on how any return should be made. The customer should be able to document the damage with e.g., a photo.

Delivery Time and Backorder

If all ordered items are in stock, the order is normally shipped within one working day. For products not in stock, the estimated delivery time is communicated via the website as soon as it is known. This time is an estimate and does not guarantee delivery on the specified date. If a specific delivery date is promised, it is done through a separate order confirmation.

If an order cannot be delivered in full within 5 working days from receipt, normally a partial delivery is made and a free backorder delivery is made when the remaining items are in stock. Exceptions to this may occur, for example, if it can be assumed that the customer will not benefit from the goods until the delivery is complete. For deliveries outside Sweden, the goods are normally not delivered until all products on the order are in stock.

Electrokit is not responsible for delivery delays, regardless of whether the delay is due to delayed delivery from the supplier, backorder, delay by the carrier, or for any other reason.

As a customer, you can cancel your purchase if you find that the delivery time is too long, but only if the delivery has not yet been shipped from Electrokit. However, this does not apply if you have made a special order where we have ordered items specifically for you.

Withdrawal of purchase

Electrokit does not accept withdrawal of purchase for goods specially ordered by the customer, whether it is a regular product or not. In such cases, Electrokit is entitled to compensation for additional costs.

If the buyer withdraws from the purchase after delivery, by failing to receive a shipment, Electrokit is entitled to compensation for additional costs.

Electrokit has the right to deduct the above compensation from the amount already paid before refunding.

Purchase on Approval

Electrokit offers a 30-day sale or return (purchase on approval). Contact customer service at info@electrokit.se before the purchase on approval period expires and notify that you regret your purchase. We will respond with an RMA number which should accompany your return. You pay for the return shipping of the item in case of a regretted purchase. Once we have received the item back and confirmed that it is in its original and undamaged condition, the price of the item will normally be refunded within 7-14 days. We offer purchase on approval for both private individuals and for businesses (companies, schools, etc.).

Purchase on approval does not apply to items specially ordered for you or for items that have been custom processed (e.g., cables cut to length) or for ESD protective products with opened packaging.

Electrokit reserves the right to make deductions from the refund amount if the item is not in its original and undamaged condition, including undamaged packaging and packaging materials.


If a product is defective upon receipt, a complaint must be made within 8 days. Complaints must be made by contacting Electrokit customer service. Invoice number, product and nature of the error must be stated. The defective product may not be returned before Electrokit has provided a return number or otherwise given instructions on how to handle the complaint.


Most goods are covered by a manufacturer's warranty, which is valid under the manufacturer's stated conditions.

In addition, Electrokit provides the following guarantees:

  • Components, Kits and Modules - none
  • Electrical/electronic appliances - 6 months

The warranty covers only defects not caused by the user, and not attributable to abnormal use, wear and tear, or consumable parts.

The warranty covers only faults not caused by the user and that cannot be attributed to abnormal use, accidents, wear and tear, or consumables. The warranty also does not apply to lightning damage or to products that have been modified or altered.

Responsibility for Defects in Goods

If there is a fault for which Electrokit is responsible, Electrokit undertakes, at its discretion, to remedy the fault through repair, replacement with a new item, or refund the purchase price. Electrokit has the right to refer the customer directly to the current manufacturer or to a service center designated by the manufacturer for rectification of the fault. Electrokit's liability for defects in goods is limited to what is stated in these general terms and conditions of sale. Electrokit therefore bears no direct or indirect responsibility for, e.g., incompatibility, delivery delays, damaging properties in the goods, loss of profit, loss of income, operational interruptions, loss of stored information, additional work, or any other economic damage, other than what follows from the mandatory parts of the Purchase Act.

Errors or Ambiguities in Information

All published information, including product information, technical specifications, etc., may contain incomplete information and/or inaccuracies. Electrokit reserves the right to errors and deficiencies regardless of the reason for their occurrence and reserves the right to change and/or update information without prior notice. It is important for Electrokit that all published information is as correct as possible, but unfortunately, inaccuracies may occur. Usually, the cause of errors and discrepancies is the rapid technological development, software updates, or a combination of both. Sometimes we have not been informed by our supplier or have otherwise not noticed that a change has occurred. Electrokit disclaims all liability for missing information. If you discover inadequate or incorrect information, we appreciate if you inform us.

Availability of products

Electrokit does not guarantee the future availability of a product unless specifically agreed for that product.

Re-Export Prohibition

We do not sell to countries, companies, or individuals subject to trade restrictions under Swedish, EU, or U.S. laws and regulations. Our products may not be re-exported to countries subject to such restrictions, including Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Knowledge, Competence, and Language

The products we sell are normally not intended for general consumer use, and often require special knowledge and competence in electrical and electronic engineering to use them correctly. Furthermore, the documentation is generally only available in English. Complaints that can be attributed to deficiencies in the buyer's knowledge, competence, or language are not accepted. As a buyer, you should be aware of these conditions when placing your order.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

For software and other intellectual property, the rights belong to the copyright holder, and the buyer, where applicable, e.g., by registration or acquisition of a license in accordance with the respective copyright holder's terms. Electrokit does not grant any rights beyond these terms.


Any dispute shall in the first instance be resolved between the parties. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute may be brought before Malmö District Court. Swedish law shall apply to the agreement.


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Last update of the terms: 2024-05-09