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RP2040 Stamp

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Product description


Product description

A hand-solderable SMD/TH module w/ RP2040 MCU+8MB FLASH, LDO, LiPo charger, reset btn, and Neopixel. Breaks out all GPIO+USB+SWD

The RP2040 Stamp is a hand-solderable SMD/TH module that integrates the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU with 8MB of FLASH, an LDO, LiPo charge management (including a charge LED), a reset button, and a Neopixel.

It breaks out all the GPIOs as well as USB, SWD, BOOTSEL, RST, and the voltage pins.

If you want to get into the technical stuff, see the RP2040 Stamp Datasheet to learn even more!

The Stamp was created to allow you to use the Raspberry Pi RP2040 in your designs without having to solder small-pitch QFN chips or worry about lots of external circuitry.

All you need to get you started is a 5V supply or a LiPo battery. The Stamp will take care of the charging and switching the power sources.

The castellated edges with 2mm pitch can be hand-soldered directly to a carrier board or by using pin headers. You can find footprints for many PCB programs including KiCad (5 and 6), Eagle CAD, and EasyEDA here.

At only 1 by 1 inch (25mm x 25mm), the Stamp packs a lot of features:

500mA 3.3V LDO
All 30 GPIOs broken out
A Neopixel
LiPo supply and charging circuit (with charging LED)
USB broken out
SWD broken out
Reset Button
12MHz crystal
and of course, everything that comes with the Raspberry Pi RP2040 itself:

Dual core ARM Cortex-M0+ @ 133MHz
264kB SRAM
2 SPIs
2 I2Cs
16 PWM channels
USB with Host and Device support
The RP2040 MCU comes with a pre-programmed ROM UF2 Bootloader, by pulling the BOOTSEL pin low and resetting, or by double-pressing the RESET button (if the FW supports it), you can upload new firmware using the USB disk drive.

The RP2040 Stamp board comes pre-flashed with CircuitPython 7.1.0-beta.1, if you want to use it with CircuitPython, it's recommended that you check for the latest version and if there is one, update it according to the method mentioned above.

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