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Reparationsstation med labaggregat MS-500

Art no: 41020590 - Atten
Shop this product, Reparationsstation med labaggregat MS-500
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Product description


Product description

One-stop tool set with unified appearance for a clean and tidy workspace.

It can be divided into independent stations, which is more convenient and practical.

Unique PC area with adjustable holder, convenient for technicians to check files.

Large LCD make control visualization; MCU control data more stable and accurate.

Soldering station has over temperature alarm, auto-sleep, shortcut temperature.

Hot air station used high-power brushless fan with strong wind and low noise.

Unique designed straight and cyclone nozzles for beginners and professionals.

Unique handle button start/stop function makes the use safer.

Hot air station is multifunctional, can handle most of soldering/desoldering task.

DC power supply has dual displays and USB interface.

Power supply use series linear regulation scheme, it has good reliability and low ripple, no interference, no leakage current.

It's more suitable for the test and maintenance of precision products.