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Programmerbar elektronisk last 300W Siglent SDL1030X

Art no: 41017078 - Siglent
Shop this product, Programmerbar elektronisk last 300W Siglent SDL1030X
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Product description


Product description

SDL1030X Programmable DC Electronic Load has a 3.5 inch TFT-LCD display, a user-friendly interface and superb performance specifications. The SDL1030X feature an input range of 150 V/30 A 300 W. The SDL1030X leads with measurement resolution of 0.1 mV/0.1 mA and adjustable current rise times from 0.001 A/ìs~2.5 A/ìs.
For remote communication and control, the SDL series includes RS232/USB/LAN interface types. The SDL1000X series delivers stability over a wide range of applications and can meet all kinds of testing requirements. including: Power, battery/handheld device design, industry, LED lighting, automotive electronics, and aerospace.

* SDL1030X (Single channel ): DC 150 V/30 A, total power up to 300 W
* 4 static modes / Dynamic mode: CC/CV/CR/CP
* CC Dynamic mode: Continuous, pulsed, toggled
* CC Dynamic mode: 25 kHz, CP Dynamic mode: 12.5 kHz,
* CV Dynamic mode: 0.5 Hz
* Measuring speed of voltage and current: up to 500 kHz
* Adjustable current rise time range: 0.001 A/us~2.5 A/us
* Min. readback resolution: 0.1 mV, 0.1 mA
* Short-circuit, Battery test, CR-LED mode, and factory test functions
* 4-wire SENSE compensation mode function
* List function supports editing as many as 100 steps
* Program function supports 50 groups of steps
* OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP and LRV protection
* External analog control
* Voltage, Current monitoring via 0-10 V
* 3.5 inch TFT-LCD display, capable of displaying multiple parameters and statessimultaneously
* Built-in RS232/USB/LAN communication interface, USBGPIB module (optional)
* Waveform trend chart and easy-touse file storage and call functions
* Includes PC software: Supports SCPI, LabView driver

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