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Function generator 60MHz 2-ch UNI-T UTG962E

Art no: 41021389 - UNI-T

- 60MHz - 200Msa/s - 2 channels

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Product description


Product description

Arbitrary waveform generator 60 MHz. UNI-T UTG962E 2 channels with 60MHz bandwidth and 14bit vertical resolution. 200MSa/s sample rate. Uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to produce stable and accurate waveforms. Waveforms: sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, DC and 24 predefined arbitrary waveforms. Sweep function: Supports sweep from low to high frequency or from high to low frequency, linear or logarithmic. Sweep time: 1ms to 500s. Sweep function carrier wave: sine, square, ramp, and arbitrary. With the free Windows software, it is possible to create your own arbitrary waveforms. With its user-friendly interface, clear graphical display and compact size, this is an ideal entry-level generator, suitable from beginners to more advanced users. Dimensions: 172x90x68 mm. Supplied with test probe (BNC to alligator clips), USB-cable and power adapter.


  • Maximum output frequency: 60MHz
  • Sampling rate: 200MSa/s
  • Vertical resolution: 14 bit
  • Output: 2 channel (BNC)
  • Frequency range: 1uHz-30MHz
  • Modulation types: AM, FM, PM, FSK, Line, Log
  • Arbitrary waveforms : 24 predefined
  • Frequency counter: one channel, up to 100 MHz
  • TFT colour screen: 4.3 inch
  • Dimensions: 172x90x68mm 

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