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1.54" E-paper Breakout Black-White-Red

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Shop this product, 1.54" E-paper Breakout Black-White-Red
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Product description


Product description

E-Ink paper display module with SPI interface and an integrated control module is included. The SPI interface is used for communication, and partial refresh is supported. These displays have the outstanding advantage of extremely low power consumption since they lack backlight panels and don't require a continuous power source to show the (static data with periodic intervals) data on the screen. It is a perfect choice for applications like shelf labels, industrial instruments, and so forth since it also offers a broad viewing angle and a superb viewing effect under sunshine.

The basis of the microcapsule electrophoretic technology used in e-paper displays is that when an electric field is applied, charged particles floating in transparent fluid travel to the edges of the microcapsule, making it visible by reflecting ambient light, exactly like traditional printed paper.

E-paper displays have approximately a 180° viewing angle and can clearly show images and messages in both artificial and natural light. As a result of its paper-like effect, it is typically utilized as an e-reader.

* Even when the power is off, no backlight persists in showing the most recent material for a long time.
* Very little power is used; essentially, only refreshing is necessary.
* SPI interface For linking to other controller boards like Raspberry, Arduino, etc.
* Voltage converter built-in that works with 3.3V

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