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EMCView Pro EMC pre-compliance mjukvarulicens

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The Tekbox EMC compliance software EMCview for PCs is a user-friendly EMC pre-compliance testing of radiated and conducted emissions. It is a perfect complement for automated testing using our LISNs, RF current probes, measurement antennas and TEM Cells.

A built-in amplitude correction enables correction and conversion coefficients for cables, amplifiers, attenuators, LISNs, TEM cells, antennas, RF current probes, filters and any other component in the signal chain.

There is no need for a time-consuming setup. The SW is ready for measurements straight after installation. All emission related standards and a few automotive manufacturer standards are pre-configured in corresponding project files. The project files take care of all necessary settings to conduct standard compliant measurements. Besides using pre-configured projects, the user can easily create his own projects using a built in editor or any simple text editor.

The graph supports two complete measurement runs such as for example Average / Quasi-Peak or Peak / Quasi Peak and in addition a fast Quasi-Peak scan of critical peaks. Graphs can be saved and overlayed with newer measurements to track and document design modifications.

Furthermore, EMCview together with our GPS receiver can be used to carry out RF-coverage measurements. An export feature creates KML files which link the result to google maps.
Immunity testing is supported with dedicated menus, controlling the tracking generator of the spectrum analyzer.

EMCview PRO, offers real-time measurement support for spectrum analyzers with real-time capability. Furthermore, EMCview PRO offers advanced conducted immunity testing features for spectrum analyzers with tracking generators. The customer can select between a standard EMCview license or EMCview PRO. Users with a standard EMCview license have the option to upgrade to EMCview Pro.

EMCview currently supports the following spectrum analyzers

Rigol (DSA and RSA)
Siglent (SSA/SSA plus/SSA -R and SVA) Siglent EU, Siglent USA
R&S (FPC and FPH)
Teledyne Test Tools T3SA series
BK Precision 2683 series
ComPower SPA-900TG series
Multicomp MP700xyz series
TheEMCShop ESA series
The spectrum analyzer should be equipped with the EMI option.

Tekbox offers two license options:

Analyzer-coupled - the license is coupled to the serial number of the spectrum analyzer. It can be installed on any number of PCs, but it can only control one dedicated spectrum analyzer
PC-coupled: the license is coupled to the Host ID of the PC. It can control any of the supported spectrum analyzer models, but it can only be installed on one dedicated PC.

* numerous pre-configured project files for all relevant EMC standards
* Graph supports two complete measurement runs, same as in test house; simultaneous measurement with two detectors available for a few analyzers
* fast Quasi-Peak scan of critical peaks, immune to frequency drift of the selected peaks
* Fast pre-scan
* configurable limit lines and segment files
* configurable correction files for cables, LISN, amplifiers, antennas, current probes, etc.
* configurable margins for the identification and selection of critical peaks
* supports import and overlaying of reference measurements for comparison purpose
* linear or logarithmic frequency axis
* Harmonic markers
* automatic creation of test reports
* many import/export-functions
* graphs can be saved as charts containing meta-data, graphs can be loaded together with the corresponding measurement configuration
* RF coverage measurements
* tracking generator control for immunity testing using TEM cells
* many post-processing features
* useful calculators

* Everything the standard version offers
* Immunity testing using CDNs or BCI probes
* Rapid measurement, supporting real time bandwidth capability of Siglent SSA3000X-R series and Rigol RSA series


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