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AT27C2048-55JI PLCC-44 EPROM OTP 2Mbit

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The Atmel AT27C2048 is a low-power, high-performance 2,097,152-bit, one-time programmable, read-only memory (OTP EPROM) organized as 128K by 16 bits. It requires a single 5V power supply in normal read mode operation. Any word can be accessed in less than 55 ns, eliminating the need for speed-reducing WAIT states. The x16 organization makes this part ideal for high-performance, 16- and 32-bit microprocessor systems. In read mode, the AT27C2048 typically consumes 15mA. Standby mode supply current is typically less than 10µA.

* Fast read access time ¡V 55ns
* Low-power CMOS operation
* 100£gA max standby
* 35mA max active at 5MHz
* JEDEC standard packages
* 44-lead PLCC
* Direct upgrade from 512Kbit and 1Mbit (AtmelR AT27C516 and AT27C1024) EPROMs
* 5V, 10% supply
* High-reliability CMOS technology
* 2,000V ESD protection
* 200mA latchup immunity
* Rapid programming algorithm ¡V 50£gs/word (typical)
* CMOS- and TTL-compatible inputs and outputs


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