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ARM-USB-OCD-HL 3-in-1 ARM debgger/programmer hi-speed

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First on market three-in-one USB JTAG debugger - offers JTAG + RS232 (full modem signals supported) port + power supply all in one compact device
Adds virtual RS232 port to your computer with all modem signals like: DTR, DSR, DCD, RTS, CTS, Rx, Tx
Debugs all ARM microcontrollers with JTAG interface supported by OpenOCD
High speed USB 2.0 with lower latency time, RTCK adaptive JTAG clock up to 30Mhz and higher throughput achieve x3-x5 times faster programming speed than ARM-USB-OCD
Auto-detected powering to your target board with up to 200mA at 5V
Uses ARM's standard JTAG connector (2 rows × 10 pins at 0.1'' step)
Supports ARM targets working in voltage range 1.65 - 5.0 V DC (0.65-5.5V for ARM-USB-OCD-HL)
Supports adaptive clocking RTCK
Able to power a target board via a standard DC barrel jack; cable for the external powering included - 2.1x5.5x14mm female connectors at both ends
Supported by the open-source community and OpenOCD debugger software
Downloadable Windows installer for full featured and open source tools as alternative to the commercial ARM development packages: GCC C compiler, OpenOCD debugger and Eclipse IDE.
Works with IAR EW for ARM via GDB server
Works with Rowley Crossworks IDE
Works with CooCox IDE
Supported in Windows, Linux and Mac
Dimensions 50x40 mm (2x1.6") + 20 cm (8") JTAG cable - ribbon cable included


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