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AD9954YSV TQFP-48 400MSPS DDS 1.8V integrerad 14-bit DAC

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400 MSPS 44-Bit, 1.8 V CMOS Direct Digital Synthesizer

The AD9954 is a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) featuring a 14-bit DAC operating up to 400 MSPS. The AD9954 uses advanced DDS technology, coupled with an internal high speed, high performance DAC to form a digitally programmable, complete high frequency synthesizer capable of generating a frequency-agile analog output sinusoidal waveform at up to 200 MHz. The AD9954 is designed to provide fast frequency hopping and fine tuning resolution (32-bit frequency tuning word). The frequency tuning and control words are loaded into the AD9954 via a serial I/O port. The AD9954 includes an integrated 1024 × 32 static RAM to support flexible frequency sweep capability in several modes. The AD9954 also supports a user defined linear sweep mode of operation. The device includes an on-chip high speed comparator for applications requiring a square wave output.


* 400MSPS internal clock speed
* Integrated 14-bit DAC * Programmable phase/amplitude dithering * 32-bit tuning word * Phase noise < -120dBc/Hz @ 1kHz offset (DAC output) * Excellent dynamic performance * >80dB SFDR @ 160MHz (+/-100 kHz offset) AOUT
* Serial I/O control * Ultrahigh speed analog comparator * Automatic linear and nonlinear frequency sweeping capability * 4 frequency/phase offset profiles * 1.8V power supply * Software and hardware controlled power-down * Integrated 1024 word × 32-bit RAM * Support for 5V input levels on most digital inputs * PLL REFCLK multiplier (4× to 20×) * Internal oscillator, can be driven by a single crystal * Phase modulation capability * Multichip synchronization


* Agile LO frequency synthesis
* Programmable clock generator * FM chirp source for radar and scanning systems * Automotive radar * Test and measurement equipment * Acousto-optic device drivers


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