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  • CmodC2 DIP-40 CoolRunner II CPLD

      CmodC2 DIP-40 CoolRunner II CPLD
    C-Mod boards combine a Xilinx CPLD, a JTAG programming port, and power supply circuits in a convenient 600-mil, 40-pin DIP package. C-Mods are ideally suited for breadboard or other prototype circuit designs where the use of small surface mount packages is impractical Details: All C-MOD boards are compatible with the free Xilinx WebPack tools Design can easily be ported between C-MODs using different CPLD device families Once programmed, CPLD designs are non-volatile All available user I/O signals are brought out to DIP pins Requires a single 3.3V supply voltage (voltage regulation on C-MOD boards where required) Adequate bypass capacitance on all CPLD voltage supply pins
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  • CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Board

      CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Board
    A complete tool box to help designers develop the latest CPLD designs! The CoolRunner-II CPLD starter board is the perfect platform for the evaluation and implemention of designs using a high performance, low-power CPLD. Targeted Applications include intelligent handheld devices, remote monitoring, wireless interfacing, and glue logic across any number of industries. Board Highlights: DataGATE switch allows designers to easily evaluate a unique power option that permits input signal blocking, stops input switching and significantly reduces power consumption, extending battery life. Four 12-pin Pmod ports allow designers to easily add functions such as analog-to-digital conversion, servo motor interface, serial flash, RS232 serial channel, accelerometers, temperature sensors, and more. See our Pmod page for a complete list of modules. Note: The CoolRunner-II Starter Board requires a USB A -> mini B cable for power & configuration (not included). IC:Xilinx® CoolRunner-II CPLD (XC2C256-TQ144) Connector(s):4 x 12-pin Pmod connectors USB 2.0 port for power, programming, & data transfer
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  • Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Kit

      Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Kit
    The low-cost Cyclone® II FPGA Starter Development Kit is ideal for evaluating Altera's high-performance, low-power, 90-nm technology. By using this RoHS compliant starter development kit, you will see 60 percent (on average) higher performance and 50 percent (on average) lower power than competing 90-nm, low-cost FPGAs. Several reference designs and demonstrations included in the kit make for a quick, "out-of-the-box" evaluation experience. The Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Kit includes the following: Altera's easy-to-use Quartus® II design software (Web Edition) Nios® II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) Complete documentation Cables and power supply Cyclone II FPGAs are perfectly suited as an embedded processor or microcontroller when combined with Altera's 32-bit Nios II embedded processor intellectual property (IP) cores. You can add many other functions to the FPGA with additional IP cores available from Altera and Altera's partners. Additional daughtercards, which plug into the Cyclone IIFPGA Starter Development Kit, are available for purchase. Development Kit Contents The Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Kit is RoHS compliant and features: Cyclone II Starter Development Board Cyclone II EP2C20F484C7N device Configuration USB-BlasterTM download cable (embedded) EPCS4 serial configuration device Memory 8-Mbyte SDRAM 512-Kbit SRAM 1- to 4-Mbyte flash Clocking SMA connector (external clock input) Audio 24-bit coder/decoder (CODEC) Switches and indicators Ten switches and four push buttons Four 7-segment displays Ten red and eight green LEDs Connectors VGA, RS-232, and PS/2 ports Two 40-pin expansion ports SD/MMC socket Cables/power USB cable External power supply with U.S. adaptor (optional, but recommended when using the kit with additional accessory daughtercards) Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Kit CD-ROM Reference designs and demonstrations targeted for the Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Board User manual Reference guide Quartus II Web Edition CD-ROM Nios II EDS CD-ROM
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  • FPGA-kort Basys 3 Artix-7 inkl Vivado

      FPGA-kort Basys 3 Artix-7 inkl Vivado
    Basys3 is an entry-level FPGA board designed exclusively for the Vivado Design Suite, featuring Xilinx Artix 7-FPGA architecture. Basys3 is the newest addition to the popular Basys line of starter FPGA boards. Basys3 includes the standard features found on all Basys boards: complete ready-to-use hardware, a large collection of on-board I/O devices, all required FPGA support circuits, and a free version of development tools and at a student-level price point. Now with the Basys3, Digilent gives students a better representation of professional-level engineering by greatly improving the feature sets. These improvements include: More I/O: Double the user interface switches, double the number of onboard outputs, upgraded the number of external ports (moving from 6-pin single-row Pmods to 12-pin double-row Pmods) and included for the first time on a Basys class device a USB-UART bridge. Modern Architecture = Modern Programming Challenges: Due to the migration from the Spartan 3E family to the Artix-7 class of device, the Basys3 offers a substantial increase in hardware capabilities. With the new Artix FPGA comes 15X the logic cells (from 2,160 to 33,280) and the upgrade from multipliers to true DSP slices. It also adds over 26X the amount of RAM. Industrys First SOC Strength Design Suite: The most significant change to the Basys3 is the upgrade to Xilinx Vivado Design Suite. Vivado Design Suite is the most modern design tool chain used by professional engineers worldwide. Vivado offers an improved user experience over ISE and with expanded capabilities. Capabilities such as, block based IP integration with Vivado IP Integrator, Vivado High Level Synthesis* to reduce development time up to 10x, Model based DSP Design Integration with System Generator for DSP*. Features the Artix-7 FPGA : XC7A35T-1CPG236C 33,280 logic cells in 5200 slices (each slice contains four 6-input LUTs and 8 flip-flops) 1,800 Kbits of fast block RAM Five clock management tiles, each with a phase-locked loop (PLL) 90 DSP slices Internal clock speeds exceeding 450MHz On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC) The Basys3 offers an expansive lineup of ports and peripherals to introduce system-level design concepts: 16 user switches 16 user LEDs 5 user pushbuttons 4-digit 7-segment display 4 Pmod connectors 3 Standard 12 pin Pmod 1 dual purpose XADC signal/ standard Pmod 12-bit VGA output USB-UART Bridge Serial Flash Digilent USB-JTAG port for FPGA programming and communication USB HID Host for mice, keyboards and memory sticks Designed Exclusively for Vivado Design Suite Free WebPack download for standard use. Expanded features are available through purchase of System Edition Basys3 locked version is available - and included with the board when you buy fron Electrokit NOTE: This board does not include a USB Programming Cable (a micro USB cable may be added to the cart at time of checkout)
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  • FPGA-kort Basys2

      FPGA-kort Basys2
    Xilinx Spartan 3-E FPGA, 100K gate FPGA features 18-bit multipliers, 72Kbits of fast dual-port block RAM, and 500MHz+ operation USB 2 full-speed port for FPGA configuration and data transfers (using Adept 2.0 software available as a free download) XCF02 Platform Flash ROM that stores FPGA configurations indefinitely User-settable oscillator frequency (25, 50, and 100 MHz), plus socket for a second oscillator Three on-board voltage regulators (1.2V, 2.5V, and 3.3V) that allow use of 3.5V-5.5V external supplies 8 LEDs, 4-digit seven-segment display, four pushbuttons, 8 slide switches, PS/2 port, and a 8-bit VGA port Four 6-pin headers for user I/Os, and attaching Digilent PMOD accessory circuit boards Requires Adept 2.0 or later for operation The Basys2 board is a circuit design and implementation platform that anyone can use to gain experience building real digital circuits. Built around a Xilinx Spartan-3E Field Programmable Gate Array and a Atmel AT90USB2 USB controller, the Basys2 board provides complete, ready-to-use hardware suitable for hosting circuits ranging from basic logic devices to complex controllers. A large collection of on-board I/O devices and all required FPGA support circuits are included, so countless designs can be created without the need for any other components. Four standard expansion connectors allow designs to grow beyond the Basys2 board using breadboards, user-designed circuit boards, or Pmods (Pmods are inexpensive analog and digital I/O modules that offer A/D & D/A conversion, motor drivers, sensor inputs, and many other features). Signals on the 6-pin connectors are protected against ESD damage and short-circuits, ensuring a long operating life in any environment. The Basys2 board works seamlessly with all versions of the Xilinx ISE tools, including the free WebPack. It ships with a USB cable that provides power and a programming interface, so no other power supplies or programming cables are required. IC: Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA, 100K gates Connector(s): USB port Four 6-pin Pmod connectors VGA PS/2 Programming: JTAG programming via on-board USB2 port using the free Adept Software (version 2.0 or later)
    Art.nr: 41009852
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  • Genesys 2 Kintex-7 FPGA Development Board

      Genesys 2 Kintex-7 FPGA Development Board
    The Digilent Genesys 2 board is an advanced, high-performance, ready-to-use digital circuit development platform based on the powerful Kintex-7 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Xilinx. With its high-capacity, high-speed FPGA, fast external memories, high-speed digital video ports, and wide expansions options, the Genesys 2 is well suited for data and video processing applications. Several built-in peripherals, including Ethernet, audio and USB 2.0 allow a wide range of additional applications. The fully-populated high-speed FMC HPC connector opens the door to great expansion possibilities. The Kintex-7 FPGA offers more capacity, higher performance, and more resources than the Virtex-5 from the first-generation Genesys. Features: Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA (XC7K325T-2FFG900C) 50,950 logic slices (up 7x), each with four 6-input LUTs and 8 flip-flops Close to 16 Mbits of fast block RAM (up 7x) Ten clock management tiles, each with phase-locked loop (PLL) 840 DSP slices (up 17x) Internal clock speeds exceeding 450MHz On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC) Up to 10.3125Gbps gigabit transceivers 1800Mbps DDR3 data rate with 32-bit data width Commercial -2 speed grade The Genesys 2 also offers an improved collection of ports and peripherals, including: Fully-populated 400-pin FMC HPC connector w/ ten GTX lanes USB-UART Bridge 128x32 pixel OLED 16-bit VGA connector Pmod connector for XADC signals Two four-lane DisplayPort connectors HDMI Sink and HDMI Source 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY 1GB 1800Mbps on-board DDR3 USB 2.0 Host/Device/OTG PHY Dedicated USB port for JTAG programming and data transfers Micro SD card connector Audio codec w/ four 3.5mm jacks Serial Flash Five Pmod ports USB HID Host for mice, keyboards and USB MSD Host for storage
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  • Genesys Virtex-5 FPGA utvecklingskort

      Genesys Virtex-5 FPGA utvecklingskort
    Digilents Genesys board brings the power of Xilinxs Virtex®-5 FPGA to a surprisingly uncomplicated design platform. With gigabit ethernet, high-speed memory, high-resolution audio & video circuits and a host of USB connectivity options, the Genesys board includes proven circuits used in the most demanding designs. From complex systems to dedicated high performance applications, the Genesys board brings workable solutions to complex problems. The Genesys board can be communicated with and programmed by the Digilent Adept software. In addition, the board can be programmed by Xilinx's iMPACT. Xilinx Virtex®-5 LX50T FPGA in a 1136-pin BGA package 256Mbyte DDR2 SODIMM with 64-bit wide data 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY and RS-232 serial port Multiple USB2 ports for programming, data transfer, and hosting applications HDMI video with resolution up to 1600x1200 & 24-bit color AC-97 Codec with 48KHz sampling and line-in, line-out, microphone and headphone ports Real time power monitors on all power rails 32Mbyte Numonyx® StrataFlash for configuration and user-data storage 100MHz fixed oscillator and (up to) 400MHz programmable clock generator 112 FPGA I/Os routed to expansion connectors (two high-speed parallel VHDC connectors and four 8-pin headers) GPIO includes 8 LEDs, 2 buttons, two-axis navigation switch, 8 slide switches, and a 16x2 character LCD Ships with a 20W power supply, USB cable, and protective plexiglass covers Academic discount is available for educational institutions. Contact Electrokit for quote.
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  • JTAG HS1 High Speed kabel

      JTAG HS1 High Speed kabel
    The JTAG-HS1 programming cable is a high-speed programming solution for Xilinx FPGAs. It is compatible with all Xilinx tools, including iMPACT, Chipscope, and EDK. The HS1 attaches to target boards using Digilents 6-pin, 100-mil spaced programming header, or Xilinxs 2x7, 2mm connector (using the included adaptor). The JTAG-HS1 is powered from a PCs USB port. The HS1 can be seamlessly driven from Xilinxs iMPACT software or from Digilents Adept software. It will be recognized as a Digilent programming cable when connected to a PC, whether or not it is attached to the target board. A separate Vdd pin is provided on the HS1 to supply JTAG signal buffers. These high speed, 24mA, three-state buffers allow target boards to use JTAG signal voltages from 1.8V to 5V, with bus speeds of up to 30MBit/sec. The HS1s Vdd pin must be tied to the same voltage supply that drives the JTAG port on the FPGA. JTAG signals are held in high-impedance except when actively driven during programming, so the JTAG bus can be shared with other devices. The HS1 uses a standard Type-A to Micro-USB cable (included with the HS1) that attaches to the end of the module opposite the system board connector. The HS1 is small and light, allowing it to be held firmly in place by the system board connector. Details: Small, complete, all-in-one JTAG programming solution for Xilinx FPGAs High-Speed USB2 port can drive JTAG/SPI bus at up to 30Mbit/sec Compatible with all Xilinx tools Fully supported by the Adept SDK, allowing custom JTAG/SPI applications to be created Separate Vref drives JTAG/SPI signal voltages; Vref can be any voltage between 1.8V and 5V. JTAG/SPI frequency settable by user SPI programming solution (modes 0 and 2 supported) Uses micro-AB USB2 connector
    Art.nr: 41009834
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  • JTAG HS2 High Speed Cable

      JTAG HS2 High Speed Cable
    USB JTAG-programmeringskabel. Kan användas för programmering av alla utvecklingskort med 1x6- eller 2x7-pin JTAG-anslutning.   Utöver JTAG-funktionaliteten kan kabeln även användas som ett allmänt SPI-gränssnitt för kommunikation med i princip alla SPI-kompatibla enheter!
    Art.nr: 41012144
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  • JTAG HS3 High Speed cable

      JTAG HS3 High Speed cable
    Art.nr: 41015602
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  • JTAG Programmeringskabel

      JTAG Programmeringskabel
    Low-cost JTAG configuration solution Intended for use with Digilent FPGA boards. (Not intended for use with Digilent AVR boards) Connects directly to the parallel port of a PC, and to a standard 6-pin JTAG programming header Can program devices that have a JTAG voltage of 1.8V or greater
    Art.nr: 41009869
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  • JTAG SMT1 High Speed Modul

      JTAG SMT1 High Speed Modul
    The JTAG-SMT1 is a compact, complete and fully self-contained surface-mount programming module for Xilinx FPGAs. It can be accessed directly from all Xilinx tools, including iMPACT, Chipscope, and EDK. The module can be loaded directly onto a target board and reflowed like any other component. The JTAG-SMT1 uses a 3.3V main power supply and a separate Vref supply to drive the JTAG signals. All JTAG signals use high speed, 24mA, three-state buffers that allow signal voltages from 1.8V to 5V and bus speeds of up to 30MBit/sec. JTAG signals are actively driven only during a programming event and are otherwise held in high-impedance, so the JTAG bus can be shared with other devices. The SMT1 module is CE certified and fully compliant with the RoHS and REACH directives. Details: Small, complete, all-in-one JTAG programming solution for Xilinx FPGAs Small form-factor (less than one sq. in.) surface-mount module can be directly loaded on target boards Compatible with all Xilinx tools Fully supported by the Adept SDK, allowing custom JTAG applications to be created Able to drive JTAG bus at up to 30Mbit/sec Single 3.3V supply High-Speed USB2 port Separate Vref drives JTAG signal voltages; Vref can be any voltage between 1.8V and 5V. JTAG/TCK frequency settable by user Uses micro-AB USB2 connector
    Art.nr: 41009835
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  • JTAG-SMT2 surface mounting module

      JTAG-SMT2 surface mounting module
    Liten JTAG-modul för ytmontering. JTAG-SMT2 är kompatibel med Xilinx tools och är för programmering/debugging av Xilinx FPGAs Se datablad för närmare specifikationer
    Art.nr: 41010891
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  • JTAG-USB Programmeringskabel

      JTAG-USB Programmeringskabel
    The JTAG-USB cable allows you to use your PC to connect to a JTAG scan chain or to access an SPI interface on a board equipped with the appropriate 6-pin header. In this way, you can program devices on Digilent programmable logic boards using the Digilent Adept Suite. You can also program AVR micrcontrollers on Digilent embedded control boards using the Digilent AVR programmer application. Details: Low-cost JTAG configuration solution Connects to the USB port of a PC, and to a standard 6-pin JTAG programming header Can be used with Digilent Adept Suite & AVR Device Programmer software Can program devices that have a JTAG voltage of 1.8V or greater
    Art.nr: 41009833
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  • Olimex iCE40-ADC AD-omvandlare 8-bit 100MHz

      Olimex iCE40-ADC AD-omvandlare 8-bit 100MHz
    This is an extension module for iCE40HX1K-EVB. It is meant to add fast Analog-Digital-Converter (ADC) functionality to the main board. You can use up to 4 x iCE40-ADC with the same iCE40HX1K-EVB (up to 2 x iCE40-ADC when you have iCE40-IO connected to the same bus). FEATURES ADC08100 8-bit 100Mhz ADC Buffered output BNC input up to 4 ADC modules can be stack together with iCE40HX1K-EVB dimensions: 30 x 50 mm
    Art.nr: 41015188
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  • Olimex iCE40-DAC DA-omvandlare 8-bit 100MHz

      Olimex iCE40-DAC DA-omvandlare 8-bit 100MHz
    This is an extension module for iCE40HX1K-EVB. It is meant to add fast Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC) functionality to the main board. You can use up to 4 x iCE40-DAC with the same iCE40HX1K-EVB (only one iCE40-ADC when you have iCE40-IO connected to the same bus). FEATURES THS5641 100Mhz DAC Buffered data BNC output up to 4 DAC can stack with iCE40HX1K-EVB dimensions 30 x 50 mm
    Art.nr: 41015189
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  • Olimex iCE40-DIO Programmerbar IO-modul 28-kan

      Olimex iCE40-DIO Programmerbar IO-modul 28-kan
    iCE40-DIO have 28 signals which can be captured and programmable DAC which can set the input voltage logic from 1.65 to 5.5V FEATURES can caputre or output 28 signals signal voltage levels can be 1.65-5.5V and are set by programmable DAC dimensions 50 x 50 mm
    Art.nr: 41015190
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  • Olimex iCE40-IO IO-modul VGA/PS2/IRDA

      Olimex iCE40-IO IO-modul VGA/PS2/IRDA
    This is an extension module for iCE40HX1K-EVB. It is meant to make the input and output easier - the module provides video output connector VGA DE-15; keyboard connector PS2; infra red chip TFDU4100 for IrDA connectivity. Typically, you would need only a signle iCE40-IO module in your setup. Using an iCE40-IO would reduce the number of ADC and DAC expansion modules that you can use with a single iCE40HX1K-EVB board.
    Art.nr: 41015191
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  • Olimex iCE40HX1K FPGA utvecklingskort

      Olimex iCE40HX1K FPGA utvecklingskort
    iCE40HX1K-EVB is low cost development board for iCE40 FPGA family from Lattice Semiconductor. The interesting part about this family of FPGAs is that there is a completely free and open source development tool available. Using this free tool you can compile Verilog designs and upload them to the FPGA. More inforomation on the link in Software section. iCE40HX1K-EVB has 34 pin bus connector which allows the easy hardware expansion of the board with additional modules like: iCE40-ADC with 100Mhz ADC; iCE40-DAC with 100Mhz DAC; iCE40-IO with VGA, PS2 and IrDA transciever; MOD-DIO with logic analyzer level shifter with programmable 1.5-5.5V threshold. Up to 4 x ADC and 4 x DAC expansion modules can be connected on same bus (if you use iCE40-IO on the same bus then only up to 2 x ADC and 1 x DAC). FEATURES iCE40HX1K-VQ100 FPGA 1280 Logic cells, 64 K embedded RAM bits 512KB SRAM organized as 256Kx16bit 10ns 2MB Serial Flash 2 user status LEDs Programming successful status LED 2 user buttons Reset button Power jack for 5V DC external power supply PGM connector (all signals at PGM1 @ 3.3V DC) 34 pin connector bus 100 Mhz oscillator Power supply DCDC regulators Power supply status LED Dimentions: 50x50mm ~ (2x2)"
    Art.nr: 41015187
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  • ZedBoard Zync-7000 utvecklingskort

      ZedBoard Zync-7000 utvecklingskort
    ZedBoard is a low-cost development board for the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC (AP SoC). This board contains everything necessary to create a Linux, Android, Windows® or other OS/RTOS based design. Additionally, several expansion connectors expose the processing system and programmable logic I/Os for easy user access. Take advantage of the Zynq-7000 AP SoCs tightly coupled ARM® processing system and 7 series programmable logic to create unique and powerful designs with the ZedBoard. The ZedBoard kit is supported by the www.zedboard.org community website where users can collaborate with other engineers also working on Zynq designs. Features: Zynq-7000 AP SoC XC7Z020-CLG484 Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 Memory: 512 MB DDR3 256 Mb Quad-SPI Flash 4 GB SD card Onboard USB-JTAG Programming 10/100/1000 Ethernet USB OTG 2.0 and USB-UART PS & PL I/O expansion (FMC, Pmod, XADC) Multiple displays (1080p HDMI, 8-bit VGA, 128 x 32 OLED) I2S Audio CODEC Target Applications: Video processing Motor control Software acceleration Linux/Android/RTOS development Embedded ARM® processing General Zynq-7000 AP SoC prototyping Kit Includes: Avnet ZedBoard 7020 baseboard 12 V AC/DC power supply 4 GB SD Card Micro-USB cable USB Adapter: Male Micro-B to Female Standard-A Getting Started Guide ISE® WebPACK with device-locked ChipScope license Academic discount is available for educational institutions. Contact Electrokit for quote.
    Art.nr: 41011604
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  • ZYBO SoC board

      ZYBO SoC board
    The ZYBO (Zynq Board) is a feature-rich, ready-to-use, entry-level embedded software and digital circuit development platform built around the smallest member of the Xilinx Zynq-7000 family, the Z-7010. The Z-7010 is based on the Xilinx All Programmable System-on-Chip (AP SoC) architecture, which tightly integrates a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx 7-series Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic. When coupled with the rich set of multimedia and connectivity peripherals available on the ZYBO, the Zynq Z-7010 can host a whole system design. The on-board memories, video and audio I/O, dual-role USB, Ethernet and SD slot will have your design up-and-ready with no additional hardware needed. Additionally, six Pmod connectors are available to put any design on an easy growth path. The ZYBO provides an ultra-low cost alternative to the ZedBoard for designers that don't require the high-density I/O of the FMC connector, but still wish to leverage the massive processing power and extensibility of the Zynq AP SoC architecture. The ZYBO is compatible with Xilinxs new high-performance Vivado Design Suite as well as the ISE/EDK toolset. These toolsets meld FPGA logic design with embedded ARM software development into an easy to use, intuitive design flow. They can be used for designing systems of any complexity, from a complete operating system running multiple server applications in tandem, down to a simple bare-metal program that controls some LEDs. For systems that require an operating system, Digilent provides an out-of-the-box Linux solution specifically targeted to run on the ZYBO, complete with documentation describing how best to mold it to suite your purposes. These Xilinx tools and Linux solution are all available to use at no additional cost with the ZYBO. The Z-7010 features include: * 650Mhz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor * DDR3 memory controller with 8 DMA channels * High-bandwith peripheral controllers: 1G Ethernet, USB 2.0, SDIO * Low-bandwidth peripheral controller: SPI, UART, I2C * Reprogrammable logic equivalent to Artix-7 FPGA * 28K logic cells * 240KB Block RAM * 80 DSP slices * On-chip dual channel, 12-bit, 1 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (XADC) The ZYBO offers the following on-board ports and peripherals: * ZYNQ XC7Z2010-1CLG400C * 512MB x32 DDR3 w/ 1050Mbps bandwidth * Dual-role (Source/Sink) HDMI port * 16-bits per pixel VGA output port * Trimode (1Gbit/100Mbit/10Mbit) Ethernet PHY * MicroSD slot (supports Linux file system) * OTG USB 2.0 PHY (supports host and device) * External EEPROM (programmed with 48-bit globally unique EUI-48/64 compatible identifier) * Audio codec with headphone out, microphone and line in jacks * 128Mb Serial Flash w/ QSPI interface * On-board JTAG programming and UART to USB converter * GPIO: 6 pushbuttons, 4 slide switches, 5 LEDs * Six Pmod connectors (1 processor-dedicated, 1 dual analog/digital)
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