Sparkfun Roshamglo IR-badge 41015505
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The SparkFun Roshamglo is the new and fun way to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with your friends! The board uses the ATtiny84, and has an IR LED and receiver to communicate between badges. To play, simply point the USB connector at your opponents Roshamglo up to 5 feet away and press the 5-way switch to the left for rock, up for paper, and right for scissors. The red/green LED will display a solid red for lose, green for win, or alternate red and green for a tie. Your Roshamglo can also be worn with a lanyard clip to provide you easier access when a battle is about to ensue!

The Roshamglo Badge comes as an easy to assemble kit that only requires you to solder on six battery clips to the underside of the board and insert three AAA sized alkaline batteries. No other soldering or programming is required! Once you install the clips and batteries you can start playing Rock Paper Scissors with a friend or start hacking your Roshamglo.

The Roshamglo uses the Micronucleaus bootloader, which allows for programming from the Arduino IDE via the USB connector at the front of the board. We have included two tutorials below to help teach you how to hack your new Roshamglo as well as turn it into a remote to control to turn on and off most styles of televisions!


8kB of flash memory for our program (~6kB after the bootloader is installed)

512B of SRAM, which stores our variables used in our program

512B of EEPROM

12 IO pins MAX (the Roshamglo breaks out 9 of these pins)

10-bit analog to digital converter which can be used on 8 pins


IR receiver with built in 38kHz demodulator

USB programming

Programmable red and green LED

Power switch

5-way switch for input

Reset switch

Kit Includes:

1x Roshamglo Board

3x AAA Alkaline Battery

6x AAA Battery Holder