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  • 128x64px OLED för Raspberry Pi

      128x64px OLED för Raspberry Pi
    Expansionskort för Raspberry Pi 2,3,B+ med en 0.96" OLED. Skärmen har en upplösning på 128 x 64 pixlar. På kortet finns ett flertal anslutningar från GPIO-porten grupperade tillsammans med matningsspänning och jord. 41015301
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  • 4D Display adapter shield II - Raspberry Pi

      4D Display adapter shield II - Raspberry Pi
    The Raspberry Pi Display Adapter is a simple Raspberry Pi adapter designed to provide a convenient interface to attach 4D Systems display modules to the Raspberry Pi platform, without having to use jumper wires on the Raspberry Pi headers. Communication to the 4D Systems Display Modules is performed via the Raspberry Pis serial port (RX and TX), and is provided to the user in a simple 5-pin interface, where a 5 way cable can be attached between the adapter and the Display Module. Power for the display is supplied from the Raspberry Pis 5V bus. No external power is required for the Display Module as all power is supplied from the Raspberry Pi, via the Adaptor. Features: Direct IO connection to the Raspberry Pi Simple 5-pin serial interface for 4D System display modules Raspberry Pi supllied 5V power for display module 5 wire ribbon included 41012188
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  • Adafruit PiOLED 128x32 monokrom OLED för Raspberry Pi

      Adafruit PiOLED 128x32 monokrom OLED för Raspberry Pi 41015820
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  • LCD 4.3" grafisk TFT seriell med touchscreen

      LCD 4.3" grafisk TFT seriell med touchscreen
    The µLCD43(GFX) is an intelligent graphics display that harnesses the power of Active Matrix LCD (TFT) technology to deliver a diverse range of features in a single, compact cost effective unit. Embedded at the heart of the design is the PICASO-GFX2 processor. The PICASO-GFX2 belongs to a family of processors powered by a highly optimised soft core virtual engine, E.V.E. (Extensible Virtual Engine). EVE is a proprietary, high performance virtual processor with an extensive byte-code instruction set optimised to execute compiled 4DGL programs. 4DGL (4D Graphics Language) was specifically developed from ground up for the EVE engine core. It is a high level language which is easy to learn and simple to understand yet powerful enough to tackle many embedded graphics applications. 4DGL allows the developer to write applications in a high level syntax similar to popular languages such as BASIC, C and Pascal and run it directly on the PICASO-GFX2 processor embedded in the uLCD-43 module. It allows the user to take complete control of all available resources on that hardware platform such as the Serial Ports, Graphics LCD Display, uSD memory card, I/O pins, etc. This eliminates the need for an external host controller/processor to drive the uLCD-43 module via serial commands. It provides the user complete control over the hardware module allowing them to quickly develop powerful applications. Note: The module can be switched to a "SGC" by changing the firmware. Features: Low-cost 4.3" LCD-TFT display graphics user interface solution. 480 x 272 QVGA resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, TFT screen. Integrated 4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel Easy 5 pin interface to any host device Powered by the 4D-Labs PICASO-GFX2 processor (also available as separate OEM IC for volume users). 14KB of Flash memory for user code storage and 14KB of SRAM for user variables. 2 x Asynchronous hardware serial ports (COM0, COM1), TTL interface, with 300 baud to 256K baud. 1 x I2C interface (Master). 8 x 16 bit timers with 1 millisecond resolution. 16 x General Purpose I/O pins. Upper 8 bits can be used as an I/O Bus for fast 8-bit parallel data transfers. On-board micro-SD memory card adaptor for multimedia storage and data logging purposes. HC memory card support is also available for cards larger than 4GB. DOS compatible file access (FAT16 format) as well as low level access to card memory. Dedicated PWM Audio pin supports FAT16 audio WAV files and complex sound generation. On-board audio amplifier with a tiny 8O speaker for sound generation and WAV file playback. Built in extensive 4DGL graphics and system library functions. For all available features and functions under the 4DGL programming language. Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips. Supports all available Windows fonts and characters. 2 x 15 pin 0.1" Pitch SMT header for I/O expansion and future plug-in daughter boards. 4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply). Module dimensions: 105.5 x 67.0 x 14.7mm (excluding mounting tabs). Display Viewing Area: 95.0 x 53.9mm 4 x mounting tabs with 3mm holes for mechanical support. 41010143
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  • LCD-monitor 10.1" HDMI 1280x800 IPS

      LCD-monitor 10.1" HDMI 1280x800 IPS
    Högupplöst (1280x800) och ljusstark 10.1" TFT-skärm med bred betraktningsvinkel. Skärmen är extremt tunn och levereras utan något hölje. Perfekt för anvädnining i inbyggda system. Flänsar med skruvhål finns runt hela skärmen för enkel montering. Skärmen levereras med anslutningskort för HDMI, VGA och kompositingångar. Kan drivas med en vanlig 5 - 12VDC strömadapter (2.1mm center positiv). För problemfri användning tillsammans med RaspberryPi rekommenderas att modifiera config.txt med "hdmi_safe=1". Annars kan den ha problem att detektera skärmen och återgå till kompositutgången. Matningsspänning: 5-24V DC Strömförbrukning: 700mA vid 12V Format: 16:10 Upplösning: 1200 x 800 Synlig skärmyta: 217 x 135mm Ljusstyrka: 350cd/m2 Kontrast: 800:1 Dimensioner: 230 x 150 x 5.2mm Ej HDCP-kompatibel 41011848
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  • LCD-monitor 5" HDMI 800x480 med touch

      LCD-monitor 5" HDMI 800x480 med touch
    Miniatyrskärm för inbyggnad med HDMI-ingång och touch. Skärmen används enkelt tillsammans med alla enheter med HDMI-utgång och passar perfekt till Raspberry Pi och Beaglebone Black. Skärmen mäter 5" diagonalt och har en fast upplösning på 800 x 480px. Touchfunktionaliteten sköts av AR1100 och fungerar som en vanlig USB-ansluten mus. Skärmen spänningsmatas via USB och kan drivas från en vanlig USB-port. Den totala strömförbrukningen med 100% ljusstyrka ligger på drygt 500mA, men kan minskas genom att dimma bakgrundsbelysningen. En PWM-ingång på skärmen kan anslutas till en mikrokontroller för styrning av bakgrundsbelysningen. 41013513
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  • OLED-skärm för Raspberry Pi 0.96" 128x64px

      OLED-skärm för Raspberry Pi 0.96" 128x64px
    There are seldom OLED add-ons customized for Raspberry Pi in the open source hardware market. In a lot of projects, we only need to display little information such as the state of system or IP. Whats more, when we have a high requirement for its portability, its unsuitable to connect a big screen to Raspberry Pi via HDMI interface. Thus, a tiny OLED add-on can satisfy this demand. OLED add-on with built-in 0.96 128*64 OLED and SSD1306 control chip is customized for Raspberry Pi. Every single pixel in OLED can be lighted up or off by this SSD1306 control chip. We not only offer an easily-plugged add-on for Raspberry Pi, but also provide an SDK that help you transplant Arduinos driver into Raspberry Pi. After installing the SDK, you can drive this add-on as easily as you do on Arduino. This product is compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ as well. 41013669
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  • PiFace Control & Display 2

      PiFace Control & Display 2
    Interfacekort för RaspberryPi (mod A, B & B+). Kortet har en 16x2-teckens LCD, 5st tryckknappar, navigeringsomkopplare (upp, ner, tryck) samt IR-mottagare. Kortet gör att man inte behöver någon skärm, mus eller tangentbord. Perfekt för en mediadator eller till fristående projekt. 41013283
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  • PiFace Control and Display

      PiFace Control and Display
    Interfacekort för RaspberryPi. Kortet har en 16x2-teckens LCD, 5st tryckknappar, navigeringsomkopplare (upp, ner, tryck) samt IR-mottagare. Kortet gör att man inte behöver någon skärm, mus eller tangentbord. Perfekt för en mediadator eller till fristående projekt. 41012237
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  • PiTFT Plus 320x240 2.8" TFT med kapacitiv touch

      PiTFT Plus 320x240 2.8" TFT med kapacitiv touch
    Is this not the cutest little display for the Raspberry Pi? It features a 2.8" display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels and a capacitive touch overlay. That's right, instead of a resistive touchscreen, which requires a fingernail or stylus, you can now use a fingerpad. The screen looks much nicer, with a black bezel and glass overlay. If you don't need a capacitive touchscreen, check out the resistive touch version. This updated design fits perfectly onto the Pi Zero, Pi 3, Pi 2 or Model A+, B+! (Any Pi with a 2x20 connector) Not for use with an old Pi 1 with 2x13 connector If you'd like to use a 2.8" display with the original Pi A or Pi B, check out the Model B version. This version also has all 40 pins GPIO pins brought out so you can connect a 40-pin GPIO cable underneath. Now that it's the same outline as a Pi 3/2/B+ it fits well on top of a Pi in our Raspberry Pi Enclosure base and can use our faceplate for a compact touchscreen Pi The display and touchscreen uses the hardware I2C Pins (SDA & SCL), SPI pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO, CE0) as well as GPIO #25 and #24. All other GPIO are unused and you can still share the I2C pins with sensors, LED drivers, etc. Since we had a tiny bit of space, there's 4 slim tactile switches wired to four GPIOs, that you can use if you want to make a basic user interface. For example, you can use one as a power on/off button. Use it for console access or easily pop up X11 onto the PiTFT for a mini monitor, although its rather small at 320x240. Instead, we recommend using PyGame or other SDL-drawing programs to write onto the frame buffer. Raspberry Pi computer and enclosure not included! As of July 22nd, 2015 this display comes fully assembled with tactile switches too 41015428
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  • PiTFT+ 480x320 TFT-skärm med touch

      PiTFT+ 480x320 TFT-skärm med touch
    TFT-skärm för Raspberry Pi A+/B+ och 2 med inbyggd resistiv touch. Skärmen har en upplösning på 480x320 punkter och kommunicerar mot Raspberryn via SPI. En extra 26-polig kontakt på skärmen ger tillgång till de oanvända GPIO-anslutningarna. Bakgrundsbelysningen kan dimmas med PWM och vid full ljusstyrka drar den ca. 100mA. 41014784
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  • Raspberry Pi 16x2 LCD Keypad Shield

      Raspberry Pi 16x2 LCD Keypad Shield
    Shield för Raspberry Pi med en 16x2-tecken LCD med vit text mot blå bakgrund och 5st tryckknappar. Då skärmen och knapparna styrs via I2C, används endast två pinnar på Raspberryn. Shielden monteras direkt på GPIO-headern med en extra hög kontakt, vilket höjer upp shielden ovanför nätverksporten och USB-portarna. Observera att detta är en byggsats och kräver montering innan den kan användas! Innehåll: 1x LCD Keyboard PCB 1x 16x2 blå/vit LCD 1x MCP23017 I2C IO-expander 1x Gummifot 1x 2x13 stiftlist 1x 2x13 hylslist 1x 10k Trimpot 1x 330ohm 0.25W motstånd 2x 220ohm 0.25W motstånd 2x 36-pin stiftlist 5x tryckknappar 41012860
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  • Raspberry Pi LCD-skärm 16x2 + 5 knappar

      Raspberry Pi LCD-skärm 16x2 + 5 knappar
    Expansionskort för Raspberry Pi Mod B med en 16x2-teckens LCD-skärm samt 5 tryckknappar. Levereras monterat och färdigt att använda. * Dimensioner: 83.8 x 68.6 x 1.6mm * Matningsspänning: 5V 41013274
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  • TFT-skärm för Raspberry Pi 2.8"

      TFT-skärm för Raspberry Pi 2.8"
    2.8" TFT-skärm för Raspberry Pi med touch. Kommunicerar via GPIO-porten. 41013918
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