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Have fun while learning how to design, construct, and use small robots! This richly illustrated guide offers everything you need to know to construct sophisticated, fully autonomous robots that can be programmed from your computer. Fully updated with the latest technologies and techniques, Robot Builders Bonanza, Fourth Edition includes step-by-step plans that take you from building basic motorized platforms to giving the machine a brain--and teaching it to walk, talk, and obey commands.

This robot builders paradise is packed with more than 100 affordable projects, including 10 completely new robot designs. The projects are modular and can be combined to create a variety of highly intelligent and workable robots of all shapes and sizes. Mix and match the projects to develop your own unique creations. The only limit is your imagination!

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      Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets (bok)
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  • AVR pocket programmer

      AVR pocket programmer
    Programmerare för AVR-processorer, baserad på USBtiny och USBtinyISP. Fungerar med AVRDude under Windows och kan programmera alla AVR-processorer med upp till 64k flash. Programmeraren har skydd mot det mesta, så den ska inte gå sönder om man råkar koppla fel. Den inbyggda strömförsörjningen kan driva enheten som ska programmeras (upp till 500mA). 41003651
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  • Dark Control Robot

      Dark Control Robot
    Roboten har två ljussensorer och kan styras av en ljusstråle från t.ex en ficklampa. Ljuskänsligheten är justerbar. * Matningsspänning: 3V DC (2xAA-batterier) * Strömförbrukning: 150mA max * Storlek: 55 x 68mm 12101102
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