Optoelektronik är komponenter som omvandlar elektrisk ström till ljus, eller ljus till elektrisk ström. De enklaste formerna är en lysdiod och ett fotomotstånd, som avger repsektive reagerar på ljus.

Mer avancerade optokomponenter är kameramoduler och displayer.

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  LED gul 3mm 4500mcd klar
Ultra-intensiv gul lysdiod med klar lins 2.15V 20 mA
1 - 7.00
10 - 5.25
100 - 3.50
  LED vit 5mm 3.6V 12000mcd klar 15gr
Vit lysdiod med klar lins * Spänning: 3.3 - 3.8V * Ström: 20mA (30mA max) * Intensitet: 12000 mcd * Spridningsvinkel: 15 grader * Modell: W5KA412NC
1 - 8.00
10 - 7.20
25 - 6.00
100 - 4.80
  LED gul 3mm lågström 2mA TLLY4401
1 - 3.63
10 - 3.26
100 - 2.18
  KT1206BUC lysdiod blå 1206 3.6V 35mcd klar 130gr
1 - 4.50
10 - 4.05
25 - 3.38
100 - 2.70
500 - 2.25
  KTL030WWDI LED varmvit 3mm diffus
1 - 12.00
10 - 10.80
25 - 9.00
100 - 7.20
500 - 6.00
  LED-matris RGB 8x8 inkl controller med SPI 6x6cm (utgår)
8x8 LED-matris med RGB-lysdioder med inbyggd kontroller för styrning via SPI. All uppdatering och lågnivåstyrning av matrisen sköts av kontrollern, så de enda anslutningarna som krävs är VCC, SCK, MOSI, CS och GND. Flera paneler kan kaskadkopplas med anslutningarna på vardera sida. * Dimensioner: 60 x 60 x 28mm ** Utgående modell. Ord. pris: 629:- **
1 - 449.00
  EL-tråd neongul 3m
EL-tråd, elektroluminicent tråd, är en böjlig tråd täckt med fosfor. När rätt spänning tillsätts så lyser den. Diameter: ø2.3mm Längd: 3m Anslutning: JST-PH Matningsspänning: 20-220V, optimalt 120V Frekvens: 50-5000Hz, optimalt 1500-2000Hz Arbetstemperatur: -10 - +60C
1 - 109.00
10 - 98.10
  EL Inverter - Battery Pack
Batteridriven EL inverter. Perfekt för t.ex. en robotdräkt! Invertern drivs av 2st 1.5V AA-batterier och har 2st 2-poliga JST-PH-utgångar för anslutning av EL-paneler eller EL-tråd. På ovansidan finns en tryckknapp för att sätta läge: on,blink,off. Observera att intensiteten blir lägre med denna invertern (3V) än med en 12V-inverter Strömförbrukning för enkel tråd "på": 190-260mA Strömförbrukning för enkel tråd "blink": 90-120mA Strömförbrukning för 2 trådar "på": ~300mA Strömförbrukning för 2 trådar "blink": ~150mA Mått: 20 x 34 x 90mm
1 - 59.00
10 - 53.10
  LCD OLED Modul 0.96" - seriell miniatyr
The uOLED-96-G2(GFX) is a compact and cost effective display module using the latest state of the art Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) technology with an embedded GOLDELOX-GFX2 graphics processor that delivers stand-alone functionality to any project. Powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features are built inside the GOLDELOX-GFX2 chip. The module is designed to work out of the box and you are now ready to write your code in 4DGL (a high level 4D Graphics Language) using the 4DGL-Workshop3 IDE (editor, compiler and downloader). This will save weeks even months of development time on your next embedded graphics project. 4DGL is a graphics oriented language allowing the developer to write applications in a high level language, syntax similar to popular languages such as BASIC, C and Pascal. The module offers modest but comprehensive I/O features that can interface to serial, analogue, digital, buttons, joystick, sound generation and Dallas 1-wire devices. In short, the uOLED-96-G2(GFX) offers one of the most flexible embedded graphics solutions available. Features: 96 x 64 resolution, 65K true to life colors, PMOLED screen 0.96 diagonal size, 32.7 x 26.7 x 5.7mm. Active Display Area: 20mm x 14mm No back lighting with near 180° viewing angle Easy 10 pin interface to any external device: 3.3Vout, IO2, GND, IO1, RESET, GND, RX, TX, +5V, 5V OUT. Powered by the 4D-Labs GOLDELOX-GFX2 graphics processor highly optimized for 4DGL, the high level 4D Graphics Language 2 x GPIO port supports: Digital I/O A/D converter with 8/10 bit resolution Complex sound generation Dedicated RTTTL tune engine Multi-Switch Joystick, Buttons Dallas 1-Wire 10K bytes of flash memory for user code storage and 510 bytes of RAM for user variables (255 x 16bit vars) 1 x Asynchronous hardware serial port, TTL interface, with 300 baud to 600K baud. On-board micro-SD memory card adaptor for storing of icons, images, animations, etc. Supports 64MB to 2GB micro-SD memory cards. Comprehensive set of built in high level 4DGL graphics functions and algorithms that can draw lines, circles, text, and much more. Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips. Supports all available Windows fonts and characters (imported as external fonts) 4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply)
  4N36 DIP-6 (SMD) optokopplare
PDIP-6 Gull Wing kapsel för ytmontering.
1 - 7.80
10 - 7.02
25 - 5.85
  VmodCAM stereo kameramodul 1600x1200px
The VmodCAM board provides digital imaging capabilities for any Digilent FPGA system board with a VHDCI connector. It features two Aptina MT9D112 2-megapixel CMOS digital image sensors. The sensors can provide frame rates from 15 FPS upwards, depending on the resolution. Its system-on-a-chip design integrates an image flow processor and enables selectable output formats, scaling, and special effects. The integrated PLL (phase-locked loop) and microprocessor offer a flexible serial control interface. The output data is sent on a parallel bus in processed YCrCb, RGB, or raw Bayer formats. The two MT9D112 cameras can be controlled independently and can acquire two separate, simultaneous image feeds. They are controlled by a two-wire interface. Each camera has a 2 megapixel color sensor array in Bayer color filter arrangement. The sensor readout is 10-bit and supports skipping or binning rows/columns. Two independent Aptina MT9D112 2-megapixel CMOS digital image sensors 1600x1200 maximum resolution at 15 FPS 63mm inter-camera spacing (stereo baseline) 10-bit raw color depth I2C control bus Bayer, RGB, YCrCb output formats Automatic exposure, gain, and white balance Powerful image correction algorithms Image scaling Output FIFO 68-pin female VHDCI connector NOTE: To connect to a system board, this product requires a male-to-male VHDCI cable, which is not included. When you add a VmodCAM to your cart, you'll have the option of bundling one of these cables at a discount.
1 - 799.00
10 - 639.20