Integrerade kretsar


Integrerade kretsar ("IC-kretsar") är kretsar där en viss logisk eller analog funktion realiserats genom att kombinera ett antal transistorer på samma kiselbricka. Detta gör att samma funktion kan realiseras på mindre yta än om den realiserats med diskreta transistorer.

Det finns huvudsakligen två typer av kapsling för integrerade kretsar; hålmonterade (DIP-) och ytmonterade (SO-). De flesta kretsar finns i både hålmonterat och ytmonterat utförande.

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  LM741CN DIP-8 single op-amp
The LM741 series are general purpose operational amplifiers which feature improved performance over industry standards like the LM709. They are direct, plug-in replacements for the 709C, LM201, MC1439 and 748 in most applications. The amplifiers offer many features which make their application nearly foolproof: overload protection on the input and output, no latch-up when the common mode range is exceeded, as well as freedom from oscillations.
1 - 6.50
50 - 4.36
250 - 3.38
  4063B DIP-16 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator
1 - 6.88
10 - 6.19
25 - 5.16
100 - 4.13
  40193B SO-16 Presettable Binary Up/Down Counter
1 - 6.88
10 - 6.19
25 - 5.16
100 - 4.13
  4502B SO-16 Strobed Hex Inverter/Buffer with 3-State Outputs
1 - 5.00
10 - 4.50
25 - 3.75
100 - 3.00
  TCA871 DIP-14 5 x NPN transistor array
Transistor Array with 5 NPN Transistors Well suited for switching and amplifying applications up to approx. 30MHz Features * Versatile use * Slight Vbe and B deviations * High output current * Good thermal matching
1 - 12.50
10 - 11.25
25 - 9.38
100 - 7.50
  IRS20957 SO-16 audio driver half bridge
Protected Digital Audio Driver * Topology: Half-Bridge * V_offset (max): +/- 100V * I_o+ & I_o- (typical): 1.0A & 1.2A * Selectable deadtime: 15/25/35/80ns * Ton & toff (typical): 95ns & 80ns * OC protection delay: 500ns (max) * Shutdown propagation delay: 250ns (max) Features * Floating PWM input enables easy half bridge implementation * Programmable bidirectional over-current protection with self-reset function * Programmable preset dead-time for improved THD performances * High noise immunity * +/-100V ratings deliver up to 500W in output power * 3.3 V/ 5 V logic compatible input * Operates up to 800kHz Typical Applications * Home theatre systems * Mini component stereo systems * Powered speaker systems * General purpose audio power amplifiers
1 - 56.00
10 - 50.40
25 - 42.00
  ATMega64A-AU TQFP-64 8-bit MCU flash 64k
8-bitars mikrokontroller från AVR. Dubbla minnesmängden jämfört med Atmega328. * Upp till 16MIPS vid 16MHz klockfrekvens * 64kB flashminne * 2kB EEPROM * 4kB SRAM * 2x 8-bit timers * 1x 16-bit timer * 8x 10-bit AD-omvandlare * 6x PWM-utgångar * USART, SPI, I2C * 2.7 - 5.5V matningsspänning
1 - 69.00
10 - 62.10
25 - 51.75
  INA134PA DIP-8 Instrumentförstärkare
Differentialförstärkare med lasertrimmade motstånd. Snabb slewrate och extremt låg distortion.
1 - 39.00
10 - 35.10
25 - 29.25
  A4973SB-T DIP-16 Motordrivare full-brygga 50V 1.5A
Designed for bidirectional pulse width modulated (PWM) current control of inductive loads, the A4973 is capable of continuous output currents to ±1.5 A and operating voltages to 50 V. Internal fixed off-time PWM current-control circuitry can be used to regulate the maximum load current to a desired value. The peak load current limit is set by the users selection of an input reference voltage and external sensing resistor. The fixed off-time pulse duration is set by a user- selected external RC timing network. Internal circuit protection includes thermal shutdown with hysteresis, transient-suppression diodes, and crossover current protection. Special power-up sequencing is not required. With the ENABLE input held low, the PHASE input controls load current polarity by selecting the appropriate source and sink driver pair. The MODE input determines whether the PWM current-control circuitry operates in a slow current-decay mode (only the selected source driver switching) or in a fast current-decay mode (selected source and sink switching). A user-selectable blanking window prevents false triggering of the PWM current-control circuitry. With the ENABLE input held high, all output drivers are disabled. A sleep mode is provided to reduce power consumption. When a logic low is applied to the BRAKE input, the braking function is enabled. This overrides ENABLE and PHASE to turn off both source drivers and turn on both sink drivers. The brake function can be used to dynamically brake brush DC motors. * ±1.5 A continuous output current * 50 V output voltage rating * 3 V to 5.5 V logic supply voltage * Internal PWM current control * Fast and slow current-decay modes * Sleep (low current consumption) mode * Internal transient-suppression diodes * Internal thermal shutdown circuitry * Crossover current and UVLO protection
1 - 42.00
10 - 37.80
25 - 31.50