Integrerade kretsar


Integrerade kretsar ("IC-kretsar") är kretsar där en viss logisk eller analog funktion realiserats genom att kombinera ett antal transistorer på samma kiselbricka. Detta gör att samma funktion kan realiseras på mindre yta än om den realiserats med diskreta transistorer.

Det finns huvudsakligen två typer av kapsling för integrerade kretsar; hålmonterade (DIP-) och ytmonterade (SO-). De flesta kretsar finns i både hålmonterat och ytmonterat utförande.

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  4560 DIP-16 NBCD Adder
1 - 16.88
10 - 15.19
25 - 12.66
100 - 10.13
  LM301AN DIP-8 single op-amp
Single Operational Amplifier The LM301A is a general-purpose operational amplifier which offers many features : supply voltages from +/-5V to +/-22V, low current drain, overload protectionon the inputand output,no latch-up when the common-mode range is exceeded,free from oscillations and compensationwith a single 30pF capacitor. It has advantages over internally compensated amplifiers in that the compensation can be tailored to the particular application : slew rate of 10V/us and bandwidth of 3.5MHz can be easily achieved. Features * Input offset voltage: 2mV * Input bias current: 70nA * Input offset current: 2nA * Slew rate as inverting amplifier: 10V/us
1 - 7.00
10 - 6.30
25 - 5.25
  74HCT174 DIP-16 Hex D-type flip-flop with common clear
1 - 4.00
10 - 3.60
25 - 3.00
100 - 2.40
  74HC390 SO-16 Dual 4-bit decade counter
1 - 6.25
25 - 4.69
100 - 3.75
  74ACT00 DIP-14 Quad 2-input NAND gate
1 - 5.50
10 - 4.95
25 - 4.13
  74ACT86 DIP-14 Quad 2-input exlusive-OR gate
1 - 5.08
10 - 4.57
25 - 3.81
  NJM3517D2 DIP-16 Stegmotordrivare
NJM3517 is a stepper motor controller/driver, which requires minimum of external components and drive currents up to 500mA. The NJM3517 is suited for applications requiring least-possible RFI. Operating in a bi-level drive mode can increase motor performance; high voltage pulse is applied to the motor winding at the beginning of a step, in order to give a rapid rise of current. FEATURES Internal complete driver and phase logic Continuous-output current 2 x 350mA Half- and full-step mode generation LS-TTL-compatible inputs Bi-level drive mode for high step rates Voltage-doubling drive possibilities Half-step position-indication output Minimal RFI
1 - 60.00
10 - 54.00
25 - 45.00
100 - 36.00
  LTC1450CN DIP-24N 12-bit DAC
The LTC1450 is a complete single supply, railto-rail voltage output, 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in a 24-pin PDIP package. It includes an output buffer amplifier, reference and a double buffered parallel digital interface. Features * Guaranteed Monotonic * Buffered True Rail-to-Rail Voltage Output * 12-Bit Resolution * 5V Operation (LTC1450) ICC: 400µA Typ * Parallel 12-Bit or 8 + 4-Bit Double Buffered Digital Input * Internal Reference * Output Buffer Configurable to Gain of 1 or 2 * Configurable as a Multiplying DAC * Internal Power-On Reset * Maximum DNL Error: 0.5LSB Applications * Digital Calibration * Industrial Process Control * Automatic Test Equipment * Arbitrary Function Generators * Battery-Powered Data Conversion Products * Feedback Control Loops and Gain Control
1 - 99.00
10 - 89.10
25 - 74.25
  74HCT4053N DIP-16 Triple 2ch analog multiplexer/demultiplexe
1 - 6.17
10 - 5.55
25 - 4.63
100 - 3.70
  LPC1768FET100,551 TFBGA-100 ARM Cortex-M3 100MHz
MCU based on ARM Cortex-M3 Max CPU operating frequency: 100MHz Flash: 512kB SRAM: 64kB (CPU: 32kB, Advanced High-performance Bus: 16kB + 16kB) Features: * ARM Cortex-M3 processor, running at frequencies of up to 100 MHz, A Memory Protection Unit (MPU) supporting eight regions is included. * Ethernet MAC with RMII interface and dedicated DMA controller. * USB 2.0 full-speed device/Host/OTG controller with dedicated DMA controller and on-chip PHY for device, Host, and OTG functions. * 4x UARTs with fractional baud rate generation, internal FIFO, and DMA support. One UART has modem control I/O and RS-485/EIA-485 support, and one UART has IrDA support. * CAN 2.0B (2 channels) * SPI * 2x SSP * 3x I2C (1 Mbit/s) * I2S (Inter-IC Sound) * 12-bit ADC with input multiplexing among eight pins, conversion rates up to 200 kHz. * 10-bit DAC. * 4x 32-bit general purpose timers/counters. * One motor control PWM with support for three-phase motor control. * RTC. * Standard JTAG test/debug.
1 - 122.50
10 - 110.25
25 - 91.88
100 - 73.50
  MAX619CPA DIP-8 5V Step-up regulator
Regulated 5V Charge-Pump DC-DC Converter The MAX619 step-up charge-pump DC-DC converter delivers a regulated 5V ±4% output at 50mA over temperature. The input voltage range is 2V to 3.6V (two battery cells). The complete MAX619 circuit fits into less than 0.1in2 of board space because it requires only four external capacitors: two 0.22uF flying capacitors, and 10uF capacitors at the input and output. Low operating supply current (150uA max) and low shutdown supply current (1uA max) make this device ideal for small, portable, and battery-powered applications. When shut down, the load is disconnected from the input. Features * Regulated 5V ±4% Charge Pump * Output Current Guaranteed over Temperature - 20mA (VIN = 2V) - 50mA (VIN = 3V) * 2V to 3.6V Input Range * No Inductors; Very Low EMI Noise * Ultra-Small Application Circuit (0.1in2) * Uses Small, Inexpensive Capacitors * 500kHz Internal Oscillator * Logic-Controlled 1µA Max Shutdown Supply Current * Shutdown Disconnects Load from Input Applications * Two Battery Cells to 5V Conversion * Local 3V-to-5V Conversion * Portable Instruments & Handy-Terminals * Battery-Powered Microprocessor-Based Systems * 5V Flash Memory Programmer * Minimum Component DC-DC Converters * Remote Data-Acquisition Systems * Compact 5V Op-Amp Supply * Regulated 5V Supply from Lithium Backup Battery * Switching Drive Voltage for MOSFETs in * Low-Voltage Systems
1 - 47.23
10 - 42.50
25 - 35.42
  TSH103IDT SO-8 3ch Video Buffer/Filter
The TSH103 is a low-cost video buffer. It is dedicated to drive video signals from any video DAC output on 75ohm video lines in standard definition. With a real benefit in terms of integration and cost saving, this product is particularly efficient for the replacement of current discrete solutions using transistors, coil and capacitors for buffering and filtering. This triple channel is designed to drive either CVBS/Y-C or RGB or YPbPr or YUV formats. Each channel features an internal 6 MHz reconstruction filter and a 6 dB buffer (attenuation of 27 MHz sampling and good output impedance matching with the video line). The TSH103 requires a single 5 V power supply. It is available in an SO-8 plastic package.
1 - 21.18
10 - 19.06
25 - 15.89