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  Table mat ESD 50x60cm
ESD protection mat for sensitive electronics. Has 10mm press stud for grounding cable and wrist band. Grounding cable with alligator clip is included. * Material: Vinyl (white top / black bottom) * Temperature resistance: 100°C (not resistant to soldering) * Thickness: 0.2mm + 1.8mm * Size: 500 x 600mm
  Cable pealer coax (RG58, RG59)
Skalare för koaxialkabel, med tre justerbara knivar. Skalar RG58, RG59 eller RG62 och avlägsnar även ytterhöljet.
  Hard metal drill ø1.5mm skaft 3.17mm
Specialborr för glasfiberlaminat. Mycket hög precision. OBS! Använd stativ för borrmaskinen Längd: 38 mm. Borrskaft: ø3,17 mm.
1 - 35.00
4 - 28.00
  Grounding cable with power plug ESD
Jordningskabel med 10 mm tryckknappsanslutning, hona och nätkontakt Inbyggt 1Mohm skyddsmotstånd Längd 1.5m Måste anslutas till jordat nätuttag.
  Headlamp with 3 superbright LED
Adjustable headlamp with 3 white LEDs. Features 3 mode switch: 1 white LED on / 3 white LEDs on / 3 white LEDs blinking / off rubber housing and nylon elastic strap ideal for camping, hunting, climbing, etc. adjustable headband with fixing clip weatherproof Specifications LEDs: white LEDs: 3 (22000mcd/led) life : 100 000h autonomy: up to 24h (white) depending on battery type power supply: 2 x CR2032 batteries (incl.) dimensions: 12 x 3 x 2.6cm weight: 40g
  Spiralkabel 1.8m banan 4mm
Spiralkabel för anslutning av handledsband. 1 Mohm motstånd (i handledsbandets anslutningssida) Anslutning knapp hona Färg svar
  Copper tape 50.8mm x 15m
Copper tape has countless applications in electronics from creating low-profile traces for electrical components to RF-shielding and antenna-making. Copper tape is even used to join things together using solder, like the stained glass on Tiffany lamps. This copper tape is adhesive-backed, a whopping 2" wide and comes in rolls of 15m (50 feet). That's a lot of copper. Thickness: 3 mil
  Komponentbox ESD 57x33x21mm
Praktisk förvaringsbox för små komponenter. Fjädrande lock. Utförd i ledande plast (ESD). Transparent lock. Storlek: 57x33x21mm
1 - 39.00
10 - 35.10
25 - 29.25
  Utdragningsverktyg Molex HT-2285
Tool for taking apart and extracting pins from Molex-connectors.
  Z-axis conductive tape 50x150mm
Conductive tape from 3M. The tape is only conductive through the thickness (z-axis) and is isolating in the lengthwise direction. Can be used to simultaneously attach and connect two electronic components. Recommended maximum current through the tape is 100mA and the smallest distance between two conductors is 0.2mm
  Cleaning brush for circuit boards ESD-safe
ESD-safe brush for cleaning circuit boards. Perfect for removing solder flux without damaging components or board. The entire brush is 178mm long and the brush head is 38 x 13mm with 13mm long bristles.
  Storage box 135 x 85 x 25mm 6 compartments
Storage box for small components. The box has six compartments (1x 76 x 29 x 20mm, 2x 42 x 25 x 20mm, 3x 52 x 26 x 20mm). Components sold separately.
1 - 26.00
10 - 23.40
20 - 19.50