USB-ISO galvanic isolator for USB 41010633
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USB-ISO is USB Full speed USB 2.0 compliant port isolator with 1000V isolation voltage. This device is very useful as protects your PC computer USB host from overvoltages, ESD shock, it provides 1000VDC isolation and this way you can connect to your PC programmers and debuggers which work directly with targets at high voltages like 220V mains power supply etc. Even if your target is not connected to high voltage, USB-ISO is additional protection for your valuable computer, laptop etc. equipment.


USB isolation 1000VDC between USB host and USB device

Fully USB 2.0 Compliant

Full speed data rate 12 Mbps

Bidirectional communication

Short-circuit protection for xD+ and xD- lines

Class 3A contact ESD performance per ANSI/ESD STM5.1-2007

High common-mode transient immunity: >25 kV/µs

USB_DEVICE connector- which is USB-B type and have to be connected to the PC USB host.

USB_HOST connector which is USB-A type and have to be connected to the USB device like USB JTAG, programmer, debugger etc

Power Jack for external power supply with +8-15VDC, note this power jack is not isolated from the USB_HOST connector

DC-DC converter supply isolated voltage to the USB_HOST from the USB_DEVICE if no external power supply is present

dimensions 41.5x36.5 mm (1.634x1.437")

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