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  Soldering starter kit
Starter kit with solder iron, holder, desoldering pump and solder. In short, all you need to get started with soldering! Contents: * Solder iron 220V 25W * Holder for solder iron with cleaning sponge * Desoldering pump * Solder 17g
  Solder pen spare part for VTSSC40N
Replacement soldering iron for VTSSC40N.
  Solder repair station with tweezer 80W
electronic temperature control password lock sensor and heater fail notification LCD display with digital temperature scale (°C or °F) with on/off switch ceramic heating element with temperature sensor replacement soldering iron: VTSSC7/SP1 spare bits for soldering iron: 0.4mm: BITC03 0.8mm: BITC201 replacement SMD tweezers: VTSSC7/SP2 spare bits for SMD tweezers: BITTW2: 2mm (standard) BITTW5: 5mm BITTW15: 15mm BITTW30: 30mm Specifications max. heater power for soldering iron: 80W temperature range: 200 - 480°C (392 - 896°F) soldering iron: 200 - 480°C (392 - 896°F) SMD tweezers: 200 - 450°C (392 - 842°F) low-voltage iron: 32V AC weight: 2,34kg dimensions: 90 x 110 x 130mm
  Solder tip tweezer 15mm BITW15
Passar Velleman VTSSC72, VTSSD/SMD. Lev parvis.
  Lödspets 3.2mm BITC60N4
Features for: VTSSC60 Specifications weight: 5g dimensions: Ø5.8 x 43mm
  Solder flux pen noclean 10ml
Pen with flux for lead free soldering. Manufacturer Circuit Works
  Solder tip 2.0mm BITC10N4
Passar Velleman VTSSC10N-20N-30N
  Heating element for AT8502D 50W
Spare part for the rework station AT8502D. Heating element for the solder pen. 50W output power.