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  T-S7 solder tip Aouye
Lödspets Aoyue 1.2mm spets 60° fasning
  Solder repair station with tweezer 80W
electronic temperature control password lock sensor and heater fail notification LCD display with digital temperature scale (°C or °F) with on/off switch ceramic heating element with temperature sensor replacement soldering iron: VTSSC7/SP1 spare bits for soldering iron: 0.4mm: BITC03 0.8mm: BITC201 replacement SMD tweezers: VTSSC7/SP2 spare bits for SMD tweezers: BITTW2: 2mm (standard) BITTW5: 5mm BITTW15: 15mm BITTW30: 30mm Specifications max. heater power for soldering iron: 80W temperature range: 200 - 480°C (392 - 896°F) soldering iron: 200 - 480°C (392 - 896°F) SMD tweezers: 200 - 450°C (392 - 842°F) low-voltage iron: 32V AC weight: 2,34kg dimensions: 90 x 110 x 130mm
  Solder pen spare part for VTSSC10N/20N/30N
Replacement soldering iron for VTSSC10N/20N/30N.
  Lödspets 0.8mm BITC60N2
Features for: VTSSC60 Specifications weight: 5g dimensions: Ø5.8 x 43mm
  Munstycke A1135 PLCC 17.5x17.5mm
Nozzle for PLCC-packages. For PLCC-44.
  Munstycke A1264 QFP 40x40mm
Nozzle for 40x40mm QFP-packages.
  Solder tip 800-4.6-D
Solder tip for Atten AT90DH. Compatible with Weller LT-series that is used in WSP80-
  Solder tip LT-1SLX 2mm bent round
Weller lödspets i LT-serien. Typ: 5 44 426 99
  Heating element for AT8502D 550W
Spare part for the rework station AT8502D. Heating element for the hot-air part. 550W output power.