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  Solder wire 0.7mm 60/40 1000g
Lödtenn med flussmedel. Diameter: 1.0mm Legering: 60% tenn (Sn) och 38% bly (Pb) och 2% koppar (Cu) Flussmedel: 2% Smältpunkt: 182C Levereras på plastbobin
  Solder wire 0.60mm lead free 100g
Blyfritt lödtenn Sn: 99.3% Cu: 0.7%
  Desoldering pen 30W
Soldering iron with integrated solder pump, for easier desoldering of components. 230V 30W
  Munstycke A1126 QFP 14x14mm
Nozzle for QFP-packages.
  Solder tip LT-A 1.6mm chisel
Weller lödspets i LT-serien. Typ: 5 44 440 99
  Soldering station Weller WHS40D digital 40W
Complete soldering station from Weller with digital temperature control. 40W power output. Contains control unit, solder pen and solder pen holder.
  Solder paste 25g Multicore
Solder paste for surface mounting and repair work. Sold in syringe with plunger and tip. * Contents: 25g * Compund: Sn62 / Pb36 / 2Ag * Reflow temperature: 179°C * Manufacturer: Multicore * RA10BAS86