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  Desoldering wick 1.9mm
Avlödningsfläta för elektronik. Suger upp överflödigt tenn. Bredd 1.9mm Längd 1.5m
1 - $3.37
10 - $3.04
25 - $2.53
  Sponge for soldering station 53x65mm w hole (Weller)
Sponge for Weller soldering stations.
  Solder wire 1.00 mm 60/40 500g
weight: 500g Ø: 1.0mm remark: - 60% Sn - 40% Pb with resin core melting point: 185°C
  T-SB solder tip Aouye
Lödspets Aoyue 0.2 mm spets konisk smal hals
  Solder wire lead free 0.5mm 113g - special mix
We don't want to hype this solder TOO much, but this could possibly be the best solder in the world. There, we've said it. This is a special blend made specifically for us and we love it. It all started as a quest to find the best solder to use in our production process and ended up being the best we've tried. The best part is that it's lead free and has a water-soluble flux core. This package contains 1/4lb (113g) of solder and has a diameter of 0.020" (0.5mm). Mix: 96.35% Sn (Tin), 3.0% Ag (Silver), 0.5% Cu (Copper), 0.15% Sb (Antimony).
  Solder paste Chipquik 50g lead-free
This is 50g of high quality, Lead-Free Solder Paste, the perfect amount to keep around for prototyping and hobby projects that require a bit of SMD soldering. * Composition: Sn: 96.5%, Ag: 3%, Cu: .5% * Weight: 50g
  Solder tip LT-C 3.2mm chisel
Weller lödspets i LT-serien. Typ: 5 44 407 99
  Lödspets LT-1 0.25mm rund
Weller lödspets i LT-serien. Typ: 5 44 435 99
  Lödspets Weller ET-C 3.2mm mejsel
Solder tip for Weller LR-20, LR-21, FE-50. Chisel with 3.2mm tip. Model: ET C T0054100399