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  ASB-10B C-bracket long with ball bearings
C-konsoll i aluminium, med kullager. Passar standard servon. Levereras parvis. Bredd: 52mm Höjd: 58mm Tjocklek: 24mm Kullager: ID: ø3mm / OD: ø8mm
  BR-KT Base Rotate kit with HS-422 servo
Rotating base plate for robots. Can support and swivel large loads. Can easily support 2Kg loads. The plate is made from injection molded ABS-plastic and has five bearings to reduce friction to a minimum. Works with several different servos. Tested with HS-422, HS-485 and HS-645. A HS-422 is included in this kit. * Material: Durable injection molded ABS * Top diameter: 63.67mm (3.688") * Bottom diameter: 98.425mm (3.875") * Height: 47.625mm (1.875")
  AL5A Robotic Arm Combo kit (serial)
# 4 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom); Wrist rotate optional. # 5.75" median reach; 4oz lift capacity. # All-aluminum construction, SES-compatible. About the Robot Arm The AL5A robotic arm delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement. The robot features: base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, a functional gripper, and optional wrist rotate. The AL5A robotic arm is an affordable system with a time tested rock solid design that will last and last. Everything needed to assemble and operate the robot is included in the kit, including RIOS, a very powerful Windows program for the SSC-32 servo controller. The Mechanics The aluminum robotic arm is made from our Servo Erector Set components for the ultimate in flexibility and expandability. The kit consists of black anodized aluminum brackets, Aluminum tubing and hubs, custom injection molded components, and precision laser-cut Lexan components. The arm uses 1 x HS-422 in the base, 1 x HS-755HB in the shoulder, 1 x HS-475HB in the elbow, 1 x HS-422 in the wrist, and 1 x HS-422 in the gripper. The optional light weight wrist rotate uses 1 x HS-85BB. Controlling the Arm RIOS (Robotic arm Interactive Operating System) is a Windows program for controlling the AL5 series of Robotic Arms with our SSC-32 servo controller. With RIOS, your robot can be taught sequences of motion via the mouse or joystick. The inverse kinematics engine makes positioning the arm effortless. This extremely powerful program uses external digital and analog inputs to affect the robot's motion for closed loop projects. If-then, for-next, and do-while, are supported for the inputs. External outputs can also be controlled. This has been verified to work with an I/OGear USB to serial cable. If stand alone operation is desired, RIOS/SSC-32 can actually create the BASIC code to control the arm from our Bot Board and Basic Atom or Basic Stamp 2. Requires the purchase of a programming Starter Pack listed below. Note, DB9 Serial Data Cable included with AL5AC-KT. Alternately the servo motors can be controlled directly from a microcontroller. We sell the arm without servos and electronics for these options. # Serial port-based version with powerful PC software. # Includes RIOS, a powerful interactive Windows program that uses external inputs to affect the robot's motion in closed-loop projects. # Advanced inverse kinematics positioning control using mouse or joystick. # Easily control from a Bot Board with Basic Atom or Basic Stamp 2, with the new BASIC code export function. # This product includes everything you need to control the arm from a personal computer. Includes * AL5A Hardware-Only Kit (AL5A-NS), which includes: o Arm Hardware, Gripper and Gripper Attachment Kit o Base Rotate (no servos) (BR-NS) o Electronics Carrier (BEC-KT) * Arm Electronics & Software Pack (AEP-KT), which includes: o SSC-32 Servo Controller (SSC-32) o DB9 Serial Data Cable (DB9-02) o RIOS Arm Control Software for SSC-32 (RIOS-02) * 3 x HS-422 standard-size servos * 1 x HS-475HB standard-size servo * 1 x HS-755HB large-scale servo
  Precision wheel acrylic 127mm yellow
Acrylic wheels with 0.77" hub pattern. These wheels come with a rubber ring which provides good traction. Sold in pairs. Outer diameter: 5" (127mm) Width: 0.23" (5.84mm) Hub: 0.77" (19.56mm) Color: yellow
  Actobotics servo arm single 3"
Aluminium servo hub arm. Can be mounted on Actobotics hubs with 0.77" hub pattern. Length: 76.2mm (3") Hub pattern: 0.77"
  Actobotics Pillow block 4-way 1/2"
Aluminium pillow block with ball bearings for mounting inside Actobotics channels. Fits shafts with 12.7mm (1/2") diameter. Width: 33.528mm (1.32") Thickness: 6.35mm (1/4") Bore: 12.7mm (1/2") Hub pattern: 0.77 Thread: UNC 6-32
  Redbot Buzzer
Small speaker / buzzer for Redbot.
  Beam Bracket S-type
These brackets make it easy to incorporate beam gear racks into your Actobotics project. The bracket cut-out allows for the gear rack and beam to perfectly slide through the brackets. We suggest using our beam blocks to mount the brackets to channel or other components.
  Shaft stainless steel 1/4" x 6"
Smooth round stainless steel shaft. Hardness rating 8. Diameter: 6.35mm (1/4") Length: 152.4mm (6")
  Tamiya Twin-Motor Gearbox
This is a ready to assemble gearbox that uses two electric motors to independently control each of the output shafts. The gears and gear case are accurately molded from tough plastic for smooth and efficient operation. Two gear ratios, 207:1 or 58:1 can be selected. Includes two electric motors. Pictorial instruction sheet included. Tools required for assembly: Phillips screwdriver Side cutter Hobby knife
  Actobotics Pan & Tilt
The PT2645-S Pan & Tilt Head is one of the easiest on the market to set up and start capturing footage with. Each axis is driven by its own HSR-2645CRH continous rotation servo (included). This servo model is extremely smooth even at low speeds, its speed is very proportional and ramps up very linearly, it has excellent torque and it has metal internal gears to provide great durability. The PT2645-S is an open loop pan & tilt head which makes it ideal for applications where you don't want to return to center when you release the joystick. Given that it's driven by servos, controlling options are vast. For capturing the big game from a tripod, jib or mast you can go wireless which means that you can control the system from your favorite spot in the stands. For a wired option, the JS-200 joystick is simple and compact or for those who wish to put their own spin on a controller feel free to use a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.