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  Dark Control Robot
Roboten har två ljussensorer och kan styras av en ljusstråle från t.ex en ficklampa. Varje sensor fungerar så att när ljuset faller under en inställd nivå stannar den anslutna motorn. Roboten svänger, kör rakt fram eller stannar beroende på var ljuset kommer från. Ljuskänsligheten är justerbar med en potentiometer. * Matningsspänning: 3V DC (2xAA-batterier) * Strömförbrukning: 150mA max * Storlek: 55 x 68mm
1 - $25.66
5 - $23.10
10 - $21.81
  Vacuum Gripper with Wrist Rotate Kit
The Lynxmotion Vacuum Gripper with wrist rotate is a fun accessory to the AL5 series of robotic arms. This unique gripper uses an inexpensive syringe as the vacuum source. In our testing we were able to hold 3.5 ounces for over 30 minutes. The gripper will pickup any small light object that has a smooth exterior finish. The Vacuum Gripper uses two servo channels, the gripper open/close channel and the gripper rotation channel in the control software. Note: requires super-glue and common hand tools to construct.
  2WD Mobile Arduino compatible plattform
This a well designed, Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform,you can build it and program it easily with tons of published free codes. Compare with the last mobile platform, this one has a tough aluminium body with mounting holes, you can add Variety of sensors to make it more interesting. Features: 2WD Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform 2 high-quality micro-speed motor Tough aluminium body with mounting holes Variety of sensors can be added Spec: 2WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-6V DC Speed: 70cm/S Dimensions: 170mm(diameter) Weight: 400g Package list: Aluminium chassis X1 wheels X2 Motors X2 Omni-directional Wheel x1
  Precision wheel acrylic 127mm red
Acrylic wheels with 0.77" hub pattern. These wheels come with a rubber ring which provides good traction. Sold in pairs. Outer diameter: 5" (127mm) Width: 0.23" (5.84mm) Hub: 0.77" (19.56mm) Color: red
  Tubing aluminium 1" x 6"
Outer diameter: 25.4mm (1") Inner diameter: 20.828mm (0.82") Length: 152.4mm (6")
  Stepper motor mount - NEMA23
The NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Mount connects to the topside of a stepper motor to make integrating it into your Actobotics project even easier. Thanks to the 0.77" hub pattern this stepper motor mount can attach to Actobotics channels or any other surface with the same hub pattern and can make building your 3D printer or precision camera slide a snap. The mount includes four M3 x 6mm x 0.5mm pitch mounting screws for attaching your stepper motor and has a 0.5" bore. NEMA 17 Bore - 0.5" Hub Pattern - 0.77"
  Shaft stainless steel 6mm x 50mm
Smooth round stainless steel shaft. Hardness rating 8. Diameter: 6mm Length: 50mm
  Actobotics Clamping hub 5mm
Clamping hubs are an easy way to attach components with Actobotics 0.77" hubs to shafts and tubes. The clamping mount distributes the force even and minimizes the risk of damaging the shaft or tube.. Hub pattern: 0.77" Bore: 5mm (0.197")
  Tamiya Mini Motor Multi-Ratio Gearbox (12-speed)
This is the Mini Motor Multi-Ratio Gearbox (12 Speed) from Tamiya's Educational Construction Series. This gearbox features a wide range of low to high gear ratios. It is a type 030 motor with a transparent gear case to show the internal mechanisms. Pictorial assembly instructions included. Tools Required for assembly: Hobby knife
  Adapter ring 1/2" to 12mm - 4-pack
Ring for reducing a 1/2" (12.7mm) hole to 12mm. Can be used for making a 1/2" bearing fit with a 12mm shaft. Sold in packs of 4pcs.
  Shaft stainless steel 4mm x 100mm
Smooth round stainless steel shaft. Hardness rating 8. Diameter: 4mm Length: 100mm