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Featured products

  NSRF-01 snap fasteners polyamide (25pcs)
Snäppfästen för servon. Levereras i förpackning om 25 st.
  BLS-01 ball joint 2-56 (2 par)
Ball link set for translating mechanical motion between two parts. The links should be mounted with a 1/4" metal rod between (not included).
  Pillow block ø6mm metal
Pillow block in Iglidur-plastic. Low weight, high durability. Can be exposed to dirt and water. The glide bearing is tiltable in any angle up to 17 degrees. Mounting holes in bottom: M3
1 - $7.11
10 - $6.40
25 - $5.33
  Timing belt pulley XL 10T 6mm
Shaft-mountable aluminum timing pulley for XL timing belts. Pitch: 1/5T Teeth count: 10 Outer diameter: 15.24mm (0.6") Bore: 6mm (0.236") Belt width: 9.525mm (3/8")
  Actobotics Motor mount B-type
Motor mount for Actobotics components. Uses 1.5" hub pattern. Fits all of our DC-motors with gearbox.
  Actobotics aluminium beam 1.54" - pair
These aluminum beams are great for making unique links and connections in your Actobotics project thanks to 11 thru-holes running its length and are sold in packs of two. Note: The length of these beams is calculated from the center of each thru-hole at opposite ends, the over-all length is 4.225". Dimensions: * Length: 39.116mm (1.54") * Width: 9.525mm (0.375") * Thickness: 6.35mm (0.25") * Hub Pattern: 0.77"
  Actobotics aluminium channel 12"
These aluminum channels are the building blocks to the Actobotics line and function as the back bone to your electromechanical project. These channels can serve as connection points for servos, motors, and shafts while still providing an easy to assemble structure. Each aluminum channel has exterior dimensions of 1.5" wide by 1.5" tall, interior dimensions of 1.32" wide by 1.41" deep, a 0.09" thick wall, utilize both the 1.5" and 0.77" hub patterns, and are 12" long. * Length - 12" * Exterior Dimensions - 1.5" Wide x 1.5" Tall * Interior Dimensions - 1.32" Wide x 1.41" Deep * Hub Pattern - 1.5" and 0.77"
  Actobotics Battery mount B-type
This kit provides a clean and simple way to attach a 4-cell AA battery tray to your Actobotics structure. Use the provided screws and screw plates to bolt the mounts to channel as shown below. Place your battery tray inside the mount and secure the tray by stretching the included o-rings over the mount. Battery tray sold separately. Kit includes (2) Delrin plates, (2) O-rings, (4) 6-32 x 5/16, and (4) Single Screw Plates as shown in Figure 1. Battery tray sold separately. The screws included with this mount use a 7/64 Hex Key
  Actobotics Arduino mount
The Arduino Component mount allows for easy attachment of Actobotics components to an Arduino (Uno or Mega) board. Use the included 6-32 flat head Phillips mounting screws to attach the Actobotics part to the counter-sunk holes on the mount. Then use the included 2-32 pan head Phillips mounting screws to attach the mount to the Arduino board. The mount is designed so that no standoffs are required to attach the mount to the Arduino - it attaches completely flat without contacting the solder points. Because the mount incorporates the Actobotics 0.770 hole pattern most Actobotics components can be attached directly, making the mount extremely versatile and simple to incorporate into nearly any design. Mounting hardware included: (2) 6-32 x 5/16 Phillips head counter-sunk screws & (4) 2-32 x 3/16 Phillips head tapped screws.
  Crazyflie 2.0 - Motor 4.2V 1A ø7x16mm
This product is a spare part for the Crazyflie 2.0. Specification: Mechanical specification: Diameter: 7.0 mm Length: 16.0 mm Shaft length: 3.5 mm Shaft diameter: 0.8 mm Weight: 2.7 g Wire length: 32.0 mm Electrical specification: Kv: 14 000 rpm/V Rated voltage: 4.2 V Rated current: 1000mA Package contents: 1 x 7mm coreless DC motor
  Actobotics channel feet B (pair)
Feet for Actobotics aluminium channels. Makes a construction based on aluminium channels stand steady on flat surfaces. Width: 114mm (4.50").