Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the famous one-board computer that only costs a handful of dollars. Raspberry Pi allows you to play music, watch movies, surf the net and run application software. Just hook it up with your TV (HDMI preferred), your internet connection, a mouse and a keybord.

Raspberry Pi is based on Debian Linux, and some Linux knowledge is required for full benefits.

Electrokit has sold Raspberry Pi since 2012.

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Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

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Featured products

  Ribbon cable 26p for Raspberry Pi GPIO 180mm
18cm 26p 2x13 ribbon cable. Fits on the GPIO-headers on Raspberry Pi.
  Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Mod B+ Rainbow PiBow
Clad your B+ in the colors of the rainbow with this Pibow Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Model B+! The Rainbow Pibow is a colorful case for your Raspberry Pi Model B+ computer. It's crafted out of high quality acrylic layers with a transparent top and base. It's smooth, slick, and durable and because of its multi-color finish, stands out in almost any room. You simply stack the layers around your Raspberry Pi Model B+ to protetct it from the outside world. On the B+ version, the folks at Pimoroni have added an extension layer for extra stacking on top. The case is lightweight and can be mounted to any surface. It's held together by nylon bolts so there are no tools required for assembly. This product works with the Raspberry Pi Model B+ only! Weight: 92g
  Enclosure for Raspberry Pi B+ Stainless steel
Elegant stainless steel enclosure for Raspberry Pi mod B+. The enclosure has laser cut openings for all the connectors and a slot for a ribbon cable to the GPIO-header. * Dimensions: 92 x 61 x 29mm * Weight: 132g
  Memory card SDHC Ultra 8GB - NOOBS preinstalled
8Gb memory card for use with Raspberry Pi. Contains the Linux distribution Raspbian that, after a quick configuration, are ready to use. Sold with microSD to SD-adapter. Works with all versions of Raspberry Pi (A, A+, B, B+ and RPi 2 mod B). Other operating systems can be installed from Raspbian via internet or network. * Operating systems: Raspbian * Version: NOOBS 2.4.0
  Prototype board for Raspberry Pi with screw terminals
Prototype board for Raspberry Pi 2, A+ and B+ with screw terminals for easy connection of sensors, servos and other peripherals. The board also has connectors that fits Arduino Shields.
  Pi-Top PROTO
Prototyping board for Pi-Top CEED. Magnetic attachment to the Pi-Top.
  Explorer pHAT
The Explorer pHAT is the perfect prototyping side-kick for your Raspberry Pi! Based on our very popular Explorer Hat Pro this is a smaller cheaper version designed to fit perfectly on a Raspberry Pi Zero! We've added a heap of useful input and output options that will take your projects to the next level. Great for driving motors, using analog sensors, and interfacing with 5V systems (such as many Arduino boards). Though designed to match the format of the Raspberry Pi Zero it is compatible with all 40-pin GPIO Raspberry Pi variants (2/B+/A+/Zero). Features: Python API Four analog inputs Two H-bridge motor drivers Four buffered 5V tolerant inputs Four powered 5V outputs (up to 500mA!) Kit includes: Assembled Explorer pHAT PCB 2x20 0.1" female GPIO header 1x20 0.1" female header Four analog inputs - A tidy way to integrate analog signals into your project. Two H-Bridge motor drivers - Drive two 5V motors bidirectionally with up to 200mA per channel. Ideal with our micro-metal gear-motors to create the perfect little buggy! You can even soft-PWM for full speed control. 5V tolerant inputs - Hook up your Pi to accept input from 5V systems (like Arduino Uno/Leonardo or 5V Trinkets). We've used a 5-channel buffer that will accept anything from 2V-5V as logic high. 5V powered ouputs - The onboard darlington array can supply up to 500mA per channel (but you'll be limited to driving around 1A total from the board). Ideal for stepper motors, solenoids, and relays.