PeekyPokey USB GPIO UART (utgår)

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PeekyPokey is a simple yet ingenious way to give your PC a GPIO-port. Via this device you can sense and control signals and things in the physical world. PeekyPokey is breadboard friendly, and fits perfectly thanks to its DIP-24 socket. The PC is connected via the onboard USB-port, which is also used to power the unit. Drivers and example programs for Windows can be found on the PeekyPokey project site (see more under files).

Some examples of what you can do with a PeekyPokey:

Controlling relays

Driving RC servos and stepper motors

Reading RFID card and tags

Interfacing with MIDI enabled instruments or sound modules

Reacting on physical switches, buttons and sensors

Writing text on LCD display

Breadboard power supply +5V and 3.3V

USB to serial converter


8 general purpose digital inputs/outputs (GPIO), each with indicator LED and a 100k pull-down resistor

Configurable serial Tx/Rx LEDs

On-board 3.3V regulator

Mechncical switch to select Vdd and logic levels 5V or 3.3V

Vdd plus fixed 5V and 3.3V available as power sources

USB bus powered with indicator LED

Jumper to enable/disable all LED

Standard 0.6" DIP-24 socket footprint

Built-in EEPROM for storing power-on configurations

Integrated 300 - 921 600 bps buffered serial port (TTL UART) with h/w flow control

Additional info can be found in the Datasheet

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