Ett oscilloskop visar en signals spänning som en funktion av tiden, dvs hur en signals spänning varierar över tiden. Oscilloskopet är ett av de mest användbara mätinstrumenten i ett elektroniklabb, vare sig man arbetar med digital eller analog elektronik.

Oscilloskopet har ofta två kanaler som kan visas samtidigt. På så sätt kan man visuellt jämföra t.ex en in- och en ut-signal med varandra. Mer avancerade oscilloskop kan ha fyra eller fler kanaler.

Moderna digitala oscilloskop har också en mängd inbyggda mätfunktioner, så att t.ex frekvens, stigtid, falltid, spänning mm kan visas direkt på displayen tillsammans med mätkurvan.

Digitala oscilloskop har ofta även möjlighet till FFT, vilket är en matematisk frekvensanalys av en kurva. På så sätt kan oscilloskopet även användas som en enkel spektrumanalysator.

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  • Oscilloscope LCD color 100MHz 2ch SDS1102CML+

      Oscilloscope LCD color 100MHz 2ch SDS1102CML+
    Dual channel Oscilloscope with a high-resolution (800x480) 7" screen, 1 external trigger input. The trigger input supports 5 different triggermodes, edge, slope, video, slope and alternative. Can be used for educational purposes or for electronic troubleshooting. On the front there is an USB port for saving your measurments or settings. - 2x100Mhz Bandwidth - 1GSa/s Sample rate - 2Mpts recording depth - Frequency counter Supplied with 2 meassuring probes, USB-cable, software and documentation on CD. 3 years limited warranty on main unit
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  • Oscilloscope Siglent SHS806 60MHz 2ch handheld

      Oscilloscope Siglent SHS806 60MHz 2ch handheld
    High-performance oscilloscope Bandwidth: 60MHz Real-time sampling rate: 1G Sa/s Equivalent sampling rate: 50G Sa/s Memory depth: 2Mpts Data recorder function 7M internal storage, up to18 hours recording time USB port, up to 3000 hours recording time Record, replay and zoom function supported High precision multimeter 6000 counts display Accurate measurement of DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI Accurate measurement of Resistance, Diode, Capacitance, Continuity TrendPlot 32 measurement trendplot analyzer Scope: 800k points capacity, more than 24 hours recording time Meter: 1.2M points capacity 9320 hours recording time at 0.05Sa/s
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  • Oscilloskop 70MHz Siglent SDS1072CML

      Oscilloskop 70MHz Siglent SDS1072CML

    2 kanals Oscilloskop med 7" skärm, 1 extern trigger ingång. Kan trigga på 5 olika händelser, edge, pulse, video, slope och alternative. Kan användas till såväl utbildning som till elektronik-felsökning. Har USB anslutning på framsidan för att kunna spara kurvformer och inställningar. Kan anslutas till dator för visning av mätningar.


    - 2x100Mhz bandbredd

    - 1GSa/s samplingshastighet (mätningar/sekund)

    - 2Mpts inspelningsdjup

    - Frekvensräknare


    Levereras med 2 st probar, nätkabel, USB-kabel samt programvara och dokumentation på CD.

    3 års begränsad garanti på huvudenheten.

    2 kanals Oscilloskop med 7" bredskärm, 1 extern trigger ingång. Kan trigga på 5 olika händelser, edge, pulse, video, slope och alternative. Kan användas till såväl utbildning som till elektronik-felsökning. Har USB anslutning på framsidan för att kunna spara kurvformer och inställningar. Kan anslutas till dator för visning av mätningar. - 2x70Mhz bandbredd - 1GSa/s samplingshastighet (mätningar/sekund) - 2Mpts inspelningsdjup - Frekvensräknare - FFT Levereras med 2 st probar, nätkabel, USB-kabel samt programvara och dokumentation på CD.
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  • Oscilloskop Siglent 300MHz 2-kan SDS2302

      Oscilloskop Siglent 300MHz 2-kan SDS2302
    Just nu - 300 MHz till samma pris som 200 MHz. Gäller så länge lagret räcker. -----   En ny serie avancerade oscilloskop från Siglent. - 2 eller 4 analoga kanaler - 2Gs/s - 28Mpts minnesdjup - 100, 200 eller 300MHz bandbredd - 8 digitala kanaler (option) - protokollavkodning och trigger för I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, UART m.fl (option) - integrerad funktionsgenerator (option) - super-fosfor LCD       The SDS2000 series super phosphor oscilloscope equipped with the maximum 300 MHz bandwidth, 2GSa/s Sampling Rate as well as the design features of memory depth, high capture rate and multi- level intensity grading waveform display, is recognized as an universally applicable digital instrument with advanced technology and high-end performance. With the innovative SPO technology, the SDS2000 series oscilloscope becomes outstanding in the same industry, and even develops a new era in domestic digital oscilloscope industry.   Main Features: ? Bandwidth 70MHz,100MHz,200MHz,300MHz ? Real time sampling rate, Analog channel: 2GSa/s, Digital channel: 500MSa/s (optional) ? Provide 2/4 analog channels, 8 digital channels (optional) ? Built-in 25MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator(optional) ? A variety of serial protocol trigger and decode functions (IIC, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, LIN) ? A variety of smart trigger functions (Pattern, Window, Interval, DropOut, Runt) ? Support HDTV trigger ? Support history function and segmented memory (std.up to 80,000 frames) ? Hardware-based zoom function and high speed Pass/Fail function technology ? 32 kinds of automatic waveform measurements,support measurement statistics function ? Advanced waveform math operations (FFT, differential, integral, square root) ? Complete connectivity: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC, PictBridge), LAN(VXI-11), EXT TRIG, PASS/FAIL,TRIG OUT ? Support SCPI remote control commands ? Multi-language user interface and built-in online help system ? 8 inches TFT-LCD(800*480)
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  • Analog Discovery 2

      Analog Discovery 2
    Digilent Analog Discovery 2, developed in conjunction with Analog Devices and supported by Xilinx University Program, is a multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed signal circuits of all kinds. The low-cost Analog Discovery 2 is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to replace a stack of lab equipment, providing engineering students, hobbyists, and electronics enthusiasts the freedom to work with analog and digital circuits in virtually any environment, in or out of the lab. The analog and digital inputs and outputs can be connected to a circuit using simple wire probes; alternatively, the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter and BNC probes can be used to connect and utilize the inputs and outputs. Driven by the free WaveForms 2015 (Mac, Linux and Windows Compatible) software, Analog Discovery 2 can be configured to work as any one of several traditional instruments. Features: Two-channel oscilloscope (1MO, ±25V, differential, 14-bit, 100Msample/sec, 30MHz+ bandwidth - with the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter Board) Two-channel arbitrary function generator (±5V, 14-bit, 100Msample/sec, 20MHz+ bandwidth - with the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter Board) Stereo audio amplifier to drive external headphones or speakers with replicated AWG signals 16-channel digital logic analyzer (3.3V CMOS, 100Msample/sec) 16-channel pattern generator (3.3V CMOS, 100Msample/sec) 16-channel virtual digital I/O including buttons, switches, and LEDs perfect for logic training applications Two input/output digital trigger signals for linking multiple instruments (3.3V CMOS) Single channel voltmeter (AC, DC, ±25V) Network analyzer Bode, Nyquist, Nichols transfer diagrams of a circuit. Range: 1Hz to 10MHz Spectrum Analyzer power spectrum and spectral measurements (noise floor, SFDR, SNR, THD, etc.) Digital Bus Analyzers (SPI, I²C, UART, Parallel) Two programmable power supplies (0+5V , 0-5V). The maximum available output current and power depend on the Analog Discovery 2 powering choice: 250mW max for each supply or 500mW total when powered through USB 700mA max or 2.1W max for each supply when using an external wall power supply What's Included: Analog Discovery 2 One regular-sized project box One USB A to micro B programming cable One 2x15 flywire signal cable assembly 5-pack of 6-pin male headers One ferrite cable snap-on
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  • DSO nano v3 - pocket sized oscilloscope

      DSO nano v3 - pocket sized oscilloscope
    The DSO Nano V3 is a pocket-size compatible 32bit digital storage oscilloscope. Based on ARM -M3, its equipped with 320*240 color display, internal storage memory, USB port and recharging function. Its compact, simple to operate; meets the basic demands of school lab, electric furniture repairment and electric engineering. This is a updated and cool version of DSO Nano which features a firmware and a embedded 2 Mbyte storage chip instead of micro SD card slot. The documents of this version in detail is on this page, please refer to it. Updates in v3: V3 used a new firmware with user-friendly interface, easier to operate Upgraded firmware via virtual disk Added build-in 2Mbyte storage chip Black metal shell Features Portable and lightweight Color display Waveform storage and playback 6 triggering modes 200Khz Analog Bandwidth Complete measurement markers and signal characteristics Built-in Signal Generator Accessories available Open Source Specifications Display: 2.8 color TFT LCD Display Resolution: 320x240 Display Colors 65K Virtual Broadband: 0 ~ 200kHz Max. Sampling Rate: 1Msps 12 bit Sampling Storage Depth: 4096 points Transverse Sensitivity: 1uS/Div~10S/Div(1-2-5 stepping) Vertical Sensitivity: 10mv/Div~10V/Div(x1 probe) 0.5V/Div~10V/Div(x10 probe) Input Resistance: >500KO Max. Input Voltage: 80Vpp(x1 probe)400Vpp(x10 probe) Coupling Mode: DC Triggering Mode: Auto,Normal,Single,None,Scan Auto Measurement: Frequency, cycle, duty, Vpp, Vram, Vavg, DC voltage; Vertical Precise Measurement Cursor; Horizontal Precise Measurement Cursor; Rising/Falling Edge Trigger; Triggering Cursor; Triggering Sensitivity Cursor; Hold/Run Inbuilt Test Signal: 10Hz~1MHz(1-2-5 stepping) Waveform Storage: build-in 2Mbyte PC Connection Interface: Connection through USB Recharging Method: Recharging through USB interface Dimensions:105mm x 53mm x 8mm
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  • DSO Quad pocket sized oscilloscope/logic analyzer 4 kan

      DSO Quad pocket sized oscilloscope/logic analyzer 4 kan
    DSO Quad Aluminium Silver Alloy Digitalt oscilloskop i fickstorlek med 4 kanaler. Inkluderar två 2x analoga prober, 2x digitala prober och batteri. * 3" 400x240 färg-LCD. * 2x analoga kanaler: - Samplingfrekvens: 72MS/s (144MS/s fr.o.m .sys ver 1.31) - Vertikal skala: 20mV - 10V/div (x1 prob) - Upplösning: 8bit - Max inspänning: 80Vpp (1x prob) - Inimpedans: > 800kOhm * 2x digitala kanaler. - Max inspänning: 2.8V * Signalgenerator - 10Hz - 8MHz, 2.8V p-p - sinus, fyrkant, triangel, sågtand - 10-90% duty-cycle * Samplingsminne: 4096 samples * Lagring: intern 2MB USB-disk
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  • Oscilloscope Siglent 200MHz 4-ch SDS1204CFL

      Oscilloscope Siglent 200MHz 4-ch SDS1204CFL
    Bandwidth 200MHz Channel 4 channels+1 ext trig Real Time Sampling Half Channel:2GSa/s;Each Channel:1GSa/s Equivalent Sampling Rate 50GSa/s Memory Depth Single Channel:24K Rise time <1.7ns Input Impedance 1MO||13pF,50O Sec/div Range 2.5ns/div-50s/div Vertical Sensitivity 2mv-5v/div(1-2-5 sequence) Vertical Resolution 8bit Display Color TFT(480*234) 7" LCD     CHARACTERISTIC: ? Memory depth of SDS1000CFL is 24Kpts ? Use Colored TFT LCD, the waveform display is clearer and stable. ? Screen saver function:1 minute to 5 hours ? Dual channel-channel bandwidth: 60MHZ-300MHZ. ? The real time sampling rate is 2GSa/s. ? Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative trigger modes. ? Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function ? Pass/Fail function ?Thirty two parameters Auto measure function. ? Cursor measure covers Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode. ? Channel waveform and its FFT waveform display on split screen. ? Pop-up Menu display pattern is more convenient for users using it. ? Multiple Language User Interface. ? Support Multilingual online help system. Model/Index The Common Specifications Of All SDS1000D Series Products Display 8X18 divides Waveform Capture Rate The highest capture rate exceed 1500 times/sec Input coupling DC, AC, GND Input Max voltage 400V(Vpp) Trigger Types Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative Trigger Modes Auto, Normal, Single Trigger Source CH1?CH2?CH3?CH4?Ext?Ext/5?AC Line Save/Recall Provide four groups reference waveforms, twenty groups capture waveforms and twenty groups setups internal save/recall function and USB flash drive Save/Recall function Auto Measure Types Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Vtop, Vbase, Cmean, Mean, Vrms, Crms, ROVShoot, FOVShoot, RPREShoot, FPREShoot, Freq, Period, Rise time, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, - Duty, BWid, Phase, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF Cousor measure Manual, Track, Auto Sample Types Real Time, Equivalent Time Averages 4?16?32?64?128?256 Math +?-?*?\?Invert FFT Window: Hanning?Hanmming?Blackman?Rectangular Sampling Points: 1024 points XY Mode Phase Error: ±3 degrees Support the sampling rate : 10KSa/s~1GSa/s (in a 1-2-5 sequence) Display Model Main, Window, Window Zoom, Roll, X-Y Menu Display 2Sec, 5Sec, 10Sec, 20Sec, Infinite Display Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italiana Power Source Voltage 100-240VAC?45HZ-440HZ?50VA Max Size and Weight 358mm x 156mm x118mm, about 4.5kg Connection USB Host: Support USB flash drive storage USB Device: Support PictBridge compatible printers and PC Remote control RJ-45(LAN): Support computer connecting Pass/Fail Interface Module   Included accesories: 4x 1:1/10:1Proble, EasyScope3.0 Computer Software System, Power Cord, USB cable,User Manual, EasyDsoLib software package
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  • Oscilloskop MSO 100MHz 2-kan Siglent SDS2102X

      Oscilloskop MSO 100MHz 2-kan Siglent SDS2102X
    Siglents nya SDS2000X-serie, toppmodernt oscilloskop med professionella prestanda.   - 2 kanaler - 100MHz - Super Phosfor Display - 2Gsa/s - 140Mpts memory depth (single channel) - 140.000 waveforms/s (nomal mode) - 500.000 waveforms/s (sequence mode) - Trigger; edge, slope, pulse width, window, runt, interval, dropout, pattern, video   - Serial decode and trigger (IIC, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, LIN) (option) - 16 kanaler logikanalysator (option) - Waveform generator 25MHz (option)
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  • Oscilloskop MSO Siglent X-series 100MHz 2-kan SDS1102X+

      Oscilloskop MSO Siglent X-series 100MHz 2-kan SDS1102X+
    2-kanals 100Mhz oscilloskop från Siglents X-serie. X-serien utmärker sig med bättre signalkvalitet, lägre brusnivå och ett lättarbetat gränssnitt. X-serien har stora och tydliga skärmar med 256-nivå färggradering och ett stort antal triglägen.   Möjlighet till inbyggd 16-kanalers logikanalysator (option)   * Bandbredd: 100MHz * Samplingsfrekvens: 1GSa/S * Inspelningstid: 14 miljoner punkter * Vågformssamplingshastighet: 60000wfms/s * Triggers: Edge, Pulse, Window, Runt, Interval, Time out, Pattern * Vertikal skalning: 500µV/div - 10V/div * Display: 8" TFT 800x480px 256 nivåer, fullfärg, * In-/utgångar: USB Host, USB device, LAN, Pass/Fail, Trig Out
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  • SDS-2000-DC protocol analyzer option

      SDS-2000-DC protocol analyzer option
    Protocol analyzer option for the SDS-2000 oscilloscop series. Can decode, trig on and display serial communication protocols. Support for: I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN and LIN.
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  • SDS-2000-FG funtion generator option

      SDS-2000-FG funtion generator option
    Function generator option for the SDS-2000 oscilloscope series. Can create sinus, square, sawtooth, triangle and arbitrary waveforms up to 25MHz.
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  • USB-oscilloskop och funktionsgenerator PCSU200

      USB-oscilloskop och funktionsgenerator PCSU200
    Features function generator: crystal-based stability standard waveforms: sine, square and triangle predefined library waveforms included: sine(x)/x, sweep, ... oscilloscope: auto set-up function and X10 option pre-trigger function readouts: True RMS, dBV, dBm, p to p, Duty cycle, Frequency persistence options: colour graded, variable and infinite transient recorder: automatic storage of data automatic recording for more than 1 year record and display of screens bode plotter: automated sync between oscilloscope and generator logarithmic scale option Volt or dB display scale phase plot option spectrum analyser: linear or logarithmic timescale operating principle: FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) FFT input channel: CH1 or CH2 zoom function in the box: getting started manual USB PC Scope+generator unit USB cable Specifications general: markers for: amplitude/voltage and frequency/time input coupling: DC, AC and GND supply from USB port (500mA) dimensions: 100 x 100 x 35mm / 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.4" function generator: amplitude range: 200mVpp to 8Vpp @ 1KHz// no load vertical resolution: 8 bits square wave rise/fall time: 0.3µs sample rate: 25MHz typical sine wave distortion (THD): output impedance: 50ohm frequency range: from 0.5Hz to 500KHz (sine 1MHz) oscilloscope: bandwidth: two channels DC to 12 MHz ±3dB input impedance: 1 Mohm / 30pF maximum input voltage: 30V (AC + DC) time base: 0.1µs to 500ms per division input range: 10mV to 3V/division input sensitivity: 0.3mV display resolution record length: 4K samples / channel sampling frequency: 250Hz to 25MHz transient recorder: timescale: 20ms/Div to 2000s/Div max record time: 9.4hour/screen max. number of samples: 100/s min. number of samples: 1 sample/20s bode Plotter: voltage range: 10mV, 30mV, 0.1V, 0.3V, 1V, 3V frequency range: 1KHz , 10KHz, 100KHz, 500KHz Frequncy start: 1Hz,10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz spectrum analyser: frequency range: 0 .. 120Hz to 12MHz FFT resolution: 2048 lines minimum system requirements: IBM compatible PC Windows XP, Vista, 7 * SVGA display card (min.1024 x 768) mouse free USB port 1.1 or 2.0
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  • XMEGA Xprotolab

      XMEGA Xprotolab
    When you think about a piece of equipment like a mixed signal oscilloscope you usually think of, well, a piece of equipment. What you probably don't imagine is a DIP package. The XMEGA Xprotolab is exactly that: The first ever mixed signal oscilloscope, logic analyzer and arbitrary waveform generator in a DIP module. At only 1 x 1.6 inches, this oscilloscope can be plugged directly into a breadboard. The on-board graphic OLED matrix can display waveforms, measurements and menu systems. You can also connect it to your PC and use Gabotronics' XScopes software to control the device and view waveforms. The scope itself obviously allows simultaneous sampling of analog and digital signals but also has several advanced trigger modes, XY mode for plotting Lissajous patterns, phase differences or V/I curves, Spectrum Analyzer with different windowing options and even an arbitrary waveform generator with sweep on all parameters. The awesome functionality-to-size ratio is due, in part, to the ATXMEGA32A4U microcontroller on board. We can hear you thinking, "This board has an ATXMEGA32A4U, an OLED display and USB interface? Scope or no scope, this would be a great development board!" Well Gabotronics had the same thought and installed a USB bootloader so there's no need for specialized programming tools! Dimensions: 1.615" x 1.01" Features: ATXMEGA32A4U Development Board ATXMEGA32A4U 36KB Flash, 4KB SRAM, 1KB EEPROM Graphic OLED display 0.96", 128x64 pixels PDI interface 4 tactile switches USB connectivity Logic Analyzer 8 Digital Inputs, 3.3V level Maximum sampling rate: 2MSPS Frequency counter: 12Mhz Protocol Sniffer: UART, I2C, SPI Internal pull up or pull down. Buffer size: 256 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 2 Analog Inputs Maximum Sampling rate: 2MSPS Analog Bandwidth: 200kHz Resolution: 8bits Input Impedance: 1MO Buffer size per channel: 256 Input Voltage Range: -14V to +20V Arbitrary Waveform Generator 1 Analog Output Maximum conversion rate: 1MSPS Analog Bandwidth: 44.1kHz Resolution: 8bits Output current > +/- 7mA Buffer size: 256 Output Voltage: +/- 2V
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