Optoelectronic components

Opto electronics is a name for components which convert electric current to light, or light to electric current. The simplest kinds are LEDs and photo resistors (LDRs), which give and react to light, respectively.

Examples of more advanced opto electronics are camera modules and displays.

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Featured products

  LED red 3 mm low current 2mA TLLR4401
1 - $0.36
10 - $0.33
100 - $0.22
  LED White 10mm 3.3V 9000mcd Clear 25deg
Vit lysdiod med klar lins. * Modell: A-Bright AL-103W3C * Framspänning: 3.2 - 3.5V * Ström: 20mA (max 30mA) * Intensitet: 5800mcd (min) / 7000mcd (typ) * Spridningsvinkel: 25°
1 - $1.45
10 - $1.30
25 - $1.08
100 - $0.87
  LED yellow 5 mm flat 1500mcd
1 - $0.27
10 - $0.24
25 - $0.20
100 - $0.16
500 - $0.14
  NSL-32 opto coupler LDR+LED
Optocoupler with resistive output. The optocoupler consists of an LED and an LDR (light dependent resistor). The resistance is high when the LED is dark and decreases linearly as the LED lights up. * Max current (LED): 40mA * Forward voltage (LED): 2.0V * Max voltage (LDR): 60V * Power dissipation (LDR): 50mW * Resistance (on/off): 500ohm / 500kohm * Rise time: 3.5ms * Fall time: 500ms
1 - $4.70
10 - $4.46
25 - $4.32
100 - $4.13
  DELink USB link
The DELink USB Link is the perfect compliment to our DELight Controller. Coupled with the DELink Software, you can design, test, and preview your lighting sequences with ease. Utilizing the easy-to-use USB bus, programming your DELight Controller is one click away! 1m USB cable included.
  Dot matrix LED CC 5x7 18mm hyper red
5 x 7 dots LED-display with common cathode. Manufacturer: Kingbright Model: TC07-11SRWA Color: Hyper red (660nm) Voltage: 1.85 - 2.5V
1 - $4.58
10 - $4.12
25 - $3.43
100 - $2.75
  Dot matrix LED CA 5x7 18mm green
5 x 7 dots LED-display with common anode. Manufacturer: Kingbright Model: TA07-11GWA Color: Green (565nm) Voltage: 2.2 - 2.5V
1 - $5.06
10 - $4.55
25 - $3.80
100 - $3.04
  LED strip RGB 5m addressable
These are bare addressable 5 meter long RGB LED strips that come packed with 60 WS2812s per meter. As these are bare LED strips that have no protective coating, your project won't be water proof but there is access to each WS2812 LED and each strip length can be easily modified. You will be able to control each LED RGB individually giving you the ability to create cool lighting effects for your car or perhaps under cabinet lighting in your kitchen!Note: These come in 5M segments on a reel. They are preterminated with 0.1" spaced 3-pin connectors as well as a 2 wire power connector, as shown in the pictures.
  Micro OLED 64x48px 0.66" SPI/I2C
The SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout Board breaks out a small monochrome, blue-on-black OLED. Its micro, but it still packs a punch the OLED display is crisp, and you can fit a deceivingly large amount of graphics on there. This breakout is perfect for adding graphics to your next Arduino project, displaying diagnostic information without resorting to serial output, and teaching a little game theory while creating a fun, Arduino-based video game. Most important of all, though, is the Micro OLED is easy to control over either an SPI or I2C interface. You may be asking yourself, Why does this board look so familiar? Yes, this is essentially a MicroView without the Arduino portion. We understand that sometimes you just need a breakout, an open door for you to explore the possibilities of a super small OLED screen. Speaking of, the screen on this breakout is only 64 pixels wide and 48 pixels tall, measuring 0.66" across. In total, the Micro OLED Breakout provides access to 16 of the OLEDs pins. Fortunately, though, youll only need about half of them to make the display work. The top row of pins (GND-CS) breaks out everything youd need to interface with the OLED over an SPI or I2C interface. The pins on the bottom (D7-vB) are mostly only used if you need to control the display over a parallel interface. This board operates at 3.3V with a current of 10mA (20mA max). Features: Operating Voltage: 3.3V Screen Size: 64x48 pixels (0.66" Across) Monochrome Blue-on-Black SPI or I2C Interface
  MOC3052M DIP-6 Opto coupler Triac
Opto couple with triac output for controlling mains connected 230V devices from micro controllers. The opto coupler contains an LED that controlls a triac without zero-crossing.
  Animated EL wire green 3m
EL wire, or electroluminescent wire, is a flexible wire coated in phosphor. Apply the appropriate voltage and it lights up! As this is a chasing EL wire you will see the glowing blue light seem to move across the length of itself as if it were flowing out the end, this feature provides you to add some really fantastic lighting effects to your next project! * Diameter: ø2.3mm * Length: 3m * Connector: JST-SM * Supply voltage: 80 - 110V * Frequency: 800Hz - 1200Hz * Intensity: 150cd/m2 * Working temperature: -10 to +40°C * Life span: 8000 hours