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In this category you can find enclosures, knobs, mounting accessories such as spacers, cable glands, and other things needed for housing electronics.

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  Aluminium enclosure die-cast IP65 G1201 171x121x55mm
Sealed aluminum enclosure for sensitive electronic assemblies. This enclosure provide effective EMI and RFI shielding. Designed according to IP65 of IEC529 and NEMA4 (dust- and hoseproof). The mounting holes and fixing screws for the lid are located outside the sealed area, which prevents moisture and dust from entering the enclosure. The thickness of the material is about 3mm, which makes the enclosure virtually indestructable. Bosses on the internal base and vertical slots allow the fixing of circuit boards both horizontally and vertically.
  Aluminium enclosure die-cast 26908PDLA 120x95x93mm
Rugged aluminium enclosure with a deep lid. Protects agains RMI/RFI, dust and splashing water. Outer dimensions: 120 x 95 x 93 mm Inner dimensions: 114 x 84 x 88 mm Note that the mounting holes are ~6mm in each corner.
  Aluminium enclosure extruded 1455K1201 120x78x43mm
Enclosure in 1.5 mm natural colored aluminum with removable lid and end panels. Inside the enclosure are mounting rails for circuit boards, see drawing for dimensions. Rubber feet and mounting screws are included.
  Locking washer M4
Taggig låsbricka M4
1 - 1.10
25 - 0.61
100 - 0.44
  Washer #6
Slät förzinkad bricka för skruvar med tummått. Innerdiameter: ø3.99mm Ytterdiameter: ø9.70mm
1 - 1.75
25 - 0.70
100 - 0.53
  Enclosure sloping grey 311x85x170mm
Pultlåda med försänt lock av aluminium, lådan har invändiga spår för kretskort.
  Spacer screw M4 20mm
Spacer screw with M4 thread. Spacer: 20mm Screw: 8mm
  Aluminium enclosure die-cast IP54 119x119x90mm
Apparatlåda i gjuten aluminium. Ger skyddsklass IP-54. Storlek: 119x119x90mm Typ: 1590V Fabrikat: Hammond
  Knob aluminium black ø25x15.5mm
This is really the fanciest, best feeling knob we've ever seen. Using this knob sort of reminded us of driving along the Amalfi coast in a perfectly restored '65 Porsche - meaning we really, really liked it. We hand selected the best knobs for your project in different sizes and varieties. This one's the Solid Machined Metal Knob - 1". It has a nice, weighted feel that spins easily and doesn't sacrifice versatility or comfort for durability. It feels solid, much more so than a knob with a plastic inside and metal shell. There's a grooved rubber band that fits in an indented section of the knob for easy grip and a clear white arrow on the top so you know where you're turning to or from. Best of all, we include a small set screw so this beautiful knob works on both our Potentiometers and Rotary Encoder making it incredibly useful whether you're rotating to a position with a potentiometer or you just want something that rotates all the way around. Total Diameter: 25mm / 1" Height: 15.5mm / 0.6" Weight: 16.3g 6mm diameter slot-hole 11mm keyway
  Spacer screw M2.5 20mm
Spacer screw with M2.5 thread. Spacer: 20mm Screw: 6mm
1 - 5.60
10 - 5.04
25 - 4.20
100 - 3.36
  Spacer hex M2 10mm
Hexagonal metal spacer with a threaded through hole. M2 thread. Length 10mm
1 - 3.00
10 - 2.70
25 - 2.25
100 - 1.80
  Cable tie 99mm x 2.5mm black 100pcs
100pcs black cable ties. UV resistent, suitable for outdoor use. Manufacturer: Panduit Length: 203mm Widrh: 2.5mm Thickness: 1.1mm Tensile strength: 80N Material: Polyamid 6.6 Temperature range: -40 to +85°C