MAX712CPE+ DIP-16 fast charger NiCd/NiMH 41004610
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The MAX712 fast-charge Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries from a DC source at least 1.5V higher than the maximum battery voltage. 1 to 16 series cells can be charged at rates up to 4C. A voltage-slope detecting analog-to-digital converter, timer, and temperature window comparator determine charge completion. The MAX712 are powered by the DC source via an on-board +5V shunt regulator. They draw a maximum of 5uA from the battery when not charging. A low-side current-sense resistor allows the battery charge current to be regulated while still supplying power to the batterys load.


* Fast-Charge NiMH or NiCd Batteries

* Voltage Slope, Temperature, and Timer Fast-Charge Cutoff

* Charge 1 to 16 Series Cells

* Supply Batterys Load While Charging (Linear Mode)

* Fast Charge from C/4 to 4C Rate

* C/16 Trickle-Charge Rate

* Automatically Switch from Fast to Trickle Charge

* Linear Mode Power Control

* 5uA (max) Drain on Battery when Not Charging

* 5V Shunt Regulator Powers External Logic


* Battery-Powered Equipment

- Laptop, Notebook, and Palmtop Computers

- Handy-Terminals

- Cellular Phones

* Portable Consumer Products

- Portable Stereos

- Cordless Phone

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