Lens Horn Antenna 10GHz ø500mm 1782BCES-AA

Part.no: 41012709
Type no: 1782BCES-AA
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Lens Horn Antenna for 10GHz microwave

Manufacturer: Flann Microwave

Type: 1782BCES-AA

Freq.range: 10.1 - 10.6GHz

Noominal gain: 33.5dBi

Beam width: 3.5° e-plan, 4° h-plan

VSWR: max 1.5

Diameter: ø500mm

Special WG17 weatherproofed lens horn antenna

Brackets to mount in either vertical or horizontal position

Flange detail PBR120 compatible

Paint finish gloss white

Net weight 22.5kg

For shipping outside Sweden the transport cost will be quoted individually.

Surplus lot. Minor scratches may occur.

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