Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits, or ICs, are circuits where certain logical or analog functions have been created by combining many transistors on a single die, resulting in a much more compact solution than one would get by using discrete transistors.

There are two main types of pagage for integrated circuits: through hole (DIP-) and surface mount (SO-). Most circuits are available in both kinds of package.

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  LM317T TO-220 adjustable voltage regulator
Variabel spänningsregulator
1 - $0.63
10 - $0.50
50 - $0.38
250 - $0.31
  CA3140E DIP-8 single op-amp
4.5MHz, BiMOS Operational Ampli?er with MOSFET Input/Bipolar Output The CA3140 is an integrated circuit operational amplifier that combines the advantages of high voltage PMOS transistors with high voltage bipolar transistors on a single monolithic chip. The CA3140 BiMOS operational amplifier features gate protected MOSFET (PMOS) transistors in the input circuit to provide very high input impedance, very low input current, and high speed performance. The CA3140 operates at supply voltage from 4V to 36V (either single or dual supply). These operational amplifiers are internally phase compensated to achieve stable operation in unity gain follower operation, and additionally, have access terminal for a supplementary external capacitor if additional frequency roll-off is desired. Terminals are also provided for use in applications requiring input offset voltage nulling. The use of PMOS field effect transistors in the input stage results in common mode input voltage capability down to 0.5V below the negative supply terminal, an important attribute for single supply applications. The output stage uses bipolar transistors and includes built-in protection against damage from load terminal short circuiting to either supply rail or to ground. Features * MOSFET Input Stage - Very High Input Impedance (Zin) -1.5TOhm (Typ) - Very Low Input Current (Iin) -10pA (Typ) at +/-15V - Wide Common Mode Input Voltage Range (VlCR) - Can be Swung 0.5V Below Negative Supply Voltage Rail - Output Swing Complements Input Common Mode Range * Directly Replaces Industry Type 741 in Most Applications Applications * Ground-Referenced Single Supply Ampli?ers in Automobile and Portable Instrumentation * Sample and Hold Ampli?ers * Long Duration Timers/Multivibrators (useconds-Minutes-Hours) * Photocurrent Instrumentation * Peak Detectors * Active Filters * Comparators * Interface in 5V TTL Systems and Other Low Supply Voltage Systems * All Standard Operational Ampli?er Applications * Function Generators * Tone Controls * Power Supplies * Portable Instruments * Intrusion Alarm Systems
1 - $2.29
10 - $2.06
25 - $1.72
100 - $1.37
  PIC16F876A-20/SP DIL
8-bit Microcontroller based on the PIC RISC architecture. Max CPU operating frequency: 20MHz Flash: 8k words RAM: 368B EEPROM: 256B Features * Pinout compatible to other 28-pin PIC16CXXX and PIC16FXXX microcontrollers * Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit prescaler * Timer1: 16-bit timer/counter with prescaler, can be incremented during Sleep via external crystal/clock * Timer2: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit period register, prescaler and postscaler * Two Capture, Compare, PWM modules - Capture is 16-bit, max. resolution is 12.5 ns - Compare is 16-bit, max. resolution is 200 ns - PWM max. resolution is 10-bit * Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) with SPI (Master mode) and I2C (Master/Slave) * Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (USART/SCI) with 9-bit address detection * Brown-out detection circuitry for Brown-out Reset (BOR) * 10-bit, 5-channel Analog-to-Digital Converter (A/D) * Brown-out Reset (BOR) * Analog Comparator module with: - Two analog comparators - Programmable on-chip voltage reference (VREF) module - Programmable input multiplexing from device inputs and internal voltage reference - Comparator outputs are externally accessible * Self-reprogrammable under software control * In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) via two pins * Single-supply 5V In-Circuit Serial Programming * Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation * Programmable code protection * Power saving Sleep mode * Selectable oscillator options * In-Circuit Debug (ICD) via two pins
  TDA4060 DIP-8 IR receiver pre-amp
IR pre-amplifier The TDA4060 is a pre-amplifier suitable for use in radio, TV, automotive and other electronics systems where infrared signal transmission is utilized. Features * Low voltage operation * Wide operating frequency * Few external components * Operating range: - Supply voltage: 3.5 - 6.5V - Ambient temp.: -40 - +110C - Input freq.: 20 - 200kHz
  LM358AN DIL-8 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier This circuit consists of two independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. The low power supply drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage. Application areas include transducer amplifiers, dc gain blocks and all the conventional op-amp circuits which now can be more easily implemented in single power supply systems. For example, these circuits can be directly supplied with the standard +5V which is used in logic systems and will easily provide the required interface electronics without requiring any additional power supply. In the linear mode the input common-mode voltage range includes ground and the output voltage can also swing to ground, even though operated from only a single power supply voltage. Features * Internally frequency compensated * Large DC voltage gain: 100dB * Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1.1MHz (temperature compensated) * Very low supply current/amplifier (500uA) essentially independent of supply voltage * Low input bias current: 20nA (temperature compensated) * Low input offset voltage: 2mV * Low input offset current: 2nA * Input common-mode voltage range include ground * Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage * Large output voltage swing 0V to (Vcc - 1.5V)
1 - $1.08
10 - $0.98
25 - $0.81
100 - $0.65
  LT1129CQ 5-DD voltage regulator adjustable 0.7A
1 - $6.97
10 - $6.28
25 - $5.23
  L293D DIP-16 Drivers Push-Pull 4-ch
QUADRUPLE HALF-H DRIVERS The L293D is a quadruple high-current half-H driver. The L293D is designed to provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600-mA at voltages from 4.5 V to 36 V. It can drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, dc and bipolar stepping motors, as well as other high-current/high-voltage loads in positive-supply applications. Features * Wide Supply-Voltage Range: 4.5V to 36V * Separate Input-Logic Supply * Internal ESD Protection * Thermal Shutdown * High-Noise-Immunity Inputs * Functionally Similar to SGS L293D * Output Current 600mA Per Channel * Peak Output Current 1.2A Per Channel * Output Clamp Diodes for Inductive Transient Suppression
1 - $4.70
10 - $4.23
25 - $3.52
  L7805CD D2PAK voltage regulator 5V 1A
Voltage regulator in D²PAK-package. Short circuit and thermal overload protected. Output voltage: +5V Max. output current: 1000mA
1 - $0.80
10 - $0.72
25 - $0.60
100 - $0.48
  LM2937ET-5.0 TO-220 voltage regulator low-dropout 5V
1 - $2.29
10 - $2.06
25 - $1.72
  SA5200D SO-8 RF-gain block dual
The SA5200 is a dual amplifier with DC to 1200MHz response. Low noise (NF = 3.6dB) makes this part ideal for RF front-ends, and a simple power-down mode saves current for battery operated equipment. Inputs and outputs are matched to 50?. The enable pin allows the designer the ability to turn the amplifiers on or off, allowing the part to act as an amplifier as well as an attenuator. This is very useful for front-end buffering in receiver applications. (industrial surplus / restparti)
  16C550 PLCC-44 UART (restparti)
UART med 16-byte FIFO Vanligen använd i PC Fabrikat: Exar Restparti (ej RoHS)