Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits, or ICs, are circuits where certain logical or analog functions have been created by combining many transistors on a single die, resulting in a much more compact solution than one would get by using discrete transistors.

There are two main types of pagage for integrated circuits: through hole (DIP-) and surface mount (SO-). Most circuits are available in both kinds of package.

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  74HCT32 DIP
1 - $0.36
10 - $0.33
25 - $0.27
100 - $0.22
  OP27GP DIP-8 single op-amp low noise
Low-Noise, Precision Operational Amplifier The OP27 precision operational amplifier combines the low offset and drift of the OP07 with both high speed and low noise. Offsets down to 25mV and maximum drift of 0.6mV/°C, makes the OP27 ideal for precision instrumentation applications. Exceptionally low noise, en = 3.5nV/vHz, at 10Hz, a low 1/f noise corner frequency of 2.7Hz, and high gain (1.8 million), allow accurate high-gain amplification of low-level signals. A gain-bandwidth product of 8MHz and a 2.8V/ms slew rate provides excellent dynamic accuracy in high-speed, dataacquisition systems. A low input bias current of +/-10nA is achieved by use of a bias-current-cancellation circuit. Over the military temperature range, this circuit typically holds IB and IOS to +/-20nA and 15nA, respectively. The output stage has good load driving capability. A guaranteed swing of +/-10V into 600W and low output distortion make the OP27 an excellent choice for professional audio applications. Features * Low Noise: 80nV p-p (0.1Hz to 10Hz), 3nV/vHz * Low Drift: 0.2uV/°C * High Speed: 2.8V/us Slew Rate, 8MHz Gain Bandwidth * Low Vos: 10 uV * Excellent CMRR: 126dB at Vcm of +/-11 V * High Open-Loop Gain: 1.8 Million * Fits 725, OP07, 5534A Sockets
1 - $4.40
10 - $3.96
25 - $3.30
  ASK-1+ Frequency mixer 1-600 MHz
A mixer in 6-pin package
1 - $22.77
10 - $20.49
25 - $17.08
  NE555D SO-8 Timer
Extremly flexible timer/oscillator. Can be used to delay signals, measure time or as an oscillator/clock generator. Can be configured to operate in either astabile or monostabile mode, meaning that it can oscillate continously or for a set time. The possible applications for this little circuit are infinite! Supply voltage: 4.5 - 18V Max. current output: 200mA Max. frequency: ~500kHz
1 - $0.42
10 - $0.38
25 - $0.32
100 - $0.25
  74HC541 SO
1 - $0.83
10 - $0.75
25 - $0.62
100 - $0.50
  LM2592HVSX-5.0 D2PAK Switch regulator 2A
1 - $4.34
10 - $3.91
25 - $3.26
  LP3855ET-3.3  TO-220 Voltage regulator LDO 1.5A 3.3V
General Description The LP3852/LP3855 series of fast ultra low-dropout linear regulators operate from a +2.5V to +7.0V input supply. Wide range of preset output voltage options are available. These ultra low dropout linear regulators respond very quickly to step changes in load, which makes them suitable for low voltage microprocessor applications. The LP3852/LP3855 are developed on a CMOS process which allows low quiescent current operation independent of output load current. This CMOS process also allows the LP3852/LP3855 to operate under extremely low dropout conditions. Dropout Voltage: Ultra low dropout voltage; typically 24mV at 150mA load current and 240mV at 1.5A load current. Ground Pin Current: Typically 4mA at 1.5A load current. Shutdown Mode: Typically 10nA quiescent current when the shutdown pin is pulled low. Error Flag: Error flag goes low when the output voltage drops 10% below nominal value. SENSE: Sense pin improves regulation at remote loads. Precision Output Voltage: Multiple output voltage options are available ranging from 1.8V to 5.0V with a guaranteed accuracy of ±1.5% at room temperature, and ±3.0% over all conditions (varying line, load, and temperature). Features n Ultra low dropout voltage n Stable with selected ceramic capacitors n Low ground pin current n Load regulation of 0.06% n 10nA quiescent current in shutdown mode n Guaranteed output current of 1.5A DC n Available in TO-263, TO-220 and SOT-223 packages n Output voltage accuracy ± 1.5% n Error flag indicates output status n Sense option improves load regulation n Overtemperature/overcurrent protection n -40°C to +125°C junction temperature range Applications n Microprocessor power supplies n GTL, GTL+, BTL, and SSTL bus terminators n Power supplies for DSPs n SCSI terminator n Post regulators n High efficiency linear regulators n Battery chargers n Other battery powered applications
1 - $5.85
10 - $5.26
25 - $4.56
  74HC573 SO-20W octal latch
1 - $0.48
10 - $0.43
25 - $0.36
100 - $0.29
  IXDD614YI TO263-5 Low Side Driver 14A
The IXDD614 high-speed gate driver is especially well suited for driving the latest IXYS MOSFETs and IGBTs. Each output can source and sink 14A of peak current while producing voltage rise and fall times of less than 30ns. Internal circuitry eliminates cross-conduction and current "shoot-through," making the driver virtually immune to latch up. Low propagation delay with fast rise and fall times make the IXD_614 family ideal for high-frequency and high-power applications. Features: * 14A Peak Source/Sink Drive Current * Wide Operating Voltage Range: 4.5V to 35V * -40°C to +125°C Extended Operating Temperature Range * Logic Input Withstands Negative Swing of up to 5V * Low Propagation Delay Time * Low, 10µA Supply Current * Low Output Impedance Applications: * Efficient Power MOSFET and IGBT Switching * Switch Mode Power Supplies * Motor Controls * DC to DC Converters * Class-D Switching Amplifiers * Pulse Transformer Driver