Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits

Integrerade kretsar ("IC-kretsar") är kretsar där en viss logisk eller analog funktion realiserats genom att kombinera ett antal transistorer på samma kiselbricka. Detta gör att samma funktion kan realiseras på mindre yta än om den realiserats med diskreta transistorer.

Det finns huvudsakligen två typer av kapsling för integrerade kretsar; hålmonterade (DIP-) och ytmonterade (SO-). De flesta kretsar finns i både hålmonterat och ytmonterat utförande.

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  L6202 DIP-18 DMOS Full bridge driver
DMOS Full Bridge Driver The L6202 is a full bridge driver for motor control applications realized in Multipower-BCD technology which combines isolated DMOS power transistors with CMOS and Bipolar circuits on the same chip. By using mixed technology it has been possible to optimize the logic circuitry and the power stage to achieve the best possible performance. The DMOS output transistors can operate at supply voltages up to 42V and efficiently at high switching speeds. All the logic inputs are TTL, CMOS and uC compatible. Each channel (half-bridge) of the device is controlled by a separate logic input, while a common enable controls both channels. Features * Supply voltage up to 48V * 5A Max peak current * Total RMS current up to 1.5A * RDS (ON) 0.3 ? (typical value at 25 °C) * Cross conduction protection * TTL compatible drive * Operating frequency up to 100 kHz * Thermal shutdown * Internal logic supply * High efficiency
  LM337T TO-220 Adjustable voltage regulator negative
1 - $1.05
10 - $0.95
50 - $0.71
  4023B SOIC Triple 3-Input NAND Gate
1 - $0.53
10 - $0.47
25 - $0.40
100 - $0.32
  14538B DIP Dual Precision Monostable Multivibrator
The MC14538B is a dual, retriggerable, resettable monostable multivibrator in DIP-16-package. It may be triggered from either edge of an input pulse, and produces an accurate output pulse over a wide range of widths, the duration and accuracy of which are determined by the external timing components, CX and RX. Supply voltage: 3-18 V
1 - $0.90
10 - $0.81
25 - $0.68
100 - $0.54
  74HC379N DIP
  74HCT373D SOIC
  74HCT244 SOIC
  24LC64-I/P DIP-8 EEPROM 64kbit I2C
24LC64 is a 64 Kbit Electrically Erasable PROM. The device is organized as a single block of 8K x 8-bit memory with a 2-wire serial interface. Low-voltage design permits operation down to 1.7V, with standby and active currents of only 1µA and 1 mA, respectively. It has been developed for advanced, lowpower applications such as personal communications or data acquisition. The 24LC64 also has a page write capability for up to 32 bytes of data. Functional address lines allow up to eight devices on the same bus, for up to 512 Kbits address space. * Single-supply with operation down to 2.5V for 24LC64 devices * Low-power CMOS technology: - Active current 1 mA, typical - Standby current 1µA, typical * 2-wire serial interface, I2C compatible * Schmitt Trigger inputs for noise suppression * Output slope control to eliminate ground bounce * 100 kHz and 400 kHz clock compatibility * 1 MHz clock for FC versions * Page write time 5 ms, typical * Self-timed erase/write cycle * 32-byte page write buffer * Hardware write-protect * ESD protection > 4,000V * More than 1 million erase/write cycles * Data retention > 200 years
  CLC5523IM SO-8 low-power varaible gain amplifier
Low power: 135mW 250MHz, -3dB bandwidth Slew rate: 1800V/µs Gain flatness: 0.2d @ 75MHz Rise & fall times: 2.0ns Low input voltage noise: 4nV/
1 - $8.47
10 - $8.47
25 - $6.35
  MC3403PG DIP-14 quad op-amp
Single Supply Quad Operational Amplifier The MC3403 is a low cost, quad operational amplifier with true differential inputs. The device has electrical characteristics similar to the popular MC1741C. However, the MC3403 has several distinct advantages over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. The quad amplifier can operate at supply voltages as low as 3.0 V or as high as 36 V with quiescent currents about one third of those associated with the MC1741C (on a per amplifier basis). The common mode input range includes the negative supply, thereby eliminating the necessity for external biasing components in many applications. The output voltage range also includes the negative power supply voltage. Features * Short Circuit Protected Outputs * Class AB Output Stage for Minimal Crossover Distortion * True Differential Input Stage * Single Supply Operation: 3.0V to 36V * Split Supply Operation: +/-1.5 V to +/-18 V * Low Input Bias Currents: 500nA Max * Four Amplifiers Per Package * Internally Compensated * Similar Performance to Popular MC1741C * Industry Standard Pin-outs * ESD Diodes Added for Increased Ruggedness * Pb-Free Packages are Available
1 - $1.20
10 - $1.08
25 - $0.90
100 - $0.72
  REF01C DIP-8 10V reference
Tillverkare: Maxim Modell: REF01CP
1 - $1.45
10 - $1.30
50 - $0.87
100 - $0.48