Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits

Integrerade kretsar ("IC-kretsar") är kretsar där en viss logisk eller analog funktion realiserats genom att kombinera ett antal transistorer på samma kiselbricka. Detta gör att samma funktion kan realiseras på mindre yta än om den realiserats med diskreta transistorer.

Det finns huvudsakligen två typer av kapsling för integrerade kretsar; hålmonterade (DIP-) och ytmonterade (SO-). De flesta kretsar finns i både hålmonterat och ytmonterat utförande.

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  40110B DIP-16 Decade Up-Down Counter/Latch/Display Driver
40110B is a 10-step up/down counter with seven-segment decoder in DIP-16-package. It can be used to drive LEDs, small incandescent lights or other small loads. Supply voltage: 3-18 V
1 - $4.22
10 - $3.80
25 - $3.16
100 - $2.53
  TL082CP DIL8 dual op-amp
JFET-Input Dual Operational Amplifier The TL08x JFET-input operational amplifier family is designed to offer a wider selection than any previously developed operational amplifier family. Each of these JFET-input operational amplifiers incorporates well-matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The devices feature high slew rates, low input bias and offset currents, and low offset-voltage temperature coefficient. Offset adjustment and external compensation options are available within the TL08x family. The C-suffix devices are characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C. Features * Low Power Consumption * Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges * Low Input Bias and Offset Currents * Output Short-Circuit Protection * Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% typ. * High Input Impedance: JFET-Input Stage * Latch-Up-Free Operation * High Slew Rate: 13V/us Typ * Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Vcc+
1 - $0.98
10 - $0.88
25 - $0.73
100 - $0.49
  4007UB SOIC Dual Complementary Pair Plus Inverter
Two N-channel and two P-channel MOS-transistors, plus one inverter, in SOIC-14 package. Supply voltage: 3-18V
1 - $0.53
10 - $0.47
25 - $0.40
100 - $0.32
  4056B SOIC BCD To 7-Segment LCD Decoder/Driver with Strobed-
1 - $0.68
10 - $0.61
25 - $0.51
100 - $0.41
  74HC393N DIP
  AD9833BRM MSOP-10 Programmable waveform generator
Low Power 20mW 2.3V to 5.5V Programmable Waveform Generator The AD9833 is a low power programmable waveform generator capable of producing sine, triangular, and square wave outputs. Waveform generation is required in various types of sensing, actuation, and time domain reflectometry applications. The output frequency and phase are software programmable, allowing easy tuning. No external components are needed. The frequency registers are 28 bits; with a 25 MHz clock rate, resolution of 0.1 Hz can be achieved. Similarly, with a 1 MHz clock rate, the AD9833 can be tuned to 0.004 Hz resolution. The AD9833 is written to via a 3-wire serial interface. This serial interface operates at clock rates up to 40 MHz and is compatible with DSP and microcontroller standards. The device operates with a power supply from 2.3 V to 5.5 V. The AD9833 has a power-down function (SLEEP). This allows sections of the device that are not being used to be powered down, thus minimizing the current consumption of the part, e.g., the DAC can be powered down when a clock output is being generated. Features * Digitally Programmable Frequency and Phase * 20mW Power Consumption at 3V * 0MHz to 12.5MHz Output Frequency Range * 28-Bit Resolution (0.1Hz @ 25MHz Ref Clock) * Sinusoidal/Triangular/Square Wave Outputs * 2.3V to 5.5V Power Supply * No External Components Required * 3-Wire SPI Interface * Extended Temperature Range: 40C to +105C * Power-Down Option Applicaitons * Frequency Stimulus/Waveform Generation * Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement * Sensory ApplicationsProximity, Motion, and * Defect Detection * Line Loss/Attenuation * Test and Medical Equipment * Sweep/Clock Generators * TDR
1 - $11.69
10 - $10.52
  TL071CD SO-8 op-amp
Low noise JFET single operational amplifier The TL071 is a high-speed JFET input single operational amplifier. This JFET input operational amplifier incorporates well matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The device features high slew rates, low input bias and offset currents, and low offset voltage temperature coefficient. Features * Wide common-mode (up to Vcc+) and differential voltage range * Low input bias and offset current * Low noise en = 15nV/vHz (typ) * Output short-circuit protection * High input impedance JFET input stage * Low harmonic distortion: 0.01% (typ) * Internal frequency compensation * Latch-up free operation * High slew rate: 16V/us (typ)
1 - $0.96
10 - $0.87
25 - $0.72
  4097BE DIP-24 Differential 8ch analog multiplexer/dem
1 - $3.86
10 - $3.47
25 - $2.89
  AD781JNZ DIP-8 Op-amp sample-hold
FEATURES Acquisition Time to 0.01%: 700 ns Maximum Low Power Dissipation: 95 mW Low Droop Rate: 0.01 mV/ms Fully Specified and Tested Hold Mode Distortion Total Harmonic Distortion: 80 dB Maximum Aperture Jitter: 75 ps Maximum Internal Hold Capacitor Self-Correcting Architecture 8-Pin Mini Cerdip and Plastic Package MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The AD781 is a high speed monolithic sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA). The AD781 guarantees a maximum acquisition time of 700 ns to 0.01% over temperature. The AD781 is specified and tested for hold mode total harmonic distortion and hold mode signal-to-noise and distortion. The AD781 is configured as a unity gain amplifier and uses a self-correcting architecture that minimizes hold mode errors and insures accuracy over temperature. The AD781 is self-contained and requires no external components or adjustments. The low power dissipation, 8-pin mini-DIP package and completeness make the AD781 ideal for highly compact board layouts. The AD781 will acquire a full-scale input in less than 700 ns and retain the held value with a droop rate of 0.01 mV/ms. Excellent linearity and hold mode dc and dynamic performance make the AD781 ideal for 12- and 14-bit high speed analogto- digital converters. The AD781 is manufactured on Analog Devices BiMOS process which merges high performance, low noise bipolar circuitry with low power CMOS to provide an accurate, high speed, low power SHA. The AD781 is specified for three temperature ranges. The J grade device is specified for operation from 0°C to +70°C, the A grade from 40°C to +85°C and the S grade from 55°C to +125°C. The J and A grades are available in 8-pin plastic DIP packages. The S grade is available in an 8-pin cerdip package.
  ATtiny461V-10SU SO-20 MCU 8-bit 4kB 256B 256B
Microcontroller based on the AVR RISC architecture. Max CPU operating frequency: 10MHz Flash: 4kB RAM: 256B EEPROM: 256B Features * 8/16-bit Timer/Counter with Prescaler * 8/10-bit High Speed Timer/Counter with Separate Prescaler * 3 High Frequency PWM Outputs with Separate Output Compare Registers * Programmable Dead Time Generator * 10-bit ADC * 11 Single-Ended Channels * 16 Differential ADC Channel Pairs * 15 Differential ADC Channel Pairs with Programmable Gain (1x, 8x, 20x, 32x) * On-chip Analog Comparator * Programmable Watchdog Timer with Separate On-chip Oscillator * Universal Serial Interface with Start Condition Detector
1 - $4.70
10 - $4.23
25 - $3.52
  MCP73831T-2ACI/OT SOT-23-5 LiPo charger 4.2V
Li-Polymer battery charger controller in SOT-23-package. Charges batteries from a USB-port (for example) with very few supporting components!
1 - $0.80
10 - $0.72
25 - $0.60
  TDA7052AT SO-8 Audio amplifier Class-AB 1W
1 - $1.81
10 - $1.63
25 - $1.36
100 - $1.08