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  Choke 0.39µH
Axial through-hole inductor. * Inductance: 0.39uH (±10%) * Rated current: 350mA * DC resistance: 0.51ohm * Self-resonant frequency: 150MHz * Q-factor (min): 35 * Dimensions: ø4 x 10mm
  Toroid Choke  100µHDC 365µHAC 84mohm 2.5A
Imax: 2.5A L @ 2.5A: 100µH (±20%) L @ 0A: 140µH (±20%) DC resistance: 0.084 ohm turns: 43T dimensions : A: 27.5mm B: 15mm (±3mm) D: 13mm E: 0.65mm (±0.05mm) F: 1.5mm operating temperature: -20°C to 80°C
  Toroid Choke 50µHDC 200µHAC 16mohm 10A
Imax: 10A L @ 10A: 50µH (±20%) L @ 0A: 95µH (±20%) DC resistance: 0.016 ohm turns: 28T dimensions: A: 41mm B: 15mm (±3mm) D: 18mm E: 1.5mm (±0.05mm) F: 1.5mm operating temperature: -20°C to 80°C
  GHM-13 motor w. gear - 12vdc 50:1 152rpm (6mm axle)
Voltage = 12vdc RPM = 152 Reduction = 50:1 Stall Torque = 231.5 oz-in (16.7 kg-cm) Outside Diameter = 37mm
  DC-motor 12V 180mA 11500rpm
DC motor for 6 - 14V with 2.3mm shaft Speed: 11500rpm (unloaded) - 8768rpm (max load) Current: 0.18A (unloaded) - 0.726A (max load) Torque: 62.5g-cm Stall torque: 307.8g-cm Dimensions: ø27.9 x 32.6mm (51mm) Shaft: ø2.3 x 8.9mm
1 - 33.00
10 - 29.70
25 - 24.75
  Hobby Motor 1-3V with gear
Simple DC-motor with operating voltage range of 1 to 3V. This motor can spin light things very fast. Unloaded, the motor will spin at 6600rpm (at 1V, 0.11A). The output shaft has a 10 tooth, 6mm gear attached for driving things. Motor has power supply wires with pins for easy experimenting. Shaft: ø2mm Weight: 26g
  Drossel SDR1006 22uH 20% 1.95A
Effektdrossel för kretskort. Ytmonterad kapsel ø9.8mm. Tillverkare: Bourns Typbeteckning: SDR1006-220ML
1 - 6.00
10 - 4.50
100 - 3.00
  Choke 1.5mH 1.4ohm radial
Through-hole inductor from Panasonic. * Dimensions: ø13 x 18.5mm * Pitch: 7mm * Inductance: 1500µH (±10%) * DC-resistance: 1.4ohm * DC-current: 360mA * Manufacturer: Panasonic * ELC12E152L
1 - 20.00
10 - 18.00
25 - 15.00
  Solenoid valve 12V 1/2" brass
Control the flow of fluid using the flow of electrons! Normally, the valve is closed. When 12VDC is applied to the two terminals, the valve opens and water can push through. Unlike the other magnetic valves we carry, this one has no minimum pressure requirement and works with gravity fed and pump-less systems. This valve also allows fluid to flow in both directions through the valve. Normal working voltage is 12V DC, but operates all the way down to about 6V. * Connections: 1/2" NPS * Pressure range: 0Mpa - 1.0Mpa * Working temperature: -5°C to +80°C * Weight: 771g * Dimensions: 105 x 55 x 65mm Current draw: 6V: 1.6A 7V: 1.8A 8V: 2.0A 9V 2.3A 10V :2.5A 11V :2.7A 12V :3.0A
  Input board for DC motor - A-type
The Gearmotor Power Connector Boards add versatility to any gearmotor. These boards simply slide over the motor terminals and solder in place. The pre-installed .100 spacing row pins allow plug-and-play connectivity to several different plug styles (JST, Rx battery connector, male servo connector). The plug-in makes switching polarity, swapping motors and reconfiguring your robot without firing up the soldering iron quick and easy. Each board has multiple holes which can be utilized to run additional wires to the motor or to daisy-chain multiple motors. Sold with 90 degree header pins pre-soldered to the board. Designed for use with either our Standard Spur Gear Motors.