Satisfied customers make a business survive. That’s why we at Electrokit want you be a satisfied customer. It is important to us.

But we need your help, so please make sure you:

Read the purchase information on the page
Read the available product information
Keep in mind that most of our products are aimed at technically skilled people, and people who like to experiment and learn
Keep in mind that most documentation is only available in English
Make sure you give us correct name and address information
Ask any questions before you place your order
If you do not understand the information, or find it incomplete, we advise you to refrain from purchasing

Even if we both have the ambition to be satisified there will be situations where the result is not what either of us expected. We are all human beings who can make mistakes for a number of reasons. We do always take our responsibility and offer to correct our mistake if possible, or to take back the product.

We treat our customers respectfully – and we expect our customers to treat us with the same respect.