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  ACS756SCA-50B-PFF-T 5-pin hall effect sensor
The Allegro ACS756 family of current sensor ICs provides economical and precise solutions for AC or DC current sensing in industrial, automotive, commercial, and communications systems. The device package allows for easy implementation by the customer. Typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, power supplies, and overcurrent fault protection. Features and Benefits ? Industry-leading noise performance through proprietary amplifier and filter design techniques ? Total output error 0.8% at TA = 25°C ? Small package size, with easy mounting capability ? Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability ? Ultra-low power loss: 130 µO internal conductor resistance ? 3 kVRMS minimum isolation voltage from pins 1-3 to pins 4-5 ? 3.0 to 5.0 V, single supply operation ? 3 µs output rise time in response to step input current ? 20 or 40 mV/A output sensitivity ? Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents ? Factory-trimmed for accuracy ? Extremely stable output offset voltage ? Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis
1 - $13.25
10 - $11.93
25 - $9.94
  Gas sensor alcohol MQ-3
A simple-to-use alcohol concentration sensor. The MQ-7 has a high sensitivity and fast response time. The sensor's output is an analog resistance. The drive circuit is very simple; Just connect it to 5V, GND, and the output to an ADC via a resistor. Can be mounted on suitable breakout board 41004066. Dimensions: ø16.8mm x 9.3mm (without pins)
1 - $6.19
10 - $5.57
25 - $4.95
  Fingerprint Slide Scanner
This is a low-cost finger print scanner with a slide type sensor where the user slides their finger over the scanner. The ARA-ME-01 uses a simple serial interface that makes identifying users by their finger print fast and easy. This scanner is capable of gathering and storing unique finger prints. Simply hold your finger on the optical scanner, query the device over serial, and you will be issued a unique ID. Use that ID within your embedded system to determine access levels, time clocks, door locks, etc. Unit includes scanning element and control board. We are trying to get pigtail interface cables made but in the interim, you will need to create your own connection to the serial connector. Features: 9600bps TTL serial interface 5V@60mA supply 256*288 sensor resolution Memory for 120 fingerprints
  Ultrasonic Range Finder - Maxbotix HRLV-EZ4
These easy-to-use ultrasonic rangefinders from Maxbotix work the same way as the EZ line that you know and love, but this new high-resolution series features 1 millimeter resolution! As with the rest of the Maxbotix range finders, these sensors feature Analog Voltage, RS232 Serial, and Pulse Width outputs making them easy to interface with any microcontroller. These sensors have a maximum range of 5000 mm (195 inches) with virtually no dead zone (although objects closer than 30 cm will typically range as 30 cm). We're offering the EZ0, EZ1, and EZ4 with progressively narrower beam angles allowing the sensor to match the application. Please see beam width explanation below. Control up to 10 sensors with only two pins! Checkout the Maxbotix FAQ listed below. Features: 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor Operates from 2.5-5.5V Low 3.1mA average current requirement 10Hz reading rate Analog Voltage, RS232 or TTL Serial, and Pulse Width Small, light weight module
  SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer - 50mm
SoftPots are a series of extremely thin potentiometers that can be used as position sensors for robots or as a control surface (volume level input for example). The resistance changes linearly from 100ohms to 10kohm when any part of the track is pressed. If no part is pressed, the circuit is open and may need a pull-up/down resistor to prevent random or incorrect readings. All SoftPots have adhesive backing. Connector is 2.54mm spaced and fits breadboards. The headers are slightly too thin to fit well in female headers (regular IC-sockets work better). Length: 50mm Thickness: 0.5mm Power rating: 1W
1 - $9.52
10 - $8.57
  Reed switch 1p NO 0.5A MDSR-4
Tungelement 1-poligt. Kontakten sluts vid magnetisk påverkan Tillverkare: Hamlin Typbenämning: MDSR-4 Max spänning: 200VDC Max ström: 0.5A Känslighet: 12-38AT Total längd: 40,38mm Kropp längd: 15,24mm Kropp diameter: 2.3mm OBS! Klippning av anslutningarna kan skada komponenten, se information under fliken "filer".
1 - $1.69
10 - $1.52
25 - $1.27
  Reed switch 1p NO 0.5A FLEX-14
Tungelement 1-poligt med mjuka anslutningsben. Kontakten sluts vid magnetisk påverkan Tillverkare: Hamlin Typbenämning: FLEX-14 Max spänning: 200VDC Max ström: 0.5A Känslighet: 20AT Total längd: 44,3mm Kropp längd: 14mm Kropp diameter: 2.28mm OBS! Klippning av anslutningarna kan skada komponenten, se information under fliken "filer".
1 - $1.69
10 - $1.52
25 - $1.27
  PT-100 sensor
PT-100 givare med linjär karakteristik Rekomenderad ström vid mätning är kring 1mA Fabrikat: Jumo Typbenämning: 00089203 Mätområde: -70-400°C Mått(LxBxH): 10x2x1.3mm
  APDS-9960 RGB- och rörelsesensor
This is the SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor, a small breakout board with a built in APDS-9960 sensor that offers ambient light and color measuring, proximity detection, and touchless gesture sensing. With this RGB and Gesture Sensor you will be able to control a computer, microcontroller, robot, and more with a simple swipe of your hand! This is, in fact, the same sensor that the Samsung Galaxy S5 uses and is probably one of the best gesture sensors on the market for the price. The APDS-9960 is a serious little piece of hardware with built in UV and IR blocking filters, four separate diodes sensitive to different directions, and an I2C compatible interface. For your convenience we have broken out the following pins: VL (optional power to IR LED), GND (Ground), VCC (power to APDS-9960 sensor), SDA (I2C data), SCL (I2C clock), and INT (interrupt). Each APDS-9960 also has a detection range of 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm).
  Distance sensor digital output 2 - 10cm GP2Y0D810Z0F
If you're like me, you've always wanted a smaller and faster way to sense an object between 2 and 10 centimeters away. If you're really like me, you've wanted the sensor to come with a low current draw and on a tiny carrier board with all of the external components required to make it work. The Polulu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor fits those both needs and more. it's one of Sharp's fastest distance sensors - with a sample rate of almost 400 Hz and is an attractive alternative to short range phototransistors and longer range analog distance sensors. Output is high normally and low when the sensor detects an object. This sensor only tells if the object's nearby - not how near or far the sensor is - so they're great for break-beam, obstacle detection, and object counting. This sensor comes with a 3-pin male header and a 3-pin right-angle male header. You can connect these pins with a servo cable. The square pad is ground, middle is VIN, and the remaining pad is output. If you place a large capacitor (more than 10uF) between power and ground you should see an increase in performance. Dimensions: 22mm x 9mm x 10mm / 0.9" x 0.4" x 0.4" Weight: 1.3g Operating Voltage: 2.7 V to 6.2 V Average Current Consumption: 5 mA Distance Measuring Range: 20mm to 100mm / 0.8" to 3.9" Steady State Update Period: 2.56ms Sample Rate: ~400 Hz
  6 Degrees of Freedom - LSM6DS3 Breakout
The LSM6DS3 is a accelerometer and gyroscope sensor with a giant 8kb FIFO buffer and embedded processing interrupt functions, specifically targeted at the cellphone market. Due to the capabilities and low cost of the LSM6DS3 weve created this small breakout board just for you! Each LSM6DS3 Breakout has been designed to be super-flexible and can be configured specifically for many applications. With the LSM6DS3 Breakout you will be able to detect shocks, tilt, motion, taps, count steps, and even read the temperature!The LSM6DS3 is capable of reading accelerometer data up to 6.7kS/s and gyroscope data up to 1.7kS/s for more accurate movement sensing. As stated before this breakout also has the ability to buffer up to 8kB of data between reads, host other sensors, and drive interrupt pins all thanks to the LSM6DS3s built-in FIFO.Each pin has been broken out on the LSM6DS3, with one side of the board featuring power and I2C functionality while the other side sporting pins that control SPI functionality and interrupt outputs. Please keep in mind that the LSM6DS3 is a 3.3V device so supplying voltages greater than ~3.6V can permanently damage the IC. A logic level shifter is required for any development platform operating at 5V.Features:Power consumption: 0.9 mA in combo normal mode and 1.25 mA in combo high-performance mode up to 1.6 kHz.Always on experience with low power consumption for both accelerometer and gyroscopeSmart FIFO up to 8 kbyte based on features set±2/±4/±8/±16 g full scale±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps full scaleAnalog supply voltage: 1.71 V to 3.6 VSPI/I2C serial interface with main processor data synchronization featureEmbedded temperature sensor
  9DoF Razor IMU M0
The SparkFun 9DoF Razor IMU M0 combines a SAMD21 microprocessor with an MPU-9250 9DoF (9 Degrees of Freedom) sensor to create a tiny, reprogrammable, multipurpose IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). It can be programmed to monitor and log motion, transmit Euler angles over a serial port or even act as a step-counting pedometer. The 9DoF Razors MPU-9250 features three 3-axis sensorsan accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometerthat give it the ability to sense linear acceleration, angular rotation velocity and magnetic field vectors. The onboard microprocessor, Atmels SAMD21, is an Arduino-compatible, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller also featured on the Arduino Zero and SAMD21 Mini Breakout boards. In addition to a pair of ICs, the 9DoF Razor IMU includes a µSD card socket, LiPo battery charger, power-control switch, and a host of I/O breakouts for project expansion. It comes preprogrammed with example firmware and an Arduino-compatible bootloader, so you can customize the firmware and flash new code over a USB connection. Features: Integrated MPU-9250 IMU and SAMD21 microprocessor LiPo battery charger µSD card socket Preprogrammed example firmware that streams and/or logs: Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data and/or quaternions, and Euler angles Arduino-programmable via USB New MPU-9250 Arduino library with support for the chips digital motion processing capabilities Extra SAMD21 pins broken out System on/off switch