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Featured products

  Ultrasonic range finder LV-EZ1
Range finder based on ultrasonic sensor. EZ0, EZ1, EZ2, and EZ4 have differant beam angels please see "beam width explanation" file. - 42kHz ultraljudsensor - Arbetsspänning 2.5-5.5 Vdc - Låg strömförbrukning 2 mA - 20 mätningar per sekund (20Hz) - RS232 seriell utgång, 9600bps - Analog utgång, 10mV/tum - PWM utgång, 147uS/tum
  Tilt switch
Tilt switch med rullande kula Sluts vid lutning i en riktning Storlek: ø3.5x12.5mm exkl anslutningsben. Anslutningsben: ø0.6x10mm vardera
1 - $1.45
10 - $1.30
25 - $1.08
100 - $0.75
  RPI-1031 Tilt-a-Whirl Breakout
The RPI-1031 tilt sensor is capable of sensing a change in orientation in four different directions: forward, back, left or right. This breakout board makes it easier to incorporate the RPI-1031 in your next project by breaking the necessary pins out to standard 0.1" spaced headers. This board will work at either 3.3 or 5V.
  IMU Digital Combo Board - 6 DOF ITG3200/ADXL345
This is a simple breakout for the ADXL345 accelerometer and the ITG-3200 gyro. With this board, you get a full 6 degrees of freedom. The sensors communicate over I2C and one INT output pin from each sensor is broken out. If you need a simple and tiny board that gives you 6 degrees of freedom, this would be a good choice. Features: Tiny! Two mounting holes ADXL345 accelerometer ITG-3200 gyro 3.3V input I2C interface
  Passive electrodes for EKG/EMG Shield
PASIVE ELECTRODES FOR ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY ELECTROMIOGRAPHY SHIELD FOR DUINOMITE, PINGUINO, MAPLE, ARDUINO LIKE DEVELOPMENT BOARDS This is passive electrode for SHIELD-EKG-EMG shield which allow Arduino like boards to capture Electrocardiography Electromiography signals. The shield opens new possibilities to experiment with bio feedback. You can monitor your heartbeat and log your pulse, recognize gestures by monitoring and analizyng the muscule activity as done in this project.
  Magnet Neo35 Ø5mm x 5mm
Kraftig magnet av neodymium (Neo35) Tillverkare: Sura Magnets   Mått: Ø5mm x 5mm
1 - $1.14
10 - $1.03
25 - $0.86
  Magnetic encoder kit
Kit with two neodymium magnet discs and two hall effect sensors with cables for mounting on wheels, motor shafts or other spinning objects. Can be used for reading distance or speed. Supply Voltage: 3-24V Supply Current: 4mA per sensor Output Voltage: 26V Max Output Current: 25mA Continuous
  Temperatursensor vattentät metallhölje (DS18B20)
This is a Waterproof DS18B20 Temperature Sensor/Thermometer. The probe uses original DS18B20 temperature sensor chip. It is waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-rust with the high-quality stainless steel tube encapsulated. No other components, unique single bus interface. Power Supply Range: 3.0V to 5.5V Adjustable Resolution: 9 - 12 Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +85°C Output lead: Red (VCC), Black (GND), Yellow (DATA) Cable length: 100 cm Stainless Steel Tube Size: 6× 45mm
  Sparkfun Sensor kit
Do you have a good understanding of various sensors or need a variety of them for a project? This kit includes a sensor for just about every job. With everything included in this kit, youll be able to sense gesture, humidity, temperature, motion, touch, sound, altitude, acceleration and more! These are some of our favorite sensors from each category. This version of the kit has received a complete overhaul! Check out the Kit Includes section below for a complete list of what is included in this kit to find out what has changed. This huge assortment of sensors makes an amazing gift for that very special electronics enthusiast in your life! Kit Includes: Large Piezo Vibration Sensor - With Mass - A flexible film able to sense for vibration, touch, shock, etc. When the film moves back and forth an AC wave is created, with a voltage of up to ±90. Reed Switch - Senses magnetic fields, makes for a great non-contact switch. 0.25" Magnet Square - Plays nicely with the reed switch. Embed the magnet into stuffed animals or inside a box to create a hidden actuator to the reed switch. 0.5" Force Sensitive Resistor - A force-sensing resistor with a 0.5" diameter sensing area. Great for sensing pressure (i.e., if its being squeezed). PIR Motion Sensor - Easy-to-use motion detector with an analog interface. Power it with 5-12VDC, and youll be alerted of any movement . Mini Photocell - The photocell will vary its resistance based on how much light its exposed to. Will vary from 1kO in the light to 10kO in the dark. QRD1114 Optical Detector/Phototransistor - An all-in-one infrared emitter and detector. Ideal for sensing black-to-white transitions or can be used to detect nearby objects. Altitude/Pressure Sensor - MPL3115A2 Breakout - Low-power, high-precision barometric pressure sensor with I2C output. Flex Sensor - As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases. Useful for sensing motion or positioning SoftPot - These are very thin variable potentiometers. By pressing on various positions along the strip, you vary the resistance. 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU Breakout - LSM9DS1 - This chip provides a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer. Connect this board over I2C or SPI and get started using one of the three sensors or using all three together to determine 3D orientation. RGB and Gesture Sensor - APDS-9960 - This board does a little bit of everything. You can measure ambient light or color as well as detect proximity and do gesture sensing all over I2C. Humidity and Temperature Sensor - Si7021 - A tiny (0.6"x0.6") board that will provide humidity readings as well as very accurate temperature readings. This I2C board is great for weather applications. Soil Moisture Sensor (with screw terminals) - Ever wonder if your plant needs water? This sensor outputs an analog signal based on the resistance of the soil. Since water is conductive, the soil water content will be reflected in the soil resistance. Capacitive Touch Breakout - This little board acts great as a non-mechanical button. Use the pad on the board or connect your own input for a great touch button with no moving parts. Sound Detector - Ever need to know if there is noise in an area? This board will not only tell you, but it will also output amplitude as well as the full audio signal. IR Receiver Diode - This simple IR receiver will detect an IR signal coming from a standard IR remote control or the IR diode included in the kit. IR Diode - This LED can handle up to 50mA of current and outputs in the 940-950nm IR spectrum. Use to send signal to talk to the included IR receiver diode or just turn off your neighbors TV. Resistor 10K Ohm 1/6th Watt PTH - 20 Pack - 1/6th Watt, +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors. Commonly used in breadboards and perf boards, these 10KO resistors make excellent pullups, pulldowns and current limiters. Resistor 1.0M Ohm ¼ Watt PTH - Two ¼th Watt, +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors. Commonly used in breadboards and perf boards Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6W PTH - 20 pack - 1/6 Watt +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors. Commonly used in breadboards and perf boards, these 330O resistors make excellent current-limiting resistors for LEDs.
  Float switch magnetic NO
Magnetic float switch. When the float is lifted by liquid, the contact closes inside the switch. Very durable and resistant to most liquids. * Material: polypropylene * Switch function: 1-pole closing (NO) * Switch rating: 200VAC / 0.5A * Dimensions: 23.7 x 43.7mm * Cable length: 500mm
  Rain sensor
Sensor for detecting rain drops and splashing water. The sensor is made up of two parts, one sensor board and one amplifier. The sensor is made from a circuit board with interleaved traces that, when exposed to water, will start to conduct. The amplifier transforms the changes in resistance into a voltage that can be measured with a microcontroller. A trimmer is available for adjusting the sensitivity. Two simultaneous outputs provide a digital signal that is either low (no water) or high (much water) and one analog output where the voltage is dependent on the amount of water.
  Reed switch module mini
Module with a magnetic reed switch that closes in the proximity of magnets. Can be used as a contact-less switch in a wide range of applications. Reed switches are very robust and can operate with very high switching frequencies.