Fosdem-85 Arduino compatible microkontroller - kit 41013446
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The board comes in the form of a DIY kit - if you like soldering this is the FOSDEM-85 package suitable for you! FOSDEM-85 is a very tiny - Arduino-inspired board. It is built around the well-known Little wire design. The same design is also used for the Digispark and Adafruits Trinket. The microcontroller comes preprogrammed with "micronucleus tiny85" that is suitable for use with the Digispark's Arduino distribution.

DIY design - all compontents carefully picked for home soldering

ATtiny85-PU microcontroller with pre-loaded "micronucleus tiny85" bootloader

Tested and working with Digisparks's Arduino distribution

Li-Po battery connector for stand-alone operation

Two LEDs - power and status

Reset button

Easy-to-replace components in case of fault

Open-hardware board, board schematics and layout available for Eagle

Open-software board, thanks to the Digispark's community effort

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