Electronic DIY educational solder kits

DIY solder kits

Educational electronic DIY kits have always been a popular method to get acquainted with electronics. When you buy a electronic DIY kit from us you will receive a kit of electronic components, printed circuit board and assembly guidelines.

Your challenge will be to identify the parts, put them in the right location and solder them in place. Then you will test, and if needed, troubleshoot your assembly.

To assemble an electronic kit you will need some basic hand tools; a 25-50W soldering pen, a small wire cutter and perhaps some other common tools.

Most of our educational electronic kits uses through-hole components, but we do also offer a few kits based on surface mount components (SMD).

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Featured products

  LCD thermometer
In this kit we have supplied the 7106, the LCD and the components necessary to build it into a temperature meter. The PCB has a large breadboard area so that once you have become familiar with the module and used it as a temperature meter you can easily advance to build other metering devices such as a digital voltmeter, resistance meter, current meter and even an AC voltmeter. Used with a photodiode a light meter can be built. Applications are limited only by the availability of transducers and changing the circuit slightly to convert the external signals to a 0 to 199.9 mV DC signal. Copies of some ofthe circuits to do this are provided. The kit is constructed on a single-sided printed circuit board (PCB). It has a printed overlayon it so that the position of all the components is clearly indicated and construction only takes a few minutes.
1 - $36.02
10 - $32.42
  Light controlled switch
Detects very small amounts of light and sounds the piezo alarm. Put it in your cash box or cupboard. Uses Darlington photo transistor MAL12 and 14011 IC. Educational kit.
1 - $20.36
10 - $18.33
  Music box
The electronic equivalent of a mechanical music box. It is activated by light falling on an LDR. It then plays a range of tunes. The kit can be placed anywhere you want to hear a tune when light shines on it; opening a cupboard or drawer, music box.
1 - $17.95
10 - $16.16
  DTMF tonreciever with LCD
A cheap, simple, audio tone decoder. It accepts input from a microphone or direct from the phone lines through an audio 600R:600R isolation transformer, and displays the corresponding DTMF character on the 16x1 alphanumeric LCD. Not intended for public telephone networks.
1 - $60.12
10 - $54.11
  Power supply unregulated double
Power supply-kit for all applications where dual power rails are required (positive, negative and ground). This kit is primarily designed for audio amplifiers, such as our 50W hi-fi amplifier kit (10100106). Can deliver up to 45V on each rail. The output voltage is dependent on which transformer that is used. Use a transformer with max. 35-0-35V output voltage. A center-tapped transformer is required. Fuses are not included, but highly recommended to prevent damage and injury. A fuse rated 2-3A is suitable for 230V mains. Fuses for either DC-output is also recommended if the kit is used for experimental purposes. 3-5A is suitable for this. Inputs: AC in from transformer Outputs: Positive DC Negative DC Ground (from transformer center-tap)
  Relay board x 4
4-Channel Relay Board-1 is a simple and convenient way to interface 4 relays for switching application in your project. * Input supply 12 VDC @ 360 mA * Output four SPDT Relay * Relay specification 10 A @ 230 VAC * Trigger level 2 ~ 5 VDC * Box Header connector for connection of trigger signal * LED on each channel indicates relay status * Power-On LED indicator * Screw terminal connector for easy relay output and power in connection * Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each * PCB dimensions 65 mm x 116 mm
  LiPo charger 1-2 cells
A LiPo battery charger. Can charge 1-2 cells (in series) with 400 or 600mA current. The charger automatically detects when the battery is full, at which point it stops the charge. Power supply 12-15V DC.
  Voltage converter 12V to 15-24V DC
This DC voltage booster circuit enables a low source DC voltage to be boosted (stepped-up) to a higher output DC voltage. * Power supply : 12VDC. more than 10A. * Output voltage : 15V, 18V, 19V, 20V, 22V, 24V (selectable) - Output current : max. 3A. * LED operate indication. * Power supply polarity protected. * PCB dimensions : 3.36 x 2.56 in.
  3D LED Cube 5x5x5 (white LED)
Build your 3D led cube and create unlimited 3D effects. The unit comes standard loaded with effects. Connect to your computer (USB) and create your own! This kit requires soldering skills! LED Color: White LEDs: 5x5x5 = 125 LEDs User programmable via USB (creation of animation/scenes) 4 transition speeds 3200 frames available 5 levels LED dimming available No coding skills required
  RGB LCD shield 16x2 2-pin
Serial LCD module with RGB backlight. Mounted as a shield on Arduino. Uses just two pins for communicating via I2C with Arduino. The module also has five buttons that can be read from Arduino. The module can also be used with any microcontroller that supports I2C. Note that this product is a kit and requires some assembly!
1 - $33.61
10 - $30.25
25 - $25.21
  XL741 - Discrete 741 OP amplifier (kit)
The "XL741" Discrete Operational Amplifier kit from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is a faithful and functional transistor-scale replica of the µA741 op-amp integrated circuit, the classic and ubiquitous analog workhorse. An Operational Amplifier, or "op-amp" as they are commonly known, is one of the most useful and common types of analog electronic circuit building blocks and the XL741 kit was designed by Eric Schlaepfer, in collaboration with Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is lovingly designed to resemble one. The XL741 kit is sold as an easy-to-build soldering kit. It includes the circuit board, resistors, transistors and capacitor that make up the electrical circuit as well as printed assembly instructions. The kit also comes complete with the "IC Leg" stand, and 8 color coded thumbscrew terminal posts. Basic electronic soldering skills are required, but no additional knowledge of electronics is presumed or required and it should take about an hour to build. The XL741 circuit is a direct implementation of the "equivalent circuit" from the original Fairchild µA741 datasheet. It comes with terminal posts and solder points so that you can actually connect to it and build up classic and functional op-amp circuits. There's much more info including instructions and documentation on their site.
  PWM Generator EK010
EK010 is an oscillator built around an OP-amplifier. The oscillator has simultaneous triangle and square wave outputs and the square vave has an adjustable pulse width from 0 - 100%. The pulse width can be controlled using the on-board potentiometer or an external voltage between 0 and 10V. To limit the range of the PW potentiometer, increase value of resistors R10 and R11. The frequency is adjustable from 300Hz to 3kHz. For greater frequency range, replace the 100k potentiometer with 1Mohm. If lower or higher frequencies are required, replace the timing capacitor C1 with a smaller or larger value. The outputs are protected with 1kohm resistors, which also sets the output impedance. This kit alone is not suited for driving motors or LEDs directly, but when combined with kit EK010b, it can be used for driving loads up to 24V 5A. To use this kit for audio purposes, a series capacitor should be mounted on the outputs to eliminate the DC offset. * Supply voltage: 12-24VDC * Current draw: 10mA (@12V) * Frequency range: 300Hz - 3kHz * Pulse width: 0 - 100% * External CV: 0 - 10V (@12V) * Dimensions: 45.72 x 40.64mm * Mounting holes: c-c 40.64 x 35.56mm, ø2.54mm