Electronic DIY educational solder kits

DIY solder kits

Educational electronic DIY kits have always been a popular method to get acqianted with electronics. When you buy your electronic DIY kit you will receive a kit of electronic components, printed circuit board and assembly guidelines.

Your challenge will be to identify the parts, put them in the right location and solder them in place. Then you will test, and if needed, troubleshoot your assembly.

To assemble an electronic kit you will need some basic hand tools; a 25-50W soldering pen, a small wire cutter an perhaps some other common tools.

Most of our educational electronic kits uses through-hole components, but we do also offer a few kits based on surface mount components (SMD).

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Featured products

  Power supply Positive adjustable
Compact positive adjustable power supply 1.5V to 35V depending on input power source. On-board heatsink. Uses LM317T.
1 - $17.95
10 - $16.16
  Mobile phone remote control
Features turn equipment ON and OFF from a random place via your cellular phone applications: turn on the lights or the heating, open your gate, control animal feeders, make believe you are at home, activate a car alarm, etc. ring detection circuit avoids phone charges no need to open or modify your cellular or connect it with other devices compatible with most cellular phones Specifications dual operation mode: toggle ON/OFF or ON with auto turn-off timer timer settings: 0.5s, 2s, 30s, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour NO/NC 3A relay output power supply: 12VDC / 100mA dimensions: 101 x 42 x 23mm (4.0" x 1.7" x 0.9") (cell phone not included)
1 - $19.16
10 - $17.24
  Mixer 3 ch
Simple 3 channel microphone mixer with an additional line-input. All levels can be adjusted with on-board potentiometers. Supply voltage: 9 - 12V DC
1 - $17.95
10 - $16.16
  Adjustable power regulator 0-30V 1A
Spänningsregulator komplett med likriktare och filterkondensator på kortet. Potentiometer för att ställa in utspänning 1.5-30V. Rekommenderad transformator 24V (2x12V) AC. Max 1 A. Dimensioner: 61 x 42mm
1 - $11.93
10 - $10.73
  VU-meter stereo 2x10 LEDs
Velleman K4305. Stereo VU meter with 2 x 10 LEDs (dot or bar indicator) and an adjustable input. Package contents include 1 front panel suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting. Specifications * Range: -20dB to +3dB * Power supply: 10 - 15VDC / 250mA * Input sensitivity: * Low input: 150mV to 6Vrms (47K) * High input: 1.5V to 60Vrms (470K) * Dimensions: 37 x 68mm / 1.5 x 2.7" (x2)
  Minikit christmas - 5 kits
En box innehållande 5 st olika byggsatser - MK100 elektronisk julgran - MK169R blinkande stjärna - MK130 elektronisk 3D julgran - MK101 blinkande hjärta - MK167 elektroniskt ljus
1 - $48.07
10 - $43.27
  Digital voice recorder 120s
This is an electronic voice memory that can record and play back audio to and from a non-volatile memory. By selecting different sampling frequencies, up to 240 seconds of audio can be stored in memory. Default sampling frequency is set to 8kHz, which provides a recording length of 120 seconds. The module can record from either line-level or mic-level inputs. It can be controlled externally from a microcontroller via SPI or directly via onboard pushbuttons. * Supply voltage: 8 - 24VDC * Sampling frequency: 4kHz - 12kHz (8kHz default) * Recording time: 80 - 240s * Control: SPI, stand-alone (push buttons) * Audio input: built-in microphone, line-in * Audio output: Speaker, line-out * LED indicates recording / playback status
  Police Siren with LED flasher
Technical Specifications: - Power supply : 9VDC. - Consumption : 38mA. - Display : 2 LEDs. - PCB dimensions : 3.64 x 1.60 in.
  MintyBoost kit v3
Battery-powered USB charger in miniature format. Charge a smartphone or other USB-device with a pair of regular AA batteries! Mintyboost consists of a step-up-converter that transforms 3V from the batteries to the 5V that smartphones need. Max. Power: 500mA This product fits perfectly in a mint tin (sold separately).
  Digital voice recorder sensor and amplifier
Sound player that plays the recorded sound when an object passes through the IR sensor. The memory can contain ~80 seconds of sound. The amplifier has a power output of 8W.
  Amplifier 5W stereo Class-D with speaker
Stereo amplifier with 5+5W output. The amplifier is built around a digital class-D amplifier IC and is suitable for driving 4 and 8ohm speakers. One pair of speakers and a short length of hook-up wire is included. Please observe that the amplifier IC is surface mounted, so careful assembly is required! Suitable enclosure for this kit is FB28. * Supply voltage: 5VDC * Current consumption: 300mA * Signal-to-noise ratio: 80dB * THD: 0.15% * Dimensions: 35.3 x 27.7mm
  OSHW Ghost - SMD kit
Soldering kit for SMT component soldering training with re-programmable PIC microcontroller, capacitive sensor and two LEDs FEATURES PIC10F206 microcontroller programmed with demo Two green LEDs 3mm 4 resistors size 1206 1 capacitor size 1206 Badge pin and clips Battery holder Li 3V battery PIC ICSP connector (not populated)