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  Snap-circuits PC-interface
Allows SC-300 or SC-500 to interface with a computer! Turns your computer into an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer so you can see electronics, and includes 73 bonus experiments! (32 experiments require the SC-500)
  Solderless Breadboard 840 tie-points
Breadboard for solderfree experiment circuits Specifications: External body: ABS Internal interconnected clips: nickel plated phosfor bronze Contact life : 50,000 times bus strip: 4 tie points: 840 14-pins IC capacity: 9
1 - $8.31
10 - $7.48
  Breadboard 1680 connections on plate
Breadboard for solderfree experiment circuits Specifications: External body: ABS Internal interconnected clips: nickel and silver alloy bus strip: 6 tie points: 1680 14-pins IC capacity: 18 binding post: 3 dimensions: 220 x 127 x 18.5mm weight: 292g
1 - $32.41
10 - $29.17
  Breadboard 2420 connections on plate
Breadboard for solderfree experiment circuits Specifications: External body: ABS Internal interconnected clips: nickel and silver alloy bus strip: 10 tie points: 2420 14-pins IC capacity: 27 binding post: 4 dimensions: 237 x 175 x 18.5mm weight: 458g
1 - $39.64
10 - $35.67
  Hook-up wires w. pins for breadboard - soft 70pcs
Pack of 65pcs jumper wires in assorted lengths and colors. A must in every lab! Fits breadboards. Each cable is terminated with a ø0.5mm pin. Contents: * 45pcs 100mm * 10pcs 150mm * 5pcs 180mm * 5pcs 230mm
1 - $4.22
10 - $3.80
25 - $3.16
100 - $2.53
  Breadboard 170 hole
Kopplingsdäck av hög kvalitet för lödfria uppkopplingar, sk. breadboard. Hålen är inbördes förbunda fem-och-fem. Hålavstånden är 2.54mm och passar därmed alla DIL-kretsar och breakoutkort. Totalt har kortet 170st hål. * Kontakter av nickelpläterad forsforbrons * Livslängd 50 000 i/urmatningar * Avsedd för komponenter med ø0.4 -- 0.7mm bendiameter * Hölje av ABS-plast
1 - $4.94
10 - $4.44
  LogicBlocks Kit
Digital logic is the foundation of every task that a computer can do, so it's no wonder that in order to fully understand how computers and other digital electronics work, you need to be familiar with logic gates. The problem is that logic gates aren't the most "hands on" subject, until now. LogicBlocks allow you to play with logic gates by literally plugging one into another and watching the progression of an input to an output! Each LogicBlock represents a different logic function: the NOT block is a simple inverter, where the output is the opposite of the input. The AND block will only output a 1 if both of the inputs are 1. The OR block will output a 1 if either of the inputs are 1. There are also input blocks and splitter blocks. Each block has a light on board that will light up to represent the 1 or "true" state with a slight delay from the input signal. This way, you can flip the switch on an input block and follow the propagation of that signal through your logic tree. This delay also allows you to use the Feedback cable to generate new inputs based on the output of your logic circuit! These things are seriously fun, even if you don't know anything about electronics, and playing with them is the ultimate hands-on course in logic gates. This kit also includes our LogicBlocks Experimenter's Guide which explains the basics of digital logic and the function of each block. Kit Includes: 3 x Input Blocks 2 x AND Gate Blocks 2 x OR Gate Blocks 3 x NOT Gate Blocks 2 x Splitter Blocks Power Block Feedback Cable Coin-Cell Battery
  Solderless Breadboard 400 tie-points
Breadboard for solderfree experiment circuits. The holes are interconnected 5 and 5 plus four bus strips that extend the length of the board. The pitch between holes are 2.54mm (0.1") and fits all DIL-package ICs and all of our breakout boards. Multiple boards can be attached together to form one big unit. This model is of the same type used in Arduino Starter kit. Specifications: External body: ABS Internal interconnected clips: nickel and silver alloy bus strip: 4 tie points: 400 14-pins IC capacity: 2 Dimensions: 82 x 55mm
1 - $7.11
10 - $6.40
25 - $5.69
  Komponentsats 1 för Börja med Elektronik och Arduino
Komponentsats 1 för boken "Börja med Elektronik och Arduino" av Jonas Forsberg. Innehåller alla komponenter som behövs för att genomföra övningarna i boken. Observera att boken säljes separat via studentlitteratur, se länk nedan. Innehållet är uppdaterat för kursen HT 2016. Innehåll: Halvledare: * 1st Genuino Micro mikrokontroller * 1st Variabel spänningsregulator (LM317T) * 1st 7x darlingtondrivare (ULN2003A) * 1st Dubbel OP-förstärkare (CA3240) * 2st Upp/ner räknare (4029B) * 1st BCD- till 7segment dekoder (4511B) * 1st Dubbel binäravkodare (4555B) * 1st Hex inverter (74HC04) * 1st Hex inverter med schmittriggers (74HC14) * 1st Dubbel D-vippa (74HC74) * 1st Spänningsomvandlare (1-4V in / 5V ut) * 1st Temperatursensor (MCP9700T) * 1st 4x4 register (74HC670) * 1st 8bit DA-omvandlare (TLC7524) * 1st Oktal D-vippa (74HC574) Passiva komponenter: * 70st Motstånd (100, 150, 180 ohm, 1, 10, 100 kohm, 1Mohm) * 1st Motståndsnät DIL 7x220ohm * 1st Motståndsnät SIL 5x10 kohm * 1st Motståndsnät SIL 8x220 ohm * 1st Fotomotstånd 2 - 5 kohm * 1st Polyesterkondensator 1 uF * 1st Trimpotentiometer 10 kohm Optiska komponenter: * 6st 5mm lysdiod (röd, gul, grön) * 1st 5mm RGB-lysdiod gemensam katod * 1st LED-stapel 10 segment röd * 1st LED-display 7-segment 4 siffror * 1st LCD-display 2x16 tecken * 1st Halogenlampa 12V 5W Övrigt: * 1st Platta med kopplingsdäck 1680-hål * 65st Sladdar för kopplingsdäck * 1st Batterihållare för 2st AA-batterier (batterier medföljer) * 1st DC-motor 6V 250mA * 1st Tangentbord 12 knappar * 1st Tumhjulsomkopplare BCD * 1st USB-kabel Micro-B 1.8m * 1st USB-seriellomvandlare FTDI * 1st Motståndstråd Kanthal-D 0.5mm 6.88ohm/m * 1st Piezo högtalare
  Makerkit Arduino x10
Arduino-baserat Makerkit framtaget för grundskolan och gymnasieskolan. Innehåller material till 10 satser. Innehåll (per sats): 1x Förvaringslåda 240x200x40mm 1x Arduino UNO rev3 mikrokontroller 1x USB-kabel 1.8m 1x Platta för Arduino och kopplingsdäck 1x Kopplingsdäck 400 hål 130x Kopplingstråd olika längder och färger 2x Fotomotstånd 2 - 5kohm 3x Tryckknapp 6mm 2x Vridpotentiometer 10kohm 1x Tryckkänsligt motstånd 1x Tiltswitch 1x Avståndssensor IR 10 - 80cm 1x Litet servo 1x Servo med kontinuerlig rotation 1x Piezosummer 4kHz 2x Lysdiod vit 3mm 2x Lysdiod RGB 5mm (RCGB) 2x Lysdiod grön 5mm 2x Lysdiod röd 5mm 2x Lysdiod gul 5mm 5x Motstånd 330ohm 0.25W 10x Motstånd 10kohm 0.25W 2x Elektrolytkondensator 470uF 16V
$1 324.10
  Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit - SparkFun Thing
Microsoft and SparkFun have teamed up to bring you some IoT (Internet of Things) fun. The Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit for the SparkFun Thing Development Board has been designed to help you seamlessly connect your device to the cloud with Microsoft Azure IoT. This kit includes an Azure certified for IoT SparkFun Thing Dev Board, and a breadboard and wires to help you set up your circuits. There are also a variety of sensors such as a photoresistor to sense light as well as a humidity/temperature sensor to read the ambient temperature and humidity in a room (or outdoors with some weatherproofing). Once your board is connected to Microsoft Azure you can start visualizing and analyzing your data. Microsoft Azure is a leading provider of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub enables secure, reliable bi-directional communications between IoT endpoints such as sensors and the cloud. Azure IoT Hub supports a broad set of operating systems (Linux, Windows, RTOS etc.), protocols and common languages, so you can configure your connections to the devices. The SparkFun Thing Dev Board is based on the popular ESP8266 WiFi module. With it you have a simple microcontroller with built in WiFi to interface with your sensors, buttons, and LEDs that can be controlled from or post data to the web. Everything you need to get started from voltage regulation to a PCB antenna are built into the board. Just plug a USB cable into the board and you can actually start programming in the Arduino IDE or other environments. Note: Microsoft Azure account sign up requires a credit card. Microsoft does state that this information is collected only to verify your identity and that you will not be charged unless you explicitly upgrade to a paid offer. Kit Includes: SparkFun ESP8266 Thing - Dev Board Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White) Humidity and Temperature Sensor - RHT03 Mini Photocell LED - Assorted (20 pack) USB microB Cable - 6 Foot Jumper Wires Standard 7" M/M - 20 AWG (30 Pack) Resistor 10K Ohm 1/6th Watt PTH - 20 pack Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6 Watt PTH - 20 pack
  Sparkfun Tinker Kit
The SparkFun Tinker Kit (STK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. The STK is our newest version of the former SparkFun Mini Inventors Kit, blended with elements of our educator MESA kit. Each SparkFun Tinker Kit includes everything you need to complete 11 circuits that will teach you how to blink an LED, read sensors, drive servos, and more. You dont need any previous programming or electronics experience to use this kit. The online STK Experiment Guide (in the Documents section below) contains step-by-step instructions of how to connect each circuit with the included parts. Full example code is provided and explained, and even includes troubleshooting tips in case something goes wrong. The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 10 and up. This miniature version of the SIK will help prove that anyone can (and should) play around with cutting-edge electronics in a fun and playful way while not breaking the bank. Circuit Examples: Circuit 1: Blinking an LED Circuit 2: Reading a Potentiometer Circuit 3: Driving an RGB LED Circuit 4: Driving Multiple LEDs Circuit 5: Reading a Button Press Circuit 6: Reading a Photoresistor Circuit 7: Reading a Temperature Sensor Circuit 8: Using a Servo Motor Circuit 9: Driving a Motor with an H-Bridge Circuit 10: Controlling a Motor with Inputs Circuit 11: Reading Serial Data Kit includes: SparkFun RedBoard Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White) Servo Sub-Micro Size Hobby Gearmotor 200 RPM (Pair) Temperature Sensor TMP36 Mini Photocell SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable 6 Foot Jumper Wires 7" M/M 30 AWG (30 Pack) LED RGB Clear Common Cathode Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LEDs 10K Trimpot Momentary Pushbutton Switch 12mm H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A Battery Holder - 4xAA to Barrel Jack Connector 330 and 10K Resistors