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  Tronix 2 digital - book
Lab Manual which goes through 39 different lessons and experiments. Table of Contents 1 .Digital vs Analog 2. Digital Terminology 3. Solderless Circuit Board Assembly 4. LED Logic Indicator Circuit 5. 'AND' Logic Gate with discrete components 6. 'OR' Logic Gate with discrete components 7. 'NOT' and 'YES' Logic Circuits 8. 'NOR' Logic Gate 9. 'NAND' Logic Gate 10. 2 'NAND' Logic Gate Clock 11. 'NAND' Logic Gate Timer 12. 2 'NAND' Logic Gate Memory Circuit 13. 555 Timer IC and formulas 14. Binary Counter Circuit (MOD16) 15. Decade Counter Circuit (MOD10) 16.2,4,8,16 Divider Circuit 17. Digital Readout LED display 18. Digital Readout Decoder Chip 19. Digital Counter with 7-Segment Display 20. Digital UP-DOWN Counter 21. 8-Output Multiplexer Circuit 22. Digital 'Chasing Lights' Circuit 23. Visual 'Logic Probe' Circuit 24. 'Touch-Activated' Pulse Generator 25. 555 Pulse Train Generator 26. Yes/No Decision Maker Circuit 27. Yes/No/Maybe Circuit 28. Stop-Action Timing Circuit 29. Digital 'Touch-Activated' Switch 30. Digital 'Stepping Touch-Activated' Switch 31. Digital 'Light-Activated' Counter Circuit 32. 'Winning Number' Generator 33. Digital Dice Circuit 34. Introduction to Flip-Flops 35. 'D' Flip-Flop circuits 36. 'J-K' Flip-Flops 37. Schmitt Trigger 38. Shift Registers 39. OP AMP Circuits Each experiment comes with a complete lesson with drawings and diagrams to explain the concepts of digital electronics
  Tronix1 component kit
The components required for hands-on experiments in Tronix1
  Snap-circuits PC-interface
Allows SC-300 or SC-500 to interface with a computer! Turns your computer into an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer so you can see electronics, and includes 73 bonus experiments! (32 experiments require the SC-500)
  Solderless Breadboard 840 tie-points
Breadboard for solderfree experiment circuits Specifications: External body: ABS Internal interconnected clips: nickel plated phosfor bronze Contact life : 50,000 times bus strip: 4 tie points: 840 14-pins IC capacity: 9
1 - $8.31
10 - $7.48
  Hook-up wires w. pins for breadboard
Pre-stripped juper wires for breadboards and experimental boards. The jumpers are cut and bent in lengths that fit perfectly with 2.54mm (0.1") pitch. 140pcs in assorted lengths, 2.54 -- 127mm. Comes in a nice little compartmented plastic box.
1 - $7.11
10 - $6.40
25 - $5.33
  Breadboard 170 hole
A quality breadboad for solderless prototyping. The holes are connected in groups of five, with a 2.54mm (0.1") pitch. Compatible with DIL circuits and breakout boards. 170 holes in total. * Nickel plated phosphor bronze contacts * 50 000 in/out cycle lifetume * For components with 0.4 - 0.7mm diameter legs * ABS enclosure.
1 - $4.94
10 - $4.44
  Start to solder - educational kit
EDU03 includes a soldering iron, tools, electronic parts and the necessary printed circuit boards to complete two minikits. An ideal introduction to soldering. Comes complete with a handy storage box. Contents: Soldering iron and support Solder Side cutters 1 minikit - Blinking leds (MK102): 1 minikit - Led lightorgan (MK103): Blinking leds (MK102): suited for different applications (e.g. model construction) and also educational. Adjustable flashing speed with two potentiometers. 1 minikit - Led lightorgan (MK103): Four high-intensity LEDs light up and react simultaneously to every sound. For different funny and practical applications e.g. sound indicator, simple sound-to-light unit for music. The unit can also be used to indicate when the doorbell or the telephone is ringing, which is particluarly interesting for the hearing-impaired. Adjustable sensitivity with potentiometer. Built-in microphone.
  IOIO and Breadboard Holder
This holder allows you to safely secure a IOIO development board and a self-adhesive breadboard in place to easily run jumper wires in between the two to form simple or complex prototyping circuits. Unlike it's cousin, for the Arduino, this IOIO and breadboard holder has been made specifically for use of the IOIO development board This prototyping holder includes two screws for mounting your IOIO dev board. The self-adhesive breadboard that fits this plate can be found in the related items below. Includes: 1x IOIO and Breadboard Baseplate 2x Mounting Screws
  Breadboard 958 connections with 5x 4mm connectors
Smart and compact breadboard with 958 connections. The board has three parallel rows for ICs, four bus connections for power and a small area with additional connections. The board also has five screw terminals with 4mm banana jacks to simplify power supply connections.
  Miniature solderless breadboard 2x8 connections
Add a micro-slice standard solderless breadboard to your Perma-Proto or other perf-board. This 2x8 point solder-less breadboard is a good way to add some solderless prototyping space if you just need to have a couple points. Comes with one 29mm x 8mm x 8mm piece of solder-less breadboard. There are two white posts on the bottom for PCB positioning.
1 - $1.81
10 - $1.36
  Makerkit Arduino x10
Arduino based maker kit developed for primary and secondary school. Includes ten kits. Contents (per kit): Contents: 1x Storage box 240x200x40mm 1x Arduino UNO rev3 microcontroller 1x USB cable 1.8m 1x Arduino and breadboard holder 1x Breadboard 400 holes 130x Jumper wire different colours and lengths 2x Light dependant resistor 2 - 5kohm 3x Push button 6mm 2x Potentiometer 10kohm 1x Pressure sensitive resistor 1x Tilt switch 1x Distance sensor IR 10 - 80cm 1x Small servo 1x Servo with continuous rotation 1x Piezosummer 4kHz 2x LED vit 3mm 2x LED RGB 5mm (RCGB) 2x LED green 5mm 2x LED red 5mm 2x LED yellow 5mm 5x Resistor 330ohm 0.25W 10x Resistor 10kohm 0.25W 2x Electrolytic capacitor 470uF 16V
$1 324.10
  Analog System Lab Kit PRO
ASLK PRO has been produced by mikroElektronika for Texas Instruments. This kit is designed for undergraduate engineering students to perform analog lab experiments. The main idea behind ASLK PRO is to provide a cost efficient platform or test bed for students to realize almost any analog system using general purpose ICs such as OP-Amps and analog multipliers. ASLK PRO comes with three general-purpose operational amplifiers (TL082) and three wide-bandwidth precision analog multipliers (MPY634) from Texas Instruments. We have also included two 12-bit parallel-input multiplying digital-to-analog converters DAC7821, a wide-input non-synchronous buck-type DC/DC controller TPS40200, and a low dropout regulator TPS7250 from Texas Instruments. A portion of ASLK PRO is left for general-purpose prototyping which can be used for carrying out mini-projects. The kit has a provision to connect ±10V DC power supply. The kit comes with the necessary short and long connectors. Example on a project that can be done on ASLK PRO: