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  • 1-wire to USB adapter

      1-wire to USB adapter
    An adapter for communicating over 1-wire over USB. Manufacturer: Maxim Type: DS9490R# 41011469
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  • EasyUSB 2Mb

      EasyUSB 2Mb
    The EasyUSB gives your microcontroller access to 2MB that can be seen as a mass storage device in most operating systems. Now your microcontroller can easily read and write files in a file system that your computer can easily understand. Check the SDK below for examples and libraries. Features: FAT16 file system 2MB memory size 3.0-5.2V input voltage Baud rate: 9600 - 921600 bps DIP8 package 41010348
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  • ENC28J60-modul

    Ethernet module with ENC28J60 controller Note! This is not a shield for arduino 41010548
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  • FT231X breakout

      FT231X breakout
    Introducing the 3.3V SparkFun FT231X Breakout board, complete with the full UART hardware handshake feature! The pin-out of this board matches the FTDI cable to work with official Arduino and cloned 3.3V Arduino boards. It can also be used for general serial applications. This board still brings out the DTR pin as opposed to the RTS pin of the FTDI cable. The DTR pin allows an Arduino target to auto-reset when a new Sketch is downloaded. This is a really nice feature to have and allows a sketch to be downloaded without having to hit the reset button. This board will auto-reset any Arduino board that has the reset pin brought out to a 6-pin connector. The coolest thing about the FT231X Breakout is that we have broken out ALL the pins for your use, making this board all the more hackable! It also uses a common microUSB jack. One of the features of this board is a jumper on the back, which allows the VCC output to be configured to either 3.3V or 5V. This board ships default to 5V, but you can cut the default trace and add a solder jumper if you need to switch to 3.3V. It should be noted that the max input of the FT231X is only 3.3V, but it can operate down to 1.8V with external pull-ups and is also 5V tolerant. 41011705
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  • GSM booster

      GSM booster
    GSM Booster is a pin-compatible replacement for Telit GM862-QUAD module while retaining the same form factor of this popular, yet obsolete module. GSM Booster contains Telits new GL865-QUAD GSM module, MMCX GSM antenna connector, SIM card holder and CSTP 50 pin vertical SMD molex connector (male) for further connection. It can be used on MikroElektronika development boards such as SmartGM862, PICPLC16 v6, AVRPLC16 v6, PICPLC4 v6 or EasyGSM/GPRS GM862. There are four zero-ohm SMD jumpers used to select whether Handsfree (HF) or Handset (MT) audio pins are used. Jumpers are soldered in the HF position by default. SIM card and GSM antenna are not included in the package. Key features Features Telit GL865-QUAD, highly Efficient Quad-band GSM/GPRS class 10 module. Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack. Supports the m2mLOCATE Cell-ID based global-positioning feature. Compliant with eCall EU Directive. Operating Voltage Board operates on 3.3V power supply only. Key Benefits Pin-compatible replacement for Telit GM862-QUAD module. Compatible with existing MikroElektronika PLC and GSM/GPRS dev. boards Supported in all mikroElektronika compilers. Ready-to-use examples save development time. 41014259
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  • IR sensor 38kHz shielded

      IR sensor 38kHz shielded
    Receiver for IR signals with 38kHz modulation. Can be used together with an IR-transmitter or basically any IR remote control. The sensor is shielded for added noise immunity and better range. Works with distances up to 18m. 41015734
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  • IR transmitter 38kHz

      IR transmitter 38kHz
    Transmitter for IR signals with 38kHz modulation. Can be used together with an IR-receiver for short range data transfer or basically any device that uses IR remote control. 41015733
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  • MAX3232 breakout

      MAX3232 breakout
    The 'must have' IC for TTL/CMOS projects finally has its own breakout board! This is the RS232 converter IC that is capable of running at 3V and communicating with 5V logic. We've taken the SOIC package MAX3232 and broken out all the pins you need to set up your RS232 to TTL connection. We've also included the necessary 0.1uF charge pump capacitors. Also remember that because the MAX3232 operates at a broader voltage range than the 232 (3 - 5.5V) you can use this on both your 3.3 and 5V projects! 41010678
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  • MOD-ENC28J60

    FEATURES: MOD-ENC28J60 is the easiest way to add 10 Mbit ethernet connectivity to any of our boards with UEXT connector ENC28J60 Ethernet controller with UEXT connector for easy connection to our other development boards with UEXT connector LAN connecttor with build in transformer two status LEDs on LAN connector SPI interface takes only few pins to add Ethernet interface to your microcontroller project UEXT 10 pin interface on 0.1" row pins header backward compatibility with ENC28J60-H with 2 x 5 pin header PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), green soldermask, white silkscreen component print Dimensions: 40x24 mm (1.55 x 0.95") space between the pin rows: 20 mm (0.8") 41010411
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    This little module allows all of our development boards with a UEXT connector to communicate at a short distance with an Infra Red link. There is a sensitive IR receiver on it. FEATURES IR sensitive receiver, allows communication up to 5 meter distance Highly efficient IR LED UART interface over the UEXT connector Open hardware Nominal dimensions: (29 x 18)mm ~ (1.1 x 0.7)" 41015822
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  • Remote control 20 buttons with receiver IR

      Remote control 20 buttons with receiver IR
    Kit with remote control and receiver. The remote control is powered by a 3V CR2025 battery (not included) and has 17 buttons. The receiver is a common 38kHz IR-receiver and is super easy to use with any microcontroller. Perfect for robots or virtually any project that needs remote control with a few meters range! Battery must be ordered separately. 41015742
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  • RS-485 tranceiver module

      RS-485 tranceiver module
    Module for communication via RS-485. The module has a MAX485 tranceiver that converts TTL- to differential signals for communication over two wires. The module can be used for creating networks between two or more (up to 32) devices over large distances (up to ~1km) at speeds up to 35Mbps. * Dimensions: 44.2 x 14.1 x 14.1mm * Supply voltage: 5V 41016229
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  • USB serial adapter PL2303

      USB serial adapter PL2303
    It's a small USB to TTL serial tool, using the PL2303 chip. You can use it to connect some serial device to your PC via USB port. * Dimensions: 46 x 15 x 11mm * Connections: USB, Tx, Rx, Vcc, Gnd 41013077
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  • USB to serial converter BB-CH340T

      USB to serial converter BB-CH340T
    Implements CH340 Fully open hardware design USB mini connector - USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible Serial interface with variable baud rate - 50 bps to 2Mbps Breadboard-friendly - 4 pin 0.1" header Extracts power from the USB - can provide either up to 80mA@3.3V or up to 450mA@5V 3.3V or 5V output controlled by an SMT jumper - soldered by default to 3.3V Serial datalines (RXD and TXD) kept at same voltage levels as the selected voltage output PCB dimensions: (1000x1050)mil ~ (25.5x26.5)mm 41013970
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  • USB-ISO galvanic isolator for USB

      USB-ISO galvanic isolator for USB
    USB-ISO FULL SPEED USB ISOLATOR 1000VDC FOR PROTECTING YOUR PC OR LAPTOP WHILE CONNECTING USB DEVICES WIRED TO HIGH VOLTAGES INFO: USB-ISO is USB Full speed USB 2.0 compliant port isolator with 1000V isolation voltage. This device is very useful as protects your PC computer USB host from overvoltages, ESD shock, it provides 1000VDC isolation and this way you can connect to your PC programmers and debuggers which work directly with targets at high voltages like 220V mains power supply etc. Even if your target is not connected to high voltage, USB-ISO is additional protection for your valuable computer, laptop etc. equipment. FEATURES: USB isolation 1000VDC between USB host and USB device Fully USB 2.0 Compliant Full speed data rate 12 Mbps Bidirectional communication Short-circuit protection for xD+ and xD- lines Class 3A contact ESD performance per ANSI/ESD STM5.1-2007 High common-mode transient immunity: >25 kV/µs USB_DEVICE connector- which is USB-B type and have to be connected to the PC USB host. USB_HOST connector which is USB-A type and have to be connected to the USB device like USB JTAG, programmer, debugger etc Power Jack for external power supply with +8-15VDC, note this power jack is not isolated from the USB_HOST connector DC-DC converter supply isolated voltage to the USB_HOST from the USB_DEVICE if no external power supply is present dimensions 41.5x36.5 mm (1.634x1.437") 41010633
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