COAX-400 coaxial cable low loss ø10mm /m 41013195
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Low-loss coaxial-cable type "xxx-400" with foam dielectricum.

Outer diameter ø10mm

NB: This cable has aluminium shiled (not solderable) and is only suitable for crimp type connectors.

Limited quantity.

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  • COAX-195 coaxial cable ø6mm low loss

      COAX-195 coaxial cable ø6mm low loss
    Low-loss coaxial cable with the same diameter as RG58. Double-shielded with aluminium foil and tinned copper, solid core of copper coated aluminium (CCA) and PE foam dielectric. Black PE shield. Impedance: 50ohm Capacitance: 85pF/m Frequency in MHz - damping dB per 100m (comparison with RG58) 3 - 2.0 (2.6) 10 - 3.7 (4.7) 30 - 6.5 (8.1) 50 - 8.4 (10.5) 150 - 14.6 (18.5) 450 - 25.5 (32.8) 41009736
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  • PL259 plug silver/teflon HQ

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    PL-259 plugg i silverpläterad massiv mässing. Dielektrikum i teflon PTFE. Passar direkt till RG-8, RG-213 och LMR-400 kabel. Med reduceringshylsa kan RG-58 användas. Utmärkt lödbarhet. 41004317
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  • PL-259 plug for LMR-400 crimp gold/silver Amphenol

      PL-259 plug for LMR-400 crimp gold/silver Amphenol
    PL259 crimp connector for LMR400 cable. Nickel-plated brass housing. Gold-plated brass center pin. Phenolic insulation. Impedance: 50ohm Suitable crimp dies: .429 / .118 41012893
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