CMX264D5 SSOP-24 Domain Split-Band Scrambler 40350264
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Frequency Domain Split Band Scrambler

The CMX264 is a frequency domain scrambler for use in analogue cellular phone systems. It contains separate Tx and Rx paths for full duplex operation and operates under µProcessor control via a simple serial interface. In the Tx path, scrambling is achieved by splitting the audio band into two parts, or sub-bands, and frequency inverting each one. The frequency at which the signal is split, the split-point, can be either fixed or rolling between four possible settings resulting in a transmitted audio signal which is unintelligible to eavesdropper.


* Ensures Privacy

* Fixed or Rolling Code

* Full Duplex

* Standby Mode

* High Quality Recovered Audio

* Uses Split Band Inversion

* Low Height, Surface Mount Package

* Low Current, Low Voltage

* 3.0V, Low Power Operation

* 4.433619MHz Operation

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